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Feedback: Skins, pricing and buying methods

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I may not speak for everybody being some or be some economist business expert but I would say I am a rational thinker and this is my just my personal conclusion:

As a player who plays many champions at the peril to my rankings because I like to vary my gameplay experience and actually enjoy the game that way, paying $10 for a skin or even $5 for a single skin can be a bit too much. It is no question in the wake of current news sparked me to revisit this idea from a long standing viewpoint.

I can buy many entire video games now for $10-30 (of course not all) and a single skin on LoL, which is purely aesthetic and very minor in work, costs a huge chunk of money. Now I am a college student so price and money does matter and in this economy it will continue to be. I do have free spending money though, but it is in limited supply, i'd rather indulge in food, clothing, computer parts, life maintenance and games rather than blow so much money for so little. Somebody who plays 1-5 champions more than 90% of their gameplay, gets fully their money's worth without a doubt.

I do wager if skin prices where all cheaper and more standardized they would probably get more money because I think the price point is still too high for a measly skin for many gamers. Too much money for a binge buy and likely motivates people to find ways around paying for skins. I would willing to fork more money overall to Riot than I have and will as current things are than having such heavily priced skins, and I doubt as a human/gamer I am much different than many other people.

Just because the game is free I don't think justifies insanely priced skins being bought for many, of course they make money from it. My argument though is they will get a lot more sales and profits including from people like me if the had cheaper skins. Right now I only really paid for I think 1-2 skins and likely will not buy another skin unless it is below 392 which is how much RP i currently have.

Skin "Testing"

I also think if you wanted to increase sales, implementing a try before you buy feature would help too. Of course I have an issue with pricing but I think it is bad business to not let somebody test out "virtual property" to see if they would like it. I doubt people are going to buy a skin they are unsure of and not like.

Some examples of how to do this are:

-Holiday events, allow the holiday skins to be available to everybody in the spirit of such days, since the other 360+ days, of each year people are going to play and tempting/informing them on the how the skin "feels" to play may encourage a purchase and at least increase player satisfaction overall.

-Allow a single game free skin samples every week allow 1-2 non-owned skins by player choice. As an alternative method allow all free champions in the champion rotations to let a player pick a skin for a game or week to play for one or all of those champions.

I think addressing these issues are mutually beneficial to both players and Riot.