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Overall Champion Suggestions

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Well, I don't normally post a whole lot, but there have been many a time where I thought a champion could be just a little bit better. So I've decided to share some of my ideas here on just about as many champions as I can. Any feedback from you all would be greatly appreciated. So, lets get started shall we?

Akali - Overall, she's an awesome champion. Her latest buff to her Twilight Shroud were much more useful, but it would be nice if the armor/magic resist buff could be applied to allies in the field as well, even if just by half.

Alistar - Do I really have to say it? I don't own Alistar, heck I've never played him even once, but he needs some serious buffs. His heal doesn't do all that much (but it's spammable), so maybe since it's a "Triumphant" Roar, add a little buff to surrounding allies? Maybe give them +2/4/6/8/10 to armor/magic resist for ten seconds, stackable to 5 times. His CC effects are plenty useful as they are. but maybe add an effect to his headbutt, where if the target hits a wall, they take extra damage, and a light stun.
EDIT: Did not know he was getting a remake/buff. So don't take my thoughts into too much consideration.

Anivia - She's plenty useful already, just would like to increase her survivability a smidgeon. Maybe if she's inside her own glacial storm, she gains added armor, or dodge chance, or passing through it gives her a mini speed boost.

Corki - The description for his "Valkyrie" says that he drops bombs that create a trail of fire... I don't know about you, but I don't ever see any bombs. Maybe you can make his animation for this ability a tad higher off the ground, and show multiple tiny black balls with designs on them (something different for each skin, be creative), rain on the ground tho light the fire.

Evelynn - I won't say anything since apparently she is being redesigned.

Ezreal - He was buff once, then nerfed, nerfed some more, given a spanking, taken his awesomeness license away. Here are a few non-OP suggestions. Mystic shot doesn't need to heal, the boost it gives is plenty, but the fact that it doesn't affect minions is wishy-washy. Make it damage creeps by half it intended damage, and make it's effect champions-only. We don't need minions on steroids or with a hangover. Make arcane shift be like Miss Fortune's Double-Up; have it hit a second-target nearest the first, but for less damage. If not that, give Ezreal a mini speed-boost from the arcane energies used to blink him. I also read in another forum about "team indicators". I'll reference that slightly. He should have one for his ultimate. I'll explain in more detail at the bottom of my post.

Fiddlesticks - I'm fine with this champion, but I feel that without fear, his drain can't be used very well. Maybe if you added a slow to it? A small one, like 4/8/12/16/20 % movespeed slow while being drained. If not that, then make it so that he can drain a set amount of mana as well, something like 30/60/90/120/150 mana.

Gragas - This is just a small thought, but maybe when he uses his barrel roll, a small trail of "drink" spills as it reaches target location, and slows those who travel through it. Not by a lot of course, something like 3/6/9/12/15 %. Also, I feel that his Body Slam should have some negative effects. He's a big guy, so charging all that weight and NOT hitting anything should have a repercussion. Maybe make him stagger where he slammed toward, fall on the ground, or try to balance himself. That's if no targets are hit.

Heimerdinger - He's been buffed, nerfed, remade, nerfed again. I think he needs something new. His UPGRADE!!! doesn't do much for him; a color redesign with some shaved ice added to the bullets? Uh-huuuuuh... How about we make it so that they target champions only, and are granted mobility for a short period of time, allowing them to chase their targets. Remove the slow effect, give them a little extra damage. I mean it's only two turrets... When the buff ends, the turrets die out, since the upgrade was a very quick adjustment, they fall apart. They'd need maintenance!

Kassadin - Honestly I don't think he needs any sort of buff, but... Armor Penetration?! Really...? Ok, here's a new idea for ya. For his Nether Blade's active ability, make it so that his blade overcharges nether energies, and on attacks, these energies pulsate (circular) or surge (cone) from the target, dealing a mini burst of nether damage, kinda like a splash effect, but derived from his ability power. That would be a nice little touch. Oh, and as a side effect, When the active ends, he is drained of nether energy, and cannot use Riftwalk, as it takes too much energy to use, and he's depleted of it. Hehehe... not for long though of course <,<

Malzahar - He's been buffed and nerfed at the same time, but only slightly, but STILL! Using his ultimate will always put him in danger. So! To remedy this, I suggest that his Null Zone not only deal damage to enemies, but also heal Malzahar (only Malzahar, maybe his pet too...) of either the damage dealt to enemies within it, a set amount, half of the total damage dealt, you decide. Oh, and Malzahar must also be standing inside of the Null Zone in order to be healed.

Nidalee - Team fights... spear and heal guys, that's where it's at! Traps? Psssh! See, when I think "Trap" I think something that deals damage over time, and SNARES the target inside it... maybe? come on. It's a freaking bear trap. You honestly think a guy's just gonna run into one and NOT FLINCH!? /facepalm. Come on, admit it. That would make using it in team fight THAT much more useful, if not a 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second snare, then make it do a crippling effect as the enemies limp away, like a set 35 % movespeed decrease that lasts 2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

Nunu - ........

Pantheon - I'm just kidding, I'll get back to Nunu. The only suggestion I have for Pantheon is a team indicator for his ultimate. Like with Ezreal, I'll explain it and the end of the post.

Nunu (revisited, yay!) - Alrighty, here's my idea for ya; make it so that while enemies are inside Nunu's Absolute Zero, all abilities/summoner spells are unusable, and all those inside are unable to interrupt his ability, other than to escape it by trudging slowly out of the circle. The only way to interrupt it would be help from OUTSIDE the circle! I'm not talking about a Poppy charging in and smashing him away. No. Those who enter the circle have abilities/spells suppressed, but are not slowed. An Ashe arrow, Malzahar stun (I think it'd reach), a Soraka silence (also think it should reach), etc.. Should be the ONLY things to interrupt it.

Shaco - Here's a new idea for you guys. How about, when the jack-in-the-boxes are revealed from their location, they hop towards the enemy they are firing at! That'd be sweet! Oh and terrifying I'm sure. Maybe reduce the damage they do for their ability to chase the enemy.

Singed - A friend of mine came up with this idea just last night actually. How about we give Singed the ability to Fling allies? I mean, if he can toss an over-sized cow fifteen feet in the air... It'd be really helpful to save allies from harm, or send an ally into harm's way (here Sion, let me give you a boost over there! Whoosh!!!). Would be nice implementation, and totally doable.

Sivir - She was my first champion, I abused her for many months. Then 30 new champions came out... Where'd my girl go? Let's say with all these new champions, she's not as useful as before. Here are my suggestions. Have her Ricochet apply on-hit effects (I'm sorry but I see it with a lot of other champions' abilities, give it to her as well. It's high time she had some kind of OP'ed-ness). Her Spell Shield, make it a Spell Deflector, or Spell Surge; whenever a spell targets Sivir during this ability's activation, the spell is redirected towards the enemy (Deflection); whenever a spell targets Sivir during this ability, the energies of the spell are accumulated and burst in front of Sivir, dealing magic damage to enemies in front of her (Surge). Let me explain the Surge: activate ability - get hit by spell - spell deals no damage to Sivir - cone of energy surges forth from sivir's current location in a cone-like wave, dealing pure magic damage equal to the mana used for the spell against Sivir. (Kinda like the cone effect for Ashe's Volley, only smaller: same radius). That would so make her unique, bring something new to the table, and make her more fun to play. Oh, and the duration for the ability would be a set 5 seconds at all levels, and the upgrades will be for cooldown, as well as mana required for the spell.

Soraka - My God she has been nerfed x 10! I won't talk much about her... She's one of my mains and I'll admit, she can do a decent bit for her team, but let's face it, she is nowhere NEAR what she used to be. Here's a nice little suggestion or two. Starcall - make it sound twinkly. You read that right, it sounds like smoke falling, make it sound more chime-y when they fall, and have them reveal stealthed units for 1 second, even those in the bush. Make it's range about 100 yards larger, give her a little more survivability to use it in team fights. Infuse: What purpose does it have for mana-less champions? energy champions? No use what-so-ever! Add this to the tooltip:
Restore target Ninja with 10/20/30/40/50 energy.
Grants target non-mana/energy Champion +6/12/18/24/30 attack damage & 10/20/30/40/50 ability power. 5 second duration. (It's Infusing them with power... come on)
There ya go, more usefulness to her abilities, while making her sound better too

Twisted Fate - This is actually just a whimsical suggestion. His Pick a Card to me is his crowd control ability. Yellow for stun! Red for AoE slow! Blue for Mana Re-... uh wait... restoration of mana? he doesn't need that! How about we give it the ability to silence instead? Now he has to choose between stun, slow, or silence. That's just about it for him really <,<

Team Indicator's:

Alright time to explain this concept. I hope I get it right for what the original poster had in mind >.< Ok so, there's Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble (all other Voice Communication Applications), Pinging, typing, etc.. to tell people that you are sending an Enchanted Crystal Arrow their way, or that Pantheon is about to Grand Skyfall into the area. Here's an added graphical effect to warn/advise other players on the same team of where that player is using/sending said ultimate.

Ashe - Now, Lux has a red laser that shows where her Mikuru Beam is about to fire *snicker*, why not give Ashe a similar effect? Make it so that the trajectory for her Enchanted Crystal arrow is shown as a thin (but blue/purple depending on what team side you are on) broken line ( - - - - - like so) until it comes into contact with an enemy Champion, or leaves the map altogether.

Ezreal - His Trueshot Barrage is a little wider than Ashe's ultimate, so maybe make it two series of parallel broken lines to state the width and direction of the ultimate.

Fiddlesticks - I honestly don't know why I'm adding him in, it should be obvious where his Crowstorm is going to be placed, but nonetheless. Wherever he is going to use his ultimate, a small, rotating circle (maybe with arrows on it to make it look cooler, or two holes or something separating the lines of the circle) that gets smaller as the channel nears its completion.

Karthus - I know this is probably going to sound silly but, I think that like with Cho'gath's Feast having an indicator for when his ultimate will kill an enemy, maybe Karthus should as well, like place a mini-devil-like grim reaper over the Champion's head that has low enough health to be killed by Requiem. It's just, as Karthus is my main character, I'm usually right when I use my ultimate to kill someone, and it does, but sometimes I can't take Magic resist/ shields from Janna, Morgana, Lux, Mordecaiser, Shen, etc... into account. A nice little effect like that could be very helpful, especially for people new to Karthus, which is likely to be a lot of people, as he is a 6300 champion not often available for Free Champion's that week.

Pantheon - Similar with Fiddlesticks, a bit larger rotating circle, decreasing in size as the channel near's it's end, on the location where Pantheon is descending (If you've played Starcraft/Starcraft 2, maybe something like the Nuke's Circle would be... pretty).

Shen - Yeah... like with Karthus, this is just an "Indicator" adjustment, where maybe an icon or glow some kind of effect happens when an ally champion reaches fatal health levels, like below 35% health, to warn the player that someone is in danger.

Soraka - Same thing with Shen; make it so that maybe Soraka starts glowing or shining when an ally Champion reaches dangerous levels of health (again, maybe below 35% or so).

Also this post is for people that I myself believe need changes. If your champion did not make this post, it's likely because I believe they are perfectly fine the way they are, or are just so overpowered that trying to make them realistically viable is either pointless or would draw too much attention to me (Mordekaiser *ahem!!!*)

Guess what everyone? That's everything! HUZZAH!!! I'm finished typing... my wrists hurt... I need an ergonomic keyboard... Which also means you must all be done reading... almost.

Any comments, suggestions, criticisms, ideas, thoughts, any feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated. If you troll, well, there's always those red thumbs down thingies to make your trolling go semi bye-bye. COOKIES!

P.S. I know I spelled Mordekaiser with a c instead of a k somewhere in here... but I'm not looking for it <,<

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Junior Member


Liking the suggestions, overall =D
Would like to see a champ that could "pick-up" an ally champ, hahah.

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My favorite ideas are the changes on anivia, singed, and soraka!

although anivia does have her egg for survivability, giving her a chance to survive before dying and turning into an egg will always be a plus cause she's just so dang squishy!

singed....hahahaha SION TOSS!

sparkly soraka can REALLY help with team awareness and who needs help. that would be awesome.


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(Blitzcrank pulls ally with Rocket Grab)
Thank you for flying Blitz Rocket-Airlines; we hope to grab you again soon!

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I feel like some of these are not needed or overboard but some could be interesting or a good change.

Singed change would be cool for instance, while the Anivia is overkill as she has the wall and a stun for survival not to mention the egg making it hard to hard focus her.

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As soon as Spell Vamp becomes viable. Malzahar will be viable but then Morg and Vlad would be OP. Why we cant have nice things :<. Spell Vamp is a good idea until u have a mage that does magic damage and uses health as cost. Then u have a champion with 35% spell vamp already on top of tons of other survivability. Imagine a 25% spell vamp item means Morgana heals for half her damage. OP

sigh poor malz