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An Intel i5 processor, or an AMD FX processor? That is the question

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If you are just gaming and are on a budget, AMD is the way to go. It will give you more $$$ to spend on a better video card.
AMD's power/$ ratios are better than Intel.

If your budget isnt limited, then Intel all the way.

I currently run an hexacore i7-3930k with an AMD HD 6970. I know the CPU is a bit of an overkill but I don't change PC very often (like every 4-5 years) and want the extra power to help me keep my setup longer.
My older 2008 setup with i7-920 still kicks ass and plays current games very well. I just wanted to treat myself this time around lol.

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Postal Twinkie



I've purchased two AMD PCs in my life, and both have had problems stemming from the CPU. I've never had any problems with any Intel processor.

Out of the many many......many......many computers I have built and/or worked on, I have seen two CPU failures.

1) A home build someone with no experience did, he put his processor in wrong. Far enough back in the day you had to identify Pin 1, and insert it properly, you didn't have the nice cutout socket guide that lets you only put it in one way. He insta-fried it....

2) Another home build, someone with no experience, didn't put thermal compound on the IHS. He then wanted to Overclock the processor and went straight into the Bios, disabling pretty much everything, including the built in fail-safe for max temp shutdown. He fried it in a hurry....

The first was an AMD, the second was an Intel.

I have never had in my hands a system with a failed CPU because it was genuinely bad. This is so unbelievably rare when compared to say Power Supply failure, which is the number 1 failing part of a PC. Of all the people I know who are in the industry, and the thousands and thousands of machines we have touched, I would say we might have seen 5 total over the years, where the CPU was just genuinely bad. Which you know near instantly upon installation and they were sent back for replacement.

The CPU failures out of those have all been end user caused, due to cases like the above two (the first being nearly impossible these days), or just general abuse of the system. Not cleaning it, running it in an excessively hot environment, etc.