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Multiple LoL problems click here [SOLUTIONS/FIX]

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Alright i've seen alot of posts on forums with alot of people have the same common problems and literally getting no help at all when they are all very simple

Two of the problems i've seen alot

Sticky Borders, Double click problem, etc double left click for anything map, items shop etc skills

Problem with Sticky borders basically panning across the screen with mouse and your cursor gets stuck to border making it painful to play, Press ESC when the problem is occurring in-game and simple -left click X to close the window- pan around screen problem solved.

Second problem, Double click problem requires 2 clicks for anything making the game seriously impossible to do anything, simply Tab out of LoL click desktop or something then tab back into LoL or just click your LoL game screen if in windowed mode and you will be clicking like normal again.

Thanks nothing too techincal just simple problems people aren't getting help with.