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Avarice Blade and it's build paths (Rework Suggestion)

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Avarice blade is essentially the worst choice of gp5 one could make.

Essentially one pays 400g for 2% Critical strike chance and 3gold per 5 seconds. For the item to be gold efficient with it's on kill gold passive you'd have to nearly perfect cs and almost never go back.

Furthermore the build path's for it are a little iffy.

Let's take a look:

Statikk Shiv:

40% Attack Speed
20% Crit chance
6% movespeed
Chain lightning passive that can crit.

What sticks out here for me is that you essentially gain no crit whatsoever from this upgrade.

Zeal: 10% crit
Avarice blade: 10% Crit

You're essentially paying for 1% movespeed and the pretty decent 32% Attack speed buff and it's passive.

More often than not, one will build a zeal for it's much more cost efficient than an avarice blade and actually helps laning in some way. The gp5 is completely ignore because one will usually jump straight from zeal to statikk shiv.


Atma's Impaler:

45 Armor
15% Crit Chance
15 ad for every 100 health

This one is iffy, You're basically paying for the passive if anything. A chain vest provides 40 armor and avarice blade provides 10 crit. Meaning 780g buys you but a 5% increase in crit and 5 armor. 5 armor is worth about 100g. (Cloth armor provides 15 for 300g.) and 5% crit chance is roughly in the 300's.

The thing that sticks out the most here is the fact that. You barely ever see this item on someone stacking crits. Bruisers are high priced champions who cant afford to throw in an infinity edge on their frozen mallet/warmogs atmas combo. And they would rather more reliable damage such as a Black cleaver/Maw/Mercurial anyway. So the crit chance is highly undervalued and also the chain vest provides much better stats than an avarice blade. (40 armor vs 10% crit chance? Sign me up) Their doesnt seem to be any reason why i would rush an avarice blade for this, unless i was a little fed and could abuse the extra gold.

I could go into executioners calling and youmuu's but this post would just get too huge.

So the tl;dr and suggestion is:

Avarice blade is hardly worth a purchase and mostly skipped for other components in it's build paths.


Avarice blade: Builds from longsword and 400g. Grants 15 ad and 3 gp5. (Killing a monster or minion grants +2 bonus gold)

Atma's: No longer grants crit chance. 20 flat ad in combination with it's old stats.

Statikk Shiv: Grants 25% crit chance 20 flat ad and the rest of it's old stats. (now builds from Avarice blade + zeal + brawlers gloves. price adjustments)

Executioner's Calling: Now grants 5gp5 and 45 attack damage with no crit chance. Loses the minion passive and retains it's lifesteal and grievous wounds. (this would become the go to Ad centric support item.) New unique active: Executioner's Mark: "If the target is below 35% hp The target is inflicted with grievous wounds and receives 2% of their missing's health as bonus damage for 3 seconds" 60 second cooldown) Sort of a "Prep this kill for my ad carry" active.

Youmuu's ghostblade: No longer grants crit, little ad boost. minion kill passive is boosted to 5g, loses it's gp5 aspect.

Suggestions and constructive criticism highly appreciated!

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Senior Member


they can't really make avarice a good damage item for laning phase because it would become a must-have. to create reasonable options pretty much any other offensive choice should give someone the ability to bully you and zone you out of your cs and xp

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I disagree with this ideal, people build shiv because it gives them gives crit and AS(as well as the passive) not only will removing the crit from avarice blade change a good amount of items, but it will cause a good amount of items to become under-achievers, why would I want to build shiv when all of it's stats are so low and stuff like ghostblade could use a buff in general rather than a rework.