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[Champion Suggestion] Cassandra, the Partially Digested

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Cassandra was a magically gifted child of a house of noble blood. She progressed far in the field of mental disciplines before she began to hear whispers from another plane. As she delved deeper, creatures of the Void began to flock around her brilliant mind, until the fateful day when one managed to break through the veil and consumed her. In terror she crushed its mind from within and now she exists in its living husk; a brilliant brain dependant on a monstrous body.

Passive - Lingering Presence
Damage dealt by Cassandra reveals non-stealthed units for three seconds.

Q - Stroke of Genius
Deals 50-200 (+0.7 AP) damage to a unit within Cassandra's personal range of vision.

W - Mind Field
Generates seven glowing orbs in a 300 aoe around Cassandra that will deal explode on contact with enemies and deal 30-100 (+0.7 AP) damage (non aoe)

E - Stupefy
Sends a nova of psionic energy outward in 300 aoe, fearing enemies for 1-2 seconds and dealing 80-180 (+0.5 AP) damage.

R - Astral Project
Cassandra commands her creature to shoot her into the heat of battle. Shoots Cassandra in an 800 range line dealing 200 - 400 (+1.0 AP). She can cast other spells and attack from this position while her body remains behind and takes 5% total hp in damage per second. Lasts total of seven seconds or until cancelled.