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Problem with Reconnect

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All right, I am sure some of you have seen this before. At the beginning of the game before mobs spawn I had a player named Omegasad quit the game right off. 20 minutes later when I am level 14 they rejoin. They are level 2 because you get some exp standing in spawn when towers are killed. This is a 4v5 and we are winning. This person then reconnects and goes to "level" they die 7 times in 5 minutes feeding the enemies up and allowing them to destroy us.

This shouldn't happen really. There should be if you have been gone for more then 10 minutes you can't reconnect, or if the person is less then X levels under you the gold is so harshly reduced that it does not hurt the rest of the team.


Ban System in game, so you can kick players from the game if they are trying to sabotage the team.

Prevent Reconnecting after X time.

Lower EXP and Gold from players X levels under you.

PS: No idea where to pug in game discussion. There is no suggestion or game chat area.