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Nasty Queue Dodge Bug

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Last night I queued up a game with a friend. In champion select we realized someone was AFK and not picking a champion. Fun. Of course no one wants to play with someone who gets a random champion (why not just kick someone who does that and charge them with a queue dodge so the rest of us don't suffer for it?) So I tried to dodge, but it appears someone else did it before me.

The result? I had clicked Cmd-Q to quit the game so my windows all closed, but someone else had done it JUST before me. Since I was in a party, the game put my party directly back into queue and immediately found us a new game. So I was logged off, my client was closed and yet my buddy sat in queue with some ghost version of me. The game randomly assigned ME a champion this time and everyone thought I was AFK. Fortunately my buddy was on vent and I was able to tell him to dodge this time to avoid the game.

During this time, I TRIED to log back into the game... but it wouldn't work. I would get through authenticating my password and then it would freeze up on like "Downloading Data" or something like that in the log-in process. I couldn't get back in, even if I wanted to play a game with a random champ. I finally had to restart my computer to log back in.

1. Queue up for a match in a party with one or more friends
2. Synchronize a queue dodge with someone NOT in your party so that you leave at almost the same moment
3. Have your party mates observe to see if you were put back into queue with them immediately

I'm not going to try to repro this because I don't want an insane queue doge penalty, but its something you guys should definitely try. It might work this way on PC as well.