LeBlanc Build

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Ok been very sucessful with this.

Masteries- 9/0/21

Summoner Spells- Usually go Ghost and Ignite.

Skill order is simple- max Q first, Then W, And get R at 6-11-16, I also Get E at lvl 4 but then do not get it till i have to as the others are higher dmg outputs.

here is the exact build order that i use every game,

1) Dorans Ring+ Health Pot
2) Blasting Wand
3) Sorcerers Boots
4) Complete Zhonya's
5) ArchAngels Staff

this is in my build every game as of yet. after this base build i have over 300ap with around 30mag pen.

i dont like going mejais for the simple reason that i think its unreliable later on in mid-late game due to Leblanc's low survivability at that stage ingame.

now from here we have a few options, if there is heavy Mag Defense i get a void staff. If i need a bit of life with more AP ill go for rylais, if not ill get another AA Staff. Just Depends where the game is going and what the other team has. I have also used deathfire grasp twice after my base build, to help with nuking the more high Hp teams.

i find it eaiser to start in mid rather than top or bot lane.

i also have for runes:
Red-Mag Pen
Yellow- Flat Defense
Blue- Flat Mag Resist
Quint- Flat AP

these are runes ive carried over from my akali days, dont see a need to change as EARLY survivability is helpful.

Another quick note, i could see myself possibly getting mana regen runes, as mana is a problem early to mid game with her. Well just wait and see.