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Seriously? The only thing I agree with here is that her passive is a little strange, but it always helps me put those early stacks on Mejais, so I'm not complaining.

Her shield, while having a short duration, upwards of 400 ap can mitigate thousands of damage even if it only hits a couple allies. That's very good. And it applies twice.

Her stun is evil, double stun, with extra damage? And the debuff? Yes plz. It also sets you up perfectly for:

Her illumination aoe spell. This is godly. It slows all enemies it passes through, additionally slowing in an aoe before it is popped for huge aoe damage.

Lastly, her ult. This thing is insane. You can utl a quarter of the entire map away. You can make as many enemies as you can hit take upwards of 1000 damage a piece. Easily. Normally in late games, this spell will single handedly remove over half of a squishies hp, and a third of any other hero. Not to mention it is arguably one of the best finishers in the game. If you can predict where enemies will run, or try to teleport from, free kills. It's like having a karthus with a beefier ult. Oh, did I mention how easy it is to get this spell on 24 second cd? lvl 16 blue buff gg. Maybe you should try her out some more.

You really need to check out those ap ratios.

1.) It can block "thousands of damage" and it can apply twice? So through your logic, Lux can block upwards of 2000+ damage? Yeah...no.

2.) Her ult does not do 1000 dmg a piece. Max around 500-700 at level 18 with a good build against a squishy. And it barely scratches tanks.

3.) "If you can predict where enemies will run, or try to teleport from, free kills." Okay, this might be more applicable in lower ELO but in higher level games most people will be able to dodge it easily. Besides predicting where enemies run without vision is a lot harder than you think. Also consider Karthus' ult, it is global and you don't even need vision. Just gotta press one button and you don`t need to aim. Another thing to consider is that banshee's veil BLOCKS Lux`s ult since her ult is long range and you can`t get in range to negate the shield with another spell THEN the ult can be useless in late game.

You are over exaggerating... a lot.

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on my opinion lux is good in many ways...

Q - does 260 damage lvl5
W - dont do much so make it the last to lvl
E - good farm skill slow+damage
R - total destruction making at 30mins 500+200 or 300 making to 800dmg...

her passive is very useful like if you harass melee characters Q E (normalattack) E (normalattack) combo... harrasing them has never been made this very easy... IMBA!!

at lvl 3 of E skill you can take down the range creeps with the help of her passive u need normal attack though...

at times she is very soft... hit her couple of times shes dead thats why her R skill is long range and has a short cooldown...

making her mage cannon dishing out tons of damage and offesive support abilities...

its not the character that makes it Strong or Weak... its the player who makes the right items and choices where to put thier abilities at max

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W - dont do much so make it the last to lvl

not rly. W is her best skill in team fights, so it should be maxed early. it has a 10sec cooldown but with items you should reach 7 early to mid. It does 150 + 0.3 per ability power and fly back and does the same again. every shield holds up to 3sec.

in comparison: shen's feint does 250 at max level has a higher ap ratio (0.6) a smaller cd (5sec) and reaches 2.5 sec maxed.

If you hit your W well you have a mass feint, and as you definatly should have more ap then a shen this skill is much more effective. It hits twice... which means shield 2 sec flight time .. shield 5 sec wait and repeat. Learn to use it well and your team will thank you for sure.

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She just doesn't fit as a support or a caster.
I will be interested to see how riot fix it.

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I will admit Lux was rough, the first couple games. She takes some getting used to. However, Lux is a power house if built properly. My opinion is you weren't playing her right. I have solo'd tanks and dps (to include Morgana).

Solo laning her E can easily wipe a set of minions at a time with minimal effort and still hold the enemie champ at bay. By locking an enemie champ down with Q then dropping E on that spot or assumed running spot, attacking (activating her passive), then poping her E bubble and reactivating her passive. With minimal AP she can easily drop most champs. With a finisher like hers, its hard to escape. Lux is a beast, period.

Lux is also one of the BEST dual laners, imo. Between her Q lockdown and her E slow, even early game, with no bonus ap, between her and a second champ they can easily rend an enemie or two. 3v3 start gank, is easily done with proper teamwork.

And lets be realistic people, her team fight capabilities are ridiculous! Sure shes squishy, but if played right she can easily do enough damage on her own, while doubling the effectiveness of her teammates due to her stuns. Give her exhust with the mastery point just to add insult to injury and she is amazing.

I think if you want her to be good she is amazing. If you don't want to give her a far chance, thats ok. Shes not for everyone and that means you won't take her when I'm selecting my champ. XD