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I just had a game with an 0/5/0 Tryn, a Yi, who called himself the best Yi ever - he went 0/7/1 after 15mins...Oh there was a TF too, he had 0/5/0 after 10mins and went afk...
I think the 5. was a Nasus, not quite sure havenīt seen him the whole game..

So i am just asking is there any way to get out of this ****ing ELO hell??

I was at 1400 and had 6 leavers in a row so i fell into ELO hell, where i am stucked now and canīt find a way out...I know 1400 isnīt high but i couldnīt climb higher cause of all those leavers and then i am stucked in ELO hell : (

And yes, itīs just another qq-thread, I just wanted to have one too...maybe itīs the first step to rise higher?! : O

Btw.: You noticed that you have a ~50% leaver quote at low ELO on weekends??