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Fix ranked solo, thanks

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'im picking rammus'
'Okay, you're going to jungle, right?'
No response until it's his pick (fourth set), he picks Rammus and immediately locks in.
'lol no 2 bad 4 u'

Rammus goes 0-6 in 14 minutes and quits the game.
Warwick goes 0-8 and was unranked, duo queued with a 1413 who did terrible bans (they were the two lowest). He didn't gank. At all. I even had Twisted Fate with Flash down pushed to our tower and he refused to come gank him.
Kat demands mid over me as Ashe, doesn't get it, goes 0-5 and blames it on not getting mid. Had 10 CS at 14 minutes.
Vlad goes 2-5 to Anivia.

Please fix this ****. There's no reason anyone this bad at LoL is allowed to queue for ranked games. A few weeks ago, I went from 1350 to almost 1600 in two days, with only 12-13 point wins. Since then, I've been dropping back down because I keep getting queued with these ridiculously bad teams. There's no excuse for matchmaking being this bad.

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I had a lot of trouble getting out of 1200's because it's teamed with lots of bad people.

The placement matches should be more like starcrafts, where you just play with other unplaced players and how you do in your placement matches gives you a better staritng elo.

Theres a ton of people who should of started in 800's instead of 1250. It makes it hard for the people who should be 1500+ getting out of the 1200s.