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[Rammus] The fiery armordillo!

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So I've been playing with this build for a loooooong time yet I constantly get told my build sucks. Score screen comes up and I'm usually leading/2nd in kills and assists, while at 0 to 3 deaths.

Now what does it consist of? Well I'm a pretty agressive player, a game where the enemy gets set back early is a won match. So what I do is go in be agressive, sometimes initiate tank, taunt, while dishing out some crazy aoe dmg while my team finishes them off.

I wont go into much detail about the skills because honestly, if you're trying out my guide you already have to know what you are doing as a rammus, you'll have to know when to dive in, when to taunt, when to slow and even when to retreat.

1- Preparation: What to take into battle?

Well, I'm a fan of cleanse and fortify. Why? Well as rammus you'll often have the oportunity to taunt someone near your turret settling an easy kill with fortify and someone should always have fort in the team so why not you. As for cleanse, I love it, cleanse that timebomb, ignite, slow, stun, anything off of you which otherwise would get you killed, and start rolling away.

2- Skill Build: What skills do I level up?

Powerball > Taunt > Defensive Curl (I think thats the name I never watch it lol)
Whenever your ult is levelable, do it.

3- Item Build: What do I wear??

This is where people usually look at me funny, yet the stats dont lie. I do it exactly like this:

Spawn -> Buy boots
Upgrade Boots to boots of swiftness.
Get Sunfire Cape once, twice, thrice.. four times.
Get Frozen Heart/Guardian Angel/Sunfire Cape. If melee heavy or having mana issues I opt for frozen heart, If caster heavy and I'm taking to much dmg I opt for guardian angel.

Now why so many sunfire capes? Easy, they net you HP, armour and a neat 40magic dmg per sec. Now this may not seem all that great but lets see.

Usually rammus is played as a well armoured low life tank (around 2,6k hp) but he doesn't have a lot of magic resist! So I rather take all those capes buffing me to up to 5k HP at times, I get to around 300 armour which is enough of a dmg reduce against melee chars, and while I didn't stack up on magic resist I have the hp to cushion those hits and still deal 160-200dmg a second to everyone around me, which'll make them think twice before even getting close to me.

As for runes I'd go with whatever +Hp/Armour I can get but there's enough information about that and the mastery builds in other guides so I wont get into that.

4- How to play: so now what?

Early game:
You play defensively, dont bother even using skills until you're level 3, it's not really worth it. Try last hitting creeps for some cash, but be wary of ranged oponents, try to let them sometimes get near your turret and if one makes the mistake to come to close taunt him and slow him down.

Mid game:
As soon as you're about 8 or 9 you can start watching the map to see if a team mate needs help, if so head down to help him hide in the bushes, let the enemy not see you, start rolling up and chase him after rolling on the spot in the bushes for 2 second, if he runs taunt him, and your ult should be used as soon as you roll in, this is the stage where you set back your enemies the most!

Late game:
You've got your capes, you've got your status now let them break into fear, I often dont have problems tanking turrets and 2 meleers, so I initiate with a slow and aoe and tank away as my team mates make the kills after you've dealt with them push push push!

The downside to this build is that it quickly eats up mana and makes you recall a couple times but that shouldn't be a problem, at least I don't have any.

If you guys got any questions or stuff you would like added feel free to ask.

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Junior Member


Hi. I just wanted to bring up something I had explained to me awhile back in more detail than I remember ^^

You may want to consider replacing one of those sunfires with a magic penetration item, as there comes a point where getting pure sunfire damage is less effective than getting a magic penetration item. I wish I could remember more, and I do not know if void staff or sorc shoes would work but i'm sure abyssal staff would? Maybe someone else would know what I refer to? Sorry I can't recall which forum post it was =/ But just thought i'd bring that up

Edit: Just wanted to make clear IIRC this directly relates to the sunfire's passive damage (the penetration item) and not to his skills.

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I had been wondering about that myself and testing it a couple games too, once I get clear confirmation that it is a better idea to do so, I'll post something about it, yet I will be loosing 500hp and 50 armour, while gaining AP (useless really) and some more dmg from my capes, but we shall see