Mac beta problem? or account?

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Today, I played a 4 ranked games on my mac book pro late 2011. I lost those four games however on the 5th game, I chose ziggs going against a gragas on mid lane. As the game loaded in, We all began to play. (keep in mind this is ranked). I was out harassing gragas and out farming him, however suddenly at level 3 every moving object froze in the game. The lasers from the minions are still moving but their health isn't dropping and nothing else is moving. I couldn't even move my character, nor is anyone else moving. Thinking it was connection error I restarted my computer by doing an emergency restart (holding the power button for 3 secs). When i relogged in, I hit "reconnect" and it brings me to a black screen. Progress never goes beyond that point. I do not see the characters loading, I do not see my banner or % loading. I simply see a black screen. After a long wait, a notification comes and says "unable to connect to server, If you have a firewall, it may be blocking the connection. Please refer to your firewall's documentation. Would you like to retry the connection?"

no matter how many times i try to connect it won't work and I restarted about 3 times and still no solution. I'm simply blocked out.

The weird thing is. I told my brother who is on Skype with me to log into my account (he lives in NY as i live in NJ). He couldn't log in either with the same black screen problem and message. However both of us logged into our smurfs and everything was perfectly fine. WE EVEN PLAYED A GAME!


I read so many forums out there with this problem. I read so many messages about this error or error similar to mine. However they were all software or program possible issues.

I'm starting to believe this is a an account issue..... because i played a normal game perfectly fine with a smurf. Furthermore, my brother couldn't even log in and had the same issue as me!

He uses a (windows 7 ) hp laptop.

Does anyone have this problem? or does anyone have the solution to this?

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omg, I'm having the same problem! I've been deseperately searching around for weeks trying to solve this problem. For me, the problem started with the snowdown update. I don't know why, but i can spectate games but not play