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The fall of Valoran (A void tale)

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The void has began to stir and and the state of Valoran has begun falling into an all time low. With the arrival of a strange man who spontaneously appears in the middle of match between Noxus and Demacia. The world of Runeterra has started to crumble, will the league of legends hold true till the end?

Chapter 1 - To hell and back

As he was tossed about in the encompassing darkness, Saren could only guess how long it had been since he'd felt the warmth of the sun. His mind and been flayed and reassembled too many times to count by this point. The horrors of this place often looked upon him yet he felt complacent, and lost. They passed him by, forgetting his existence. Many days had passed at least since he saw the last one. A strange worm like beast, with green ooze dripping from it's mouth. It said one word. "HUNGRY" It marched off into the darkness. Had it just been days? He couldn't tell. There was no light. No sense of time. Only darkness and nightmares of many shapes and sizes. As Saren pondered this he noticed another one of the beasts approaching him. An insectoid creature, small in stature, but it's wicked body invoked fear. Saren watched as it wandered into the inky darkness. Saren could hardly remember his life before this world of shadows. He was surprised he'd remembered his own name. Many more days passed. Yet he let the blackness toss him around without so much as a care in the world. A small light wandered into his eye. A small crack, this, radiance that it emitted. This small trace of life in this abyss. He wanted more. He clawed at it until the darkness gave way. At last this wondrous light began to envelop him, and he fell into it.

14:23 - Institute of war
Cho' Gath resided in his small prison, feeling the constricting magic of the summoners as it's power bound him. Unusually, he was calm, and said nothing. He only let a slight chuckle escape his wretched fangs every so often to leave them all on their toes. Kassadin often came here to watch the beast, making ever so sure the creature did not leave.

"My good friend, tell me, what use is there in watching me? I do not seem to be leaving this spot any time soon."

"Don't play games with me you foul abomination!" Kassadin barked, "My business is my own and you will do well to remember that!"

"My, My," Cho' gath laughed, "It appears I have upset you. Hopefully you don't catch fire with that hot head of yours."

Kassadin let out a groan of frustration and stormed out of the room. George Barkelly began to hate his job. "Why do I have to watch the giant monster of death all alone?"

"It does not matter," Cho' gath spoke, "The end will come soon enough. And you will get a front row view to the destruction at hand." Cho' Gath let another bone tingling chuckle escape his jaws.

15:43 - Summoner's rift

Lux - the lady of luminosity could just barely make out the figure of Katarina before she had swung her blade dangerously close to her face. Quickly dodging and forcing a light binding onto Kat's leg, lux retaliated with her beam of light. Katarina was launched away, having sustained heavy injury. Quickly emerging from the jungle was Shyvana, cloaked in flames. She charged for Katarina,but was immediately countered by Talon. He sent his blades whirling into her arms and she was quickly over powered.The combination of the two sent Shyvana running, but Talon was quick to follow, leaving Katarina to recall to the fountain. Joining the hunt was Darius wielding his massive ax.He pulled Shyvana in and struck her with the blade. Seeing that she was weakened he put her out of her misery for the time being by visiting a blow upon her head. The bond between summoner and champion was broken instantly.Diving into the fray was Jarven and Garen. The combined force of Jarven's cataclysm and Garen's spinning to win was enough to bring down talon but not mighty Darius. He stood his ground, exchanging the blows, before Katarina returned to the fray. Her maelstrom of sharp, pointy objects almost shredded the two to ribbons. Lux made a return with her Light binding and as she prepared to unleash her laser of light, a massive rift in time and space opened before them. With hexplosive force, all were blown away. From the darkness emerged Saren, his body was still but he was breathing. The group forgot the matter at hand and turned to tend to the strange man that had come from the darkness. Katarina was the first to arrive at his side. Quickly assessing his condition. The summoners were being contacted and they put a call through to the higher-ups. The match was quickly postponed. Mere moments later Saren stirred.

"Can you hear me?" Katarina beckoned, "Respond!"

Saren's eyes fluttered open slowly, "Where am I?" he uttered, slightly out of breath.

"Your in summoner's rift. Can you tell me your name?"

"My... name?" Saren was unsure of himself, what was his name again? Saren right? "Saren, I-.. I can't see..." These were the only words he could utter as memories quickly relapsed inside his mind. He screamed in pain, as his head was turned to jelly and the endless throbbing echoed within him. He was knocked out from the pain.

Shen rushed onto the scene, with a medical team in tow. Gotellan walked in with the usual scowl on his face.

"WHAT THE **** HAPPENED HERE?" He demanded.

Lux answered the best she could. "In all honesty," she spoke, "we were hoping you could tell us."

As Saren was carried away, his brain was hard at work processing the rush of information that emerged with him.
Even in sleep the body is still working hard, breathing, pumping, digesting. The brain runs all these tasks and sets them on auto-pilot, so it can proceed to analyze everything that occurred throughout the day. His mind had locked away large quantities of memory as he fell into madness and returned. His childhood, his life, his very nature had been lost to him. As his mind hacked away at the cobwebs, he fell into a sort of Delirium.

Saren found himself in a small dark room, to his left was a wooden desk with parchment and a quill, but no ink. The fine parchment held dark red characters, unfortunately he couldn't read it. He blinked and found himself in an elegant room, covered in sheets made of fine fabric. By his side was a shadowy being, speaking a language he did not know, but he could make out a feminine voice. It sounded highly affectionate. He blinked again and found himself in a long dark hallway. More of the shadow people marched down the black passage, they wore robes and were chanting under their breaths. He followed reluctantly. Eventually they stopped, and they entered large, round room. In the center rested a large circle of runes, drawn with blood. He reached the conclusion once he saw the 2 dead goats. At least, that's what they looked like... At the far end of the room was a stone pedestal, it's base sprawled with runes. A shadow approached the pedestal, and spoke with the same voice as the woman from the previous dream.

Su vara' geth dun camba Shen thet tuya like Gefton werulik desu yedge XAZFAL CERAS D' CALX!

From the floor erupted a black haze that filled the room. The chanting grew louder and louder. A black slime spurned from the circle, and the runes bled. Finally, a bone-chilling roar.
A unholy beast emerged from the circle. Screams could be heard as the darkness filled the room, consuming everything. Saren stared at the abyss, the abyss stared back.

Galanth zer vreka Ketsu delash yufft marock Gityd cebrop shintash jeloo gim...


Saren awoke in a glistening white room, his forehead held cold sweat.

"You okay?" Akali asked as she tended to his IV drip, "You looked like you were having one hell of a dream."

"Where am I?" Saren asked.

"The institute of war infirmary, you've been asleep here for ten days."

"TEN DAYS?!" Saren said in surprise, "Who sleeps for ten days?!"

"You apparently," she said with a completely straight face.

It was at that moment that Saren got a splitting head ache.

"Oh god my head," he said with a groan, I think I'm going to throw up."

"Here you go," she said handing him a dark pale, "Now you stay here while I go get the doctor."

Somewhere between the vomiting and horrendous headache, he found a good 2 seconds in his head to think, "Wow, she's pretty hot." before continuing.

To be continued...

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Awaiting criticism and compliments alike now that the first chapter is finally done for real.

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Wow I maybe the only one who responds but this is great. Not many Void stories and considering Malzahar, Kah, and Cho Gath were atleast 1 time a main of mine I really enjoy these stories. I hope you make more chapters and this gets read a lot more!

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Wow I maybe the only one who responds but this is great. Not many Void stories and considering Malzahar, Kah, and Cho Gath were atleast 1 time a main of mine I really enjoy these stories. I hope you make more chapters and this gets read a lot more!

You have no idea how happy you just made me. This is the first time I've written fan fiction in awhile too.

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Working on chapter 2 right now

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CHAPTER 2 - The new guy in town

As Saren walked out into the fresh mountain air, he pondered the events of the past 4 days. Countless summoners hounded him with questions, all of which were answered with "I don't know." The few moments he'd received that he could relax were few and far between, and he was intent on making this day count. He chose to head into the nearby town at the base of the mountain. Hopefully he could find something to do. The town held many curiosities, he found what looked like a theater, at least it looked like one, but didn't exactly sound like it. There was a loud metallic screech coming from within, Saren kept moving, best to let a sleeping dog lie.

Before long he came across what looked like a playground, he could see a little red-haired girl, a boy wrapped in bandages, and girl with an unusually large hat. He watched as they played in the sand. He wondered what it was like when he was but a child. The gaping void in his memory wasn't very kind, everything before he met Katarina was completely scrambled. He sat there on the park bench, just wondering about the mysteries storming around in his head. Before long the trio approached him, Annie tapped his shoulder.

"S'cuse me mister but could you help us?" She said with an adorable look in her eyes, "Our friend Pix is stuck in a tree and he won't come down no matter what!"

Saren took one look at her big round eyes and immediately said yes, but his better judgement kicked in and he immediately thought of the many strange people he'd met since coming here. "Oh come on! It's just a bunch of kids! What could they do? Kill you with their adorable eyes? Come on!" To his dismay, this laps in his judgement would prove to be a harsh one. Saren walked over to the tree where the girl with the big hat stood trying to coax Pix down. Saren looked up and found the tiny violet creature sitting in the tree. It observed him with it's large bulbous eyes.

Saren began to climb the tree, and he swore he could hear giggling below. As he reached the branch that held Pix he watched it go out farther on the branch, "Dammit," he said under his breath. Saren made his way onto the branch carefully, making sure to spread out his weight as to prevent the branch from snapping under his body and sending him careening down to the not so soft ground below. He cautiously crawled along the large yet easily breakable stick, and as he neared the end. He watched the small creature float off the branch, and Saren found himself covered in fur, and meowing sheepishly. It took 5 seconds to register that he had been turned into a cat. "Oh **** me!" He'd been tricked by little kids. :|

The kids burst out into laughter as Saren was trapped in the tree. The blasted pixie was in on it too, he laughed like there was no tomorrow. The only one not laughing was Saren who was terrified of the incredibly long distance from the ground. He had no way of getting down since he no longer had thumbs. He could do nothing but mew and cling to the branch. He noticed the Children below and became angry.


The children just laughed more

"MEOW **** MEOW mew, mew Meow ***** ****mew***********" (Assorted swearing)

The laughing continued. This continued to infuriate Saren. It was time that he did something about these little imps. To their surprise he jumped out of the tree and fell head first into the sand below. What's that? Cats always land on their feet? Well in this case, you are wrong. The spell wore off and Saren chased after the kids. Many laughs were Haha'd and many "You can't catch me!" were called out. Eventually they all ran out of breath and rested on the bench.

The institute of war - 13:54
Kassadin had returned from the void, what he was looking for in there, only he knew.

"Dellvoy," Kassadin spoke, "Has there been any change in Cho' Gath's behavior?"

Dellvoy was clad in black robes, long streaks of red ran down the fabric. "He's been acting fidgety, almost expectant of something, and he's been acting like that ever since that new guy showed up."

"What new guy?" Kassadin asked with sudden urgency, "Are you telling me another entered our world from the void?!"

"Well yeah, but..."


"He went into town! He has black hair, he's wearing leather clothes, he looks sorta like Ezreal! He answers to the name Saren!"

"You let him go to a populated area?! What are you mad?" Kassadin charged out of the room. Off to find this new threat from the void.

The playground - 14:13

As they sat on the bench, Saren slowly became acquainted with the kids.

Annie was the small red haired girl, she was all giggles and usual little girl behavior. She kept going on and on about her little bear Tibbers. This was remotely unsettling and having underestimated them before he knew better than to just brush it off.

Amumu was an Emo, having no better way to put it. He was a zombie essentially.... Next?

The last one was named Lulu and her little friend Pix was more than just a pet. She had quite the imagination. A little space cadet. This also put him off. He wrote a mental note to keep his distance from her when she's staring off into space.

The trio was often found together, playing games and building sand castles. Everyone knew to stay as far away as possible from this group.

From behind Saren heard a voice, "Well who's this?" it spoke with a feminine tone.

Annie got up and jumped into the arms of the voice, "Ahri!"

The other two followed shortly thereafter. Saren turned around and saw two gorgeous eyes look back at him.

"Hi, what's your name?" she said.

Saren stared in awe for a good twenty seconds before realizing she had asked for his name.

"SAREN! My name's Saren!" he said with the epitome of class and suave.

"Nice to meet you, Saren. Were you out here playing with them?"

"Yeah, they're little angels!" he said sheepishly.

"How nice of you!"

"I brought you guys something sweet!" she said.

The trio got excited and watched as Ahri reached into her bag. Ahri shuffled through the hand bag and pulled out three small bags of candy. "Here you go," she said with a smile.

The trio took the bags and ran off onto the playground they began to play a rather scary game of "Avoid being burned to death."

Ahri and Saren sat on the bench watching the kids play and talked.

"So you can't remember anything?" she asked in surprise.

"Not a thing, and I think that's for the best. Who knows what I saw while I was in there."

"I wish I was that lucky," she muttered under her breath.


"Nothing, it's nothing," she said with a horrible poker face.

Saren decided it wasn't his business to be prying into, suddenly he felt a strange sensation, like pins and needles. He felt the jolt running down his arm and became alarmed. He quickly looked at his hand. Completely normal, nothing had changed. He dismissed it, thinking it just a random twitch.

They continued to chat until Kassadin noticed Saren, and matched the description.

"Ahri! Get away from him!" he shouted.

"Saren watched as Kassadin rushed him with his blade. Saren quickly dodged to the right.

"What the **** is your problem buddy?!"

"My problem is that you think you can just march into this world and do whatever you want, VOID SCUM!"

Kassadin prepared for a skirmish and Saren quickly tried to figure out what the hell was going on.


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Time for **** to get real

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You have my attention. Go on...

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Chapter 3 - Static (Revised for your reading pleasure) (Sorry this took so long)

In the blink of an eye, Kassadin had closed the distance Saren had tried to create. Kassadin quickly lunged from the left. The void energy swirled around his fist with intense voracity. Like clockwork, Saren vaulted backward and grabbed the outstretched arm, throwing him to the ground. Kassadin appeared over him and prepared his blade for the next blow. Saren rolled to the right, narrowly dodging the incredibly sharp object. Saren tried to distance himself from Kassadin, it appears he didn't learn anything from last time. Or did he? He dodge rolled forward just as Kassadin jumped through the rift. He appeared a good distance behind Saren. Saren ran for it, hoping to move the fight away from Ahri and the kids. Before long Kassadin was bearing down on him again, a sphere of energy came screaming at him. He dodged to the left but didn't anticipate the wave of energy the was now in his immediate vicinity. He screamed in pain as it seared his flesh. He could feel the sensation of pins and needles coursing through his body. He was on the ground and Kassadin came forward and punched him in the face with a left hook.

Saren retaliated with a leg sweep, knocking Kassadin to the ground, and jumping on him. He punched the void walker in the face multiple times, returning the favor three-fold. However the void walker quickly recovered and sent Saren flying into a wall. the stone cracked with little resistance, Saren tumbled onto the armory floor in a heap. His body groaned with pain, as his mind quickly recovered from the impact. He was aware of the pain but he tried to shut it out. This was fight or flight time. He lifted himself from the dusty floor despite his body's complaints. He quickly scanned the room for a suitable weapon. He was dissapointed when all the swords were unnaturally large, however he soon discovered a large collection of daggers. He took one from it's place, it had a sinister curve to it. He hid it in his clothes. In the left corner of his eye he saw a barrel filled with various blades, bows, and staffs. A plan began to formulate in his head. He emptied the barrel's contents on the ground nearest to the barrel and flipped it upside down. He grabbed a pair of handcuffs from a hook and hid behind several barrels of gunpowder.

Kassadin appeared in the room, his blade at the ready. He turned his gaze around the confines of the room, Saren was nowhere to be seen. He floated around, examining every inch. He noticed a large pile of weapons on the ground and looked to his right. A lone barrel rested near him.

"Honestly," he said in a cocky manner, thoroughly believing he had won, "Do you think I am a fool?"

He lunged for the barrel, shattering it in an instant. Saren lurched from behind the barrels, diving onto Kassadin. He slashed at Kassadin's back with the knife, and quickly visited a stab to Kassadin's arm.

"ARGH!" Kassadin shouted.

Kassadin threw him off his back, sending him into the shelves of blades. He ported to Saren and grabbed him by the neck, lifting him from the floor.

"If your kind think you can just claim this world as yours then you are horribly mistaken," Kassdain said, "As you come here, I will hunt you down and tear you limb from limb. Make sure you take those words back to the void with you."

"How many times do I have to tell you people! I'm not here to kill you!"

"Then enlighten me! Why are you here?"

"Let him go!" Ahri barked as she threw her orb. It traveled through Kassadin, sending chills throughout his body.

"Stay out of this!" Kassadin growled, throwing the void energy at Ahri. To his dismay, she easily evaded it. She dashed around, the room, burning him with her fire, Kassadin was not amused. He slammed Saren into the wall, and charged Ahri. He overcame here in mere moments. He ported in front of her path, side stepping her charm, and released his stored energy in one blast, her body became sluggish and her throat felt weak, he slashed at her body, she was sent flying from the force and landed on the ground in a heap, Saren could see the blood pooling beneath her body. The pins and needles were coursing everywhere, he could feel his body almost disconnect from the world. He charged Kassadin, "HOW DARE YOU!" he screamed, pulling Kassadin into the void with him.

Institute of war: 21:32
As Cho' Gath watched the many summoners channel their magics into his bindings he could not see Kassadin among them. "Where's the paper boy?" he beckoned, "Still in the void?"

"Don't worry, he'll be back soon enough, he's got some business to take care of. Then your little play date can begin." A summoner said jokingly.

"You had best watch your tongue around me, worm. Once I'm free of this place, I will devour you first." Cho'Gath said, and Oswald knew by now that Cho' Gath kept all his promises.

"Watch your tone with me you overgrown lizard!" There's no chance you'll ever get out of this place, even if you break free you'd be torn to ribbons in seconds.

"This insolent fool is definitely going to die first," Cho' Gath thought. Suddenly he felt a strange sensation. "IT HAS BEGUN."

The void - 15:02

Saren found himself on black cyclopean stone, Kassadin was to his right and he looked rather confused.

"YOU BASTARD!" Saren shouted, grabbing Kassadin by his vest "What the hell is your problem?!"

"I did what I had to do. I had no choice, you could've threatened the safety of the town."

"So does doing your responsibility have to do with slashing up a woman?!" he barked, staring Kassadin dead in the eyes. It was quite obvious this was emotionally charged for some reason unknown to Saren.

"It was an accident, my actions are not my own." he said blankly.

"How can you say that?" Saren barked. "It's always you in control!"

"Not for me."

"What are you talking about?"

"None of your concern," he said, "Right now my business is with that structure there."

A large temple towered over them, Saren felt oddly nostalgic. The pins and needles would not stop. He felt a numbness in his hand. He looked down and he was instantly filled with terror, his hand was fading. The shadows of the void swirled around him, his whole body quivered and jolted as if his body could not materialize. He looked like a ghost. His frame was just rapid static, it was a miracle he was even aware of what was happening.

"What's happening to me?" he screamed.

Kassadin's gaze scanned his shivering form, he let a curious, "I see," escape his lips.

"Can you just tell me what's going on here?!" Saren said urgently.

"It's no doubt the result of your previous encounter with the void, your body is unstable, causing you to phase out of existence. While this is happening everything around your corporal form will distort and twist.

"So that's why I'm a jittering mess?!"


"How can I stop it?" Saren asked.

"It may be possible to control it, after all, you pulled me into the void." Kassadin said with a blank voice.

"You mean that was me?"

"Yes, it's possible your atoms can act as a rift between this world and our world."

"So what now?

"Now I'm going to investigate this place, if my suspicions are correct, this may be the reason the barrier between the Void and Runeterra is waning."

"Makes sense, why else would there be a giant castle in a blank endless nightmare."

"Exactly my point."

To be continued...

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I is working on chapter 4, expect it sunday