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Disconnect Bug

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I am using a new model of an iMac with the radeon graphics. Sorry I can't really remember more.

Anyway I was in a game as LeBlanc and I disconnected. I checked my internet and it was fine and pressed reconnect. It didn't reconnect the first two times but after that I went straight back in. When I reconnected all the minions that were visible before the disconnection were still there and not moving. My Mordekaiser team mate went invisible - name and all I could see was his ghost. I then experienced heaps of lag spikes at 45 fps. So I told my team I would leave so I wouldn't feed and come back after I exited client. The client reopened and I pressed reconnect. It then popped up with session time out and exited. I have tried logging back on after force quitting the client but I cannot get back onto the log on client.

I am not sure if this is unique to Mac Beta but I have never experienced it when I used to play on Windows version. I am not sure if the bug will persist for a long time and I will repost here if it does after I restart.

It only happened about 5-10 minutes ago.

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This happened to me as well. If you do press "exit game" and then try to reconnect, you get a "session closed" error, and you have to restart the entire client, which isn't easy, cause you need to force quit like, three apps to do it.

Please, fix this bug. Its very annoying!

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I'm not sure if this is similar to what happened to me last night or not. In a custom game, I died and immediately at respawn the client disconnected me. I pressed reconnect and waited twice. My character died on the spawning fountain with no contact and would not respawn. There were heavy lag issues and I was still getting 60 fps but only had the greyed out vision with my champion's body laying in the fountain.

I crashed it and tried again but nothing worked so I disconnected my Mac and booted in PC. I was back with large lag issues but my character was moving at super speed making it impossible to control. By the time I got back in, it was too late for my team to recover.