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General rune advice question :

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http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...dominion+guide (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2244698&highlight=super+dominion+guide)

Yea, I read his guide. Even have him on my friends list cuz I have asked him so many questions but I like to get input from more than just 1 person.

I'm also wondering about this, I see a lot of people using scaling health seals, is there a general consensus that these are better than flat or scaling armor?

I'll also note that Sauron's guide recommends flat armor for most champions, and scaling health for some (mostly tankier) champions.

See, this is the kind of thing that is exactly why I like to get the opinions of other people. The only times I see armor ( flat or scaling ) as more valuable than health per level is on specific champions like Rammus and Malphite......... and thats all I can think of atm -_-

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The perfectly fine AD Melee Runes are
Armor pen Quints and Reds
Mr per level Blues
Armor per level yellows
-If a lot of people die in the initial windmill fight, you'll already be level 6-7 5min into the game, and by then, I can conclude that armor per level pays off more
-Furthermore, if you have found out that revive is the metta in dominion, it is better to die while dishing out as much damage as possible and rezzing back with more health, so I don't really seek advantages for the initial fight, and besides, it's better to scale late game champs anyways
-Uhh.. Health per levels are fine, and I have not ran it in quite a long time, and still manage to win many games, it is your preference

For Ap, I'd say getting magic pen quints and reds are optimal (Quints can be ms depending on champion) with the normal mr per level scaling and either flat def/ flat def scaling

-In general, defence per level and magic/armor penetration reds and movement quints are the best choices for the highers ups in dominion, so if you have those runes, don't worry too much
-Again, because of Bft and hextechs awesome cost efficiency, you'll hit 30-34% CD no problem, so I don't see why you need cooldown glyphs

-Many plays in dominion are not specifically rune based (but you need decent runes and the ones above are safe picks), but more on decision making and checking your mini map every 5 seconds or so