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[Suggestion] Nidalee Cougar Form

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I think Nidalee is hands down the most fun champion to play. She has a very good skillset and requires a bit of skill to maximize her abilities.

There are just a couple of tweaks to her cougar form that I think would make her more balanced and viable in competitive play:

1. Increased MR or decreased damage from AoE sources while in Cougar Form.

Nidalee already gets a dodge bonus, which was incredibly useful when LoL was more centered around hard carries and before a slew of abilities became undodgeable. Now that almost every champion has some sort of AoE ultimate ability (often involving some sort of CC), switching into cougar form & engaging the enemy at melee range is practically a death wish.

This is the #1 change I would wish for Nidalee. I think her skillset is gorgeous and her damage output is consistent with many other damaging support (Kayle, Zilean, etc) champions, but she gets exploded very easily in melee even when not directly targeted due to all of the AoE abilities that dominate teamfights nowadays.

2. Increased damage on her Cougar Form abilities with longer cooldowns (except for pounce).

If suggestion #1 is OP, not feasible, not effective, or for whatever reason is not implemented, I would suggest buffing the ratios on Nidalee's Cougar Form abilities while also increasing the cooldowns. This would cause her to be more nuke-y and let her get in and out of melee range quickly while still doing decent damage.

I personally would still rather option #1 be implemented as it would allow Nidalee to be more of a consistent DPS-dealer while in cougar form rather than a hit-and-run burst damage cougar, but I believe that option #2 is still a viable & reasonable (read "not OP&quot way to make her a more viable support option in competitive play.

Like I said, I think she is the hands-down most fun character to play in LoL and will continue to play her even if she is left as-is (much to the chagrin of many of my teammates).

I just thought I would suggest 2 ways in which she could be changed to make her more appealing to have on your team.

p.s. I purposely left out exact numbers from my suggestions because I think you would need fairly thorough testing before being able to balance such specifics.