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A discussion of characters, genders, and your viewpoint

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The reason I want some input on this is because I have a friend that I play a lot of online games with that will explicitly never choose to play a female character unless he has to.

Now I have always made male and female characters in the various mmos and RPGs I have played without much prejudice. So it made me wonder why are some people so against playing female toons. A quick google search revealed that hardly anyone cared about that question. But there was a huge amount of people asking why do males play female toons.

So I read through many of these posts and saw a plethora of statements from "these people subconsciously are gay or want to be a woman" to " I'd rather look at a girls butt while I play"

None of them i really could agree with until I saw one that made a lot of sense to me. Basically it is that I try to make my character, the one that represents me, just once. In all the mmos he is usually the first one I make. He's 9/10 times a rogue/theif type. And I usually make him bald. Now I'm not a bald theif irl but through almost all of my games where I get to design my personal character this is who I've chosen as my virtual representation of me.

After I have made "me" all subsequent characters I make are no longer me. They are just characters and I design them based on what I feel is right for that role. An example is that I will usually make a female tank. It's a character type that I made and enjoy for a long time. This one is separate from "me" and is no different than if I were to play Lara Croft in tomb raider.

So I think the people who can't possibly play female characters make each character they create a representation of themselves (the guys that is). Yet I find that even if I make multiple male toons none is a representation of myself other than my first. They are all just supporting characters.

So the TL/DR question I ask is;

Do you have set characters that you make?
Is there one that you try to make an extension of yourself?
Do you make every character an extension of yourself, or do you choose just one and make auxiliary characters that go with him/her?
If you usually have one character that is "you" do you have a certain archetype for that character?
And do you play different gender characters than you are, and why or why not or does it not matter to you?

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"I'd rather look at a girls butt while I play"

If she has a pretty portrait, or a nice model or a whatever I'll always want to play her more.
Like out of the 5 characters I've rolled for Torchlight 2 so far only one of them has been male, and that's only because a tiny waif holding a bigass cannon is dumb. Same in DFO. Same in all the pokemons. Same in every JRPG.

But then at a deeper level I think this only applies to games where it's easy to disassociate the character from myself based on the linearity and superficiality of intimate player choices. In games like Deus Ex or Baldur's Gate 2 though, ones that offer deeper choices and require deeper thought I'm more likely to pick male and play the game as me for at least for the first run.

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the number of female characters (by choice) on your account is directly proportional with how desperate you are.

not to mention if a girlfriend sees you playing a females character (by choice), you may end up looking stupid as fuk.

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When I was younger I always felt obligated to play male characters because I thought it would be looked upon as weird for me to make a female one. As I've gotten older, I've started making exclusively female characters. I've found that I find myself more attached to the character when it is female, and i care more what happens to her, the decisions I make in game, and the story as a whole. I'm not desperate or in love with my character, its just how I prefer to play my games. Also a lot of times in games, the portraits and models for male characters can look very goofy or just plain awful.