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my case was a joke

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Why necro this?

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so i got ban for 3 days this is my case:
the only case that i was guilty was case 1 the rest made no sense
case 2. riven made a few mistakes the rest of the team was insulting her i tried to be nice since she cost us baron and i am the one that gets ban?
case 3. is the tribunal trolling me or something, how was i found guilty of doing nothing no description of the report i didnt even say anything in that game...
case 4. taric was being a ****** the entire game trying to boss me around being toxic and i didnt report him, but he reports me and i am guilty?
case 5. i had a bad game and thats feeding? my score was average for some one doing bad in a game i even said i was doing bad and the guy who reported me said i didnt admit i was doing bad when i did...

So yeah i think the tribunal is a joke and cases should be decided by a Lol support team and not the community because they do not know what they are doing.

I get this alot when i tell someone i will report them after game , its all a joke till you cant log on aye

hense my favorite quote to trolls toxic players etc

- ill see you in three days

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Honestly, I don't think this is too bad. A big obnoxious, yes, but definitely in the bottom 20% of cases I've reviewed in terms of toxic level.