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Nunu vs The Yetis (Origin of Nunu)

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This is my first attempt at fiction and it's more of a literary exercise than anything else, so any criticism is welcome. Actually, please criticize it, I need help, haha.



The frost wind howled past the mouth of the snowy mountain cave. Nunu curled into a ball, his hands in his armpits, flexing every muscle in his body in a slow rhythm to generate heat. Hopefully the cold would kill him before anything else would. Unless his father returned of course, but he was beginning to lose hope- it had been three days already.

The sound of the wind suddenly changed and Nunu realized something had entered the cave, something big, much too big to be his father. He peered out from under his hood with the one eye that was exposed to the biting frost. He saw the immense figure outlined by the light of the cave opening coming towards him. It was a huge creature in the shape of a man but much larger, covered with white fur- a yeti. All Nunu could do was lie still and wait for the right moment.

“Willump! Come!” Kralump bellowed. Willump entered the cave, this yeti younger and smaller than Kralump. The old yeti motioned over to the mound of snow, steam rising from it. Willump plunged his fist into the snow and pulled Nunu out. Nunu’s body limp, his head rolled around to gaze at the yeti.

“Kill it,” the old yeti commanded.

“Is it still alive?”

“It’s a human, just consume it and put it out of it’s misery.”

The young yeti dangled Nunu over his gaping jaws. Nunu raised his hand towards the beast, who paused and frowned at the tiny swirls of snowflakes and blue light charging in the child’s fist. A blast of ice hit the yeti point blank in the face. Nunu fell into the snow, preparing another ice blast, as the young yeti rolled back from the impact.

“He knocked your fang loose Willump!” the old Yeti chuckled.

“It only startled me, not something that will happen twice,” Willump snarled. The fallen yeti rose to his feet and charged.

“Hold. This human youngling looks familiar. Let me get a better look.” But Kralump was cut short.

“Where is my father!” Nunu screamed as he let loose another ice blast, putting Willump down into the snow again. His hands glowed red as he lept onto the other Yeti, pummeling him.

“This one has spirit!” the old Yeti marvelled, grabbing Nunu’s arms and holding him down with a speed that seemed too fast for a creature so large. Nunu struggled furiously, losing none of his anger.

“This one is mine, Kralump! Release him so that he may know my rage!” Willump was steaming now.

“Tell me, tiny one, what business has a human on the Iron Spike Mountain. How is it you know our tongue? Speak quickly or I will give my friend his reward.” Kralump nodded towards the young yeti.

Nunu calmed himself, realizing he was trapped. He remembered what he was supposed to say if this very situation were to occur. “My name is Nunu, grandson of Taetom, friend of Yeti.”

Willump spat. “No human is any friend to the yeti, violator of the elements! You twist the ice as if it were yours to command.”

“I don’t command anything, I ask them.” Nunu raised his chin. Willump sneered.

The older yeti loosened his grip. “Taetom.” Tasting each syllable. “You are free to go, young human. But, you are not welcome here. Make haste, for I may not be as forgiving if we meet again.”

Willump growled. “He has already tainted this cave with his magics. He must pay for his crimes.”

“Silence, Willump. You will obey.” Steam puffed out of the young yeti’s mouth. He looked down and folded his furry arms, wiggling his loose tooth with his tongue.

Nunu stood up and brushed himself off. “Am I the only human you’ve seen? There is another here, my father. He left this cave two days ago looking for help and hasn’t returned.”

The old yeti looked off into the distance for a moment. Nunu thought he looked sad, but it was hard to read the old yeti’s face. “You are the only human alive on this mountain, little one. If you want to stay that way, you will leave.”
Nunu’s lips parted, his breath hovering. A stream of ice froze on each cheek.

“Go now!”

Nunu made his way down the mountain, dragging his feet and squinting his eyes against the reflection of the sun on the snow. At least the blizzard is over, he thought. But, my father...

“Come, we will follow him from a distance. No harm must come to him while he makes the pass.”

“Why do you spare this human? I’ve seen you consume the heads of men from their shoulders for sport.”

“You’re too young to remember. The Freljordian known as Taetom, gifted the Veil of Banshee to our people.”

Willumps eyes widened.

“In exchange for this artifact, our kind granted Taetom and his line safe passage through the Iron Spike Mountains. Many a human are vile, but this one had an understanding few men possess. That is why we will follow young Nunu, grandson of Taetom, until he is out of the hunting grounds of the giant wolves.”

“They rarely wander down this far. I would be more concerned about...”

“Stop. See that? It’s a wolfling. The big one can’t be too far off. Go ahead to Nunu and make for the clearing. I’ll cover us from behind.”
The yetis did not see or smell the dragon gliding across the snow towards them, it’s pale scales glistening like frost.

Willump shivered as a chill ran down his spine. He looked down at his apelike hand, flexed it into a fist as it crackled and popped and quickly he realized he was being frozen.

“Ice Dragon!” Willump screamed.

The two yetis spun around to see the massive serpent breathing frost onto Willump, immobilizing him before the kill. Kralump lunged at the beast, his warcry barely audible over the dragon’s roar.

“You must be hungry to challenge a Yeti with a dragon-bone necklace.” Kralump consumed a finger from the giant claw that raked at him, revitalizing himself and sending the dragon into a frenzy. Willump pounded on the ice holding his legs together, but to no avail.

Nunu doubled back to investigate the roar- his father might be in trouble, he thought.
As Nunu came over the mound, his eyes rolled over the battle then locked together with Willump, whose eyes were pleading, but was too proud to ask for help. Nunu smirked and let out a puff of frost. “I help you now, and you help me find my father.”

Without hesitation, the yeti sliced his own thumb with his good tooth and smeared the blood over his furry cheek. “I’ll take that as a yes,” said Nunu.

Nunu held his spread fingers out towards Willump. The yeti’s arms glowed red as they hammered down on the ice binding his legs, twice as fast as before. The ice shattered, Willump leapt at the dragon, grabbing it’s tail and pulling as hard as he could. Nunu pelted the beast with ice blast after ice blast, but it hardly dented the frozen scales. The head looked a little softer, but he couldn’t get a good shot from his height. He jumped onto the back of Willump, grabbing the yeti’s fur to steady himself, then fired an ice blast at the dragon’s skull. Willump bucked and swatted at the little human. Nunu scrambled around the furry barrel chest of the Yeti and back onto it’s shoulder, avoiding the Yeti’s strikes. He let another ice blast fly, this one nailing the dragon between the eyes. The dragon faltered for a second, which was long enough for Kralump to clamp it’s neck in place with his hands and consume it’s horn crowned head, leaving it’s body twitching in the snow.

“Another vertebrae for my necklace. Many thanks to you young human.” The old yeti bowed.

Nunu dove off Willump before the yeti could swat at him again, but the yeti did not strike. Willump gazed down at Nunu and extended his furry hand. Nunu stepped forward to shake the Yeti’s hand, but instead Willump grabbed the boy and placed him on his shoulder.

“You belong here for the remainder of our journey. A better vantage point for you to spot your father.”

Nunu grinned as he pulled his furry hood over his head and grasped the reins of the yeti’s fur.

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I submitted this a while back, but it was mostly just dialog, so I've done a lot of editing to flesh it out a bit. I had no idea Riot was going to roll out a whole Freljord thing, but I'm glad they did.