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Patch time 3+ Hours

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Aponi Tiva

Junior Member


I have Lol on my Mac and my fiancee has it on his also, he was on early today and downloaded the patch in around 5 minutes. I got on tonight to have to download the exact same patch on the exact same internet and it took me over an hour and then it lagged on at 99% for about 20 minute. I then ended up closing the client hoping that it would stop being buggy only for it to have taken 3+ hours to load it is at 92% right now and it is saying it is going to take around 34 + hours. I am the only one on our internet, only running the Lol client & a few browser windows, and it is taking this long.

Anyone else running into this problem with patches?

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While you may both share the same internet connection, there are other factors that may have caused your patch download to respond more slowly. On top of that, a lot of the patch process involves it taking files it has already downloaded and using them to apply changes to your client. Your internet speed has little effect on this.

The patch process on the mac is notoriously slow, with some people reporting being stuck at 99% for hours before finishing. Faster and newer hard drives speed this up considerably. Progress bars and time estimates on any computer program are very hard to do accurately, and I would just ignore any progress percentage and time estimate you're seeing.

In short, just let it patch overnight, it will be ready for you in the morning.

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i just had the patch from EUW - and weirdly enough it only took 46 seconds, while a repair takes 14 minutes (truth be told i don't use Riot's patcher).
iTunes, lol website, fb and a few other tabs are open.

unless Riot had some intense derping activity, 34 hours feels a bit TOO weird to be normal...