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Would like to bump this very old thread once again, One of the few Legendary skins i thought was amazing in every sense of the word. Alien Heimerdinger.

I would Really! Like to see sound updates to this skin, i think it's long passed overdue, been waiting since it was released to get worked on, and i have yet to see it, so please add appropriate sounds to this skin Riot! It was a legendary skin from the start, and one of i think 3 that doesn't have any changes other than it's Visual, its not a bad looking skin aside from the ******* look, but seriously i dont want to refund it but i want new sounds or somthing added to it, I realized your concept for this skin was from Mars Attack!, but it dosn't need to be a complete ripoff of the movie, Just make some cool sounding alien sounds and give it your guys own spin off.

He's one of my favorite champions and i run around with him kiting and killing people sounding like some scientist when hes an alien, it's a huge buzz kill for the skin.

One fan's request to please update this skins sounds effects!