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The Summoner Files: Viktor

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Hey everyone, this is the second installment in the ‘Summoner Files’ series. If you like this then I suggest you check out the first story about brand, found here: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=3241769&highlight=the+summoner+files
Feedback and comments are always welcome and if you prefer to contact me on LoL then send me a friend request (Ianthine/NA server) and I’ll talk or play, whatever you want. Thank you for reading.


“What have you brought before this council today.” boomed a voice from the darkness.
“After many days of searching and...persuading...some Zauninites we have managed to recover numerous journals and reports about our very own machine herald.” spoke the first summoner from beneath his hood.
“And why, may I ask is this relevant.” questioned the voice.
“Because these journals speak of strange, forbidden magics that we believe took place in Zaun and may have involved a number of our League's champions and a several summoners as well.” spoke the second robed figure.
“Speak then.” boomed the voice.


8th day of the 7th month of the 613th year
Today was a momentous day, we are almost certain that our experiment will be a success and that we can bring life into our new metal shell.
Dr. V

“The ‘metal shell’ that this journal refers to is believed to be the champion Blitzcrank.” spoke the first summoner.

10th day of the 7th month of the 613th year
Viktor came to speak to me today in my office saying that he was worried about this new experiment after yesterdays research, saying that what we would have to do would be highly illegal and dangerous. He said that bringing this machine fully to life is perhaps more complicated than he thought and that the creation of automated steam would not be enough to operate the golem, but the experiment must continue forward.
Dr. S

“That was a journal entry of Professor Stanwick, we believe this was when the decision was made by Stanwick to conduct this forbidden magic.” said the summoner.
“Our next entry is from another scientist on the team, after the experiment was over and Blitzcrank’s life began.” said the second summoner as he rose from his seat and began reading from a collection of papers.

13th day of the 7th month of the 613th year
Whatever we did was not right. Stanwick kept pressuring me to move forward and finish our project even though I told him that techmaturgy could only do much, so he brought in summoners to do what we failed to do, bring it to life. We thought, for a time, that we could automate the steam and that would be enough to power our golem but it soon became obvious, we needed a life. We experimented for almost two days, continuously using a combination of our techmaturgy and a strange magic which I did not understand to combine the “souls” of small creatures with the large golden body. They worked, for a time, making the large golem dart around our laboratory for short periods, terrified of the new body they now possessed, until their will expired and the golem became lifeless once again. After hours of protesting, arguing, and negotiating, Stanwick’s commands finally forced us into submission. He commanded us to use another human’s life. There was another argument, lasting nearly two more hours until someone finally volunteered. Viktor finally came forward and said that he would sacrifice himself for the cause. We eventually got our friend strapped into the large machine that would transfer his soul into the golden husk and stood back while the summoners began. They chanted and spoke in stranger languages than I had ever heard them use before now, bright lights began to emanate from their hands and eyes as our friend on the machine began to scream. He wailed, pleading with them to make the pain stop as several green orbs were pulled through his own chest and into the air. They hung there, eerily glowing even in the light of the room, before suddenly drifting into the golems’ body. We all waited, breathlessly as the golem stood, unmoving for almost a minute, we thought we had failed and our friend would have died for nothing, but then it spoke. Its voice strange, robotic and monotonous.
“Help,” it said, “I don’t know what’s wrong but I can’t feel anything.” The next few minutes were comprised of us helping the machine begin to grow accustomed to its legs and it managed to make its first step. We were entirely focused on the machine before a strange noise erupted from behind us. It came from the body of Viktor, he was stammering, pleading with us still, it was then we realized that his entire soul had not been transferred into the machine. We quickly unstrapped him from the machine and helped him into a chair, he was coughing, blood coming with each heave as he looked in horror at the machine before him.
“We did it,” he said “it’s alive.” As he attempted a smile but achieved only a hollow grimace, I can still see it now... The summoners began to examine our friend, muttering more strange words as he continued to stammer on unintelligibly. They spent nearly two hours examining him before determining that only half his soul was taken to power the golem and the other half remained in him. We asked if they could do anything for him but they seemed uncaring as they told us that what was done was permanent, they would not explain any further. Unfortunately because of this we had no choice but to leave Viktor in the hands of his housemate, I do hope that he’s alright.
Dr. K

“Our final entry comes from the housemate previously mentioned.” said the hooded summoner.

20th day of the 7th month of the 613th year
I don’t know what they did to Viktor today but he’s not himself. It’s not unusual for him to come home muttering about strange sciences that I could never understand but some scientists and even some hooded figures, I couldn't tell who they were, and he nearly fell down before he made it one unit into the house. When they got him propped up on me for support they said that they couldn't tell me what had happened, official business or some nonsense, just that he had been hurt and that they couldn't help him any more. After they left he was babbling, not making any sense about his soul, robots, magic, I had no idea what he meant by any of it. I did eventually get him to eat some food that I made for him but he only had it in him for a moment before he began vomiting bile and blood alike across the table. I tried to help him but now he was shouting, repeating ‘I know what I have to do’ over and over again as he tried to stand. He pushed himself to his feet but soon the chair skidded out from under him and he fell with a sickening crunch. Again it took me several minutes to coax him into my arms but he refused my offers of putting him to bed, insisting on being taken to his lab in the basement. I finally consented, I didn't think things would get any worse than they already were but I see now I was wrong. He’s been down there seven days and I know he hasn't eaten any of the food that I brought him because it’s remained in the same place on the plate, only disturbed by the occasional rat judging by the small teeth marks. The only reason I know he’s still alive is from the screams, the laughing, and the sound of crackling electricity that’s been emanating from the basement for the past week. I even ventured out and found one of his fellow scientists, I couldn't get him to talk about what had happened, all he would say was that Stanwick was going to cover it up with the display of a new scientific creation in the next few days. He wouldn't even come to see Viktor even after I told him what I’d heard in the nights, in fact the story seemed to truly disturb him, his face growing pale as he averted his eyes. I know it scares him, it scares me too.

“As we are all aware the story states that Blitzcrank was Stanwick’s invention, there was never a mention of any team of even Viktor’s presence.” spoke the first summoner as he rolled the scroll in his hands before letting his arms fall to his side.
“And days later whatever was left of Dr. Viktor emerged from that house, infused with his techmaturgy body in which he currently resides. From this we also know that these unnamed summoners committed a horrific deed, removing a soul from a body, this magic was forbidden ages ago and I believe we all know the horrors it brings.” said the second summoner as he rose to his feet beside his partner.
“Thank you summoners, this information was most helpful to us.” boomed the voice from the darkness.

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Im liking these!

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Very nice, love viktor stories