Dungeons and Demacians: Second Edition

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Your DM too poor to afford the second edition? Try the first!
Is your DM rich and has disposable income to burn on toys and games? Edition three will fit your needs!

EDIT: I want to make note that I'll probably stick to The Third Edition thread from now on. No point in cluttering GD with tons of these threads. That one will get long but hey, if it gets to the point where people can't keep up with it anymore I'll move it to a 4th edition.

Attachment 657984 This meeting of the dungeon masters will come to order. Everyone here?

Attachment 657985Attachment 657986Attachment 657988Attachment 657989Attachment 657990Attachment 657991Attachment 657992Attachment 657993Attachment 657994

Attachment 657984 Ok. First order: Anyone we need to blacklist?

Attachment 657988 Blitzcrank and Orianna. I hate them. They cheat with robot things.

Attachment 657987 Jax. I don't like Jax.

Attachment 657990 Hey guys, um, been meaning to talk to you. I sorta-

Attachment 657986 Can I not be a junior DM anymore? Seriously, I've been doing this longer than Naut but he's a full DM.

Attachment 657991 You ever try to keep a session serious with Fortune and Gangplank?

Attachment 657989 Whatever. Stop your whining and focus.

Attachment 657990 Guys, really, I want to-

Attachment 657994 Anyone hear something?

Attachment 657992 He's comiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

Attachment 657993 Heimerdinger step away from the door.

Attachment 657987 Why?

Attachment 657995 MUNDO IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

Attachment 657985 .....What?


Attachment 657990 Mundo, we're in a meeting.

Attachment 657995 MUNDO PLAY DM NOW. YOU WANDER-

Attachment 657984 Order, guys, order.

Attachment 657989 Listen, you idiot barbarian of a "doctor". We're doing -adult- things here, so stick your tongue back in your mouth and LEAVE.

Attachment 657995Attachment 657996

Attachment 657989 GAAAAAAAAAAH MY FACE!!!!

Attachment 657995 Anyone ELSE not want to play mundo game?

Attachment 657984 No. Um. I think we'll play Mr. President.

Attachment 657995 GOOD! NOW ROLL FOR MUNDO!

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League is very welcoming to people who want to learn how to play

Attachment 657999 Ok guys. This is a basic meeting to learn how to play. Now we-

Attachment 657997 Pfft. I just wanna see how nerdy and dumb and gay this is.

Attachment 658001 So uh I can be a princess right?

Attachment 657998 But I know how to play....

Attachment 657999 Swain disagrees.

Attachment 658002 I got a character! She's a witch!

Attachment 658000 A-And I got a knight. So um, we played before but-

Attachment 657997 Whatever, kiddies. Ok. I'll be like...buttface the sorcerer.

Attachment 657998 I guess I can be a rogue. But really, I know how to play guys.

Attachment 658001 I'll be whatever the princess is.

Attachment 657999 Ok. Royal Tactician, Sorcerer and a rogue. Let's start....

Two hours later

Attachment 657999 A wave of iron skelters come your way as-

Attachment 657997 Can it. We're not nooblords. Akali, I'll drop a flame storm and you can buff our group defense with your tactical orders.

Attachment 658001 Got it. Aim for the back for bonus critical if you can.

Attachment 657997 Already am. Annie, you make an ice wall to trap them in the circle. Amumu, taunt them to keep them focused on you.

Attachment 658002 So it's not so lame now is it Ahriiiiiiiii? Huh? Huh?

Attachment 657997 Hush I'm trying to win here.

Attachment 657998 What do I roll again? The red dice right?

Attachment 657997 Talon you are DRAGGING OUR ENTIRE GROUP DOWN MY GOD.

Attachment 658000 B-Be nice.

Attachment 657997 No. I carry this idiot enough in my league matches, I don't need to carry him on a tabletop either.

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Attachment 658010

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Why are your posts so long? Takes too long to scroll all the way down to the downvote button

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Oh my god this new medication has me so friggin' wired.

Attachment 658003 Psst. Fate. C'mere. I hear you're really good at D&D.

Attachment 658004 I have my tricks. What's up darling?

Attachment 658003 Gangplank challenged me to a game of strip D&D and I want you as my team anchor. You in?

Attachment 658004 Strip....D&D?

Attachment 658003 Yeah. We do one-on-one combat in a freezing room until one side wins. Every time a character takes damage you remove a piece of clothing and if they die you strip completely.

Attachment 658004 I'm in. But you need to get some picks for me.


Attachment 658005 Well that's my second-to-last party member down.

Attachment 658003 Great job TF. Now finish up, I'm nipping real hard.

Attachment 658009 Same.

Attachment 658163 C'mon already, quit this dumb stuff I want to wear my armor again.

Attachment 658008 I'm actually quite comfortable.

Attachment 658005 Whelp. Looks like I have to bring in my ringer. Bring'im in.

Attachment 658006

Attachment 658004 Gragas? He's terrible at D&D. Pfft. Easy. I roll twenty. What do you roll?

Attachment 658006 Five.

Attachment 658004 Ha. Lady Luck is laughin'. You take some hard damage, Gragas.

Attachment 658006 Well I guess...off with me loiiiiiincloooooooth.


Attachment 658163 DEAR GOD NO! PLEASE NO!

Attachment 658004 OK OK I FORFEIT.

Attachment 658005 Nobody outcheats Gangplank. Nobody.

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Attachment 658011
its as if you need more than a 1280x1024 resolution

Why are your posts so long? Takes so long to scroll all the way down to the downvote button

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Know your audience.

Attachment 658014 You come across a perfectly constructed if overzealously decorated palace. It gleams with cubic zirconium plating while the sunlight reflects perfectly at a twenty degree angle. Looking closer you'd find that the wood making up the door is strong and ancient oak from the finest tree just southwest of the swamp of nightmares, clearly rare and expensive. The gem encrusted door is obviously unlocked as the king enjoys it when his subjects approach him but you do not know this so you'd have to try and open the door. Now if you'd look to your left and right you'd see guards defending the doorway with their lives, spears crossed and defending. They're at the ready should you attempt to cause trouble. What is your first course of action?

Attachment 658016 Ok.

Attachment 658015 Open the door.

Attachment 658014 ...That's it?

Attachment 658015 Uh-huh.

Attachment 658014 Could you be more descriptive? I'm putting forth at least ten to twelve times more effort than you all are with your roleplaying.

Attachment 658012 We open the door....now?

Attachment 658017 ...?

Attachment 658014 Fine. You open the door, grasping the handle as you pull with all your might, the gem encrusted handle lacerates slightly into your ungloved hand as you begin to bleed profusely. What do you say to each other upon seeing this dangerous and aggressive door? You must also fix this soon or else you will bleed to death on the king's front doorstep and end your adventure.

Attachment 658016 .....OK?

Attachment 658015 I don't have blood.

Attachment 658012 Uh. Heal me?

Attachment 658014 You are all poorly designed for this module.

Attachment 658017 ...?

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Never trust your friends.

Attachment 658018 Ok. So. DMing for Vi's friends. Just need to play it cool. Cooooooool. All it'll require is one or two smooth jokes and she'll enjoy-

Attachment 658019 Heeeeeeeeey Vikky. Party's here.

Attachment 658022Attachment 658021Attachment 658020Attachment 658023Attachment 658024

Attachment 658018 You. Um. Didn't say you...uh.

Attachment 658019 Relax. We ain't gonna bite ya' sweetie.

Attachment 658024 He doesn't look so good.

Attachment 658023 Should lie down darling. We can make our own fun til you feel better.

Attachment 658018 N-No. I um...

Attachment 658020 Sister. Perhaps we should mend him?

Attachment 658022 Very well. Come here Viktor. We two shall tend to your wounds.

Attachment 658018 O-Oh sisters I-I- M-Maybe one at a time.

Attachment 658021 You look far too hot Viktor. Would you like for me to blow you-


Attachment 658021 ...I guess he's not a fan of frigid winds on a hot day....

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Playing to your audience's favorites

Attachment 658029 The Dragon queen strikes the human king, sending his armor flying off.

Attachment 658030 Pazal the centaur lord stomps the guards, sending them flying against the wall.

Attachment 658031 Wickwar the werehound slices at the leashes, sending the dogs to roam freely.

Attachment 658034 I roll to see if Priscilla the dridder queen can lay a few eggs that will hatch into venomous spiderlings.

Attachment 658028 Slime lord is taking damage. We almost done here?

Attachment 658032 Figgy the gnoll stabs the dumb human in the back and tries to kill him!

Attachment 658027 Good job you all. The human king is dead, the world is safe for monsters and you can all return to your respective kingdoms and not worry about ******* adventurers coming into your homes and stealing your things.

Attachment 658028 Good game. Good game.

Attachment 658029 For once the dragons win. -Finally-.

Attachment 658034 Y'know Karth you're really good at this DM things.

Attachment 658032 Can anyone give me a ride home?

Attachment 658030 Sure. Lemme get the saddle.

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Umm... What?... Dude you have way too much time on your hands to come up with this stuff. Most of the time I can stand rp'ers... in this case... I actually logged in just to say... stop pls...i dont understand the point.

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