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Shard of True Ice and Soul Shroud

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Sharky Shark

Senior Member


Shard of True Ice was created to replace the overpowered Soul Shroud. I like this item, but I feel it could be better. Mana Manipulator is a good item for many supports, but it lacks a choice of upgrades, so here are my suggestions.

Shard of True Ice

If I upgrade Mana Manipulator and Kage's Lucky pick to Shard of True Ice, I pay an extra 535 gold to get:

1)both items' effects in one item slot (including the gp10)
2)20 more AP (which is worth 435g)
3)a slow active (which doesn't give assists)

In the cases where I do have enough time to buy Shard of True Ice, I never think of it as a go to item. I usually only buy it if I still need gp10, or if my inventory is lacking in space and I need more room for wards.

The extra gold you pay to upgrade Shard of True Ice is worth it, but not until you enter team fights and use the active. It may be a cost effective item, but it does not feel like a legendary tier item for the stats it gives.

Some options to change it are:

a)buff the base stats of Shard of True Ice
-increase the cost of the item
-increase the mana regeneration aura
-give the item a little bit more ability power
-make the active count for assists

-increase the slow amount, or increase the range of the slow
-make the active count for assists

b)give Shard of True Ice a mythical tier where
-the mana regeneration aura is increased
-the ability power given is increased
-the gp10 is removed
-make the active count for assists


c)If it isn't obvious by now
-make the active count for assists

Soul Shroud

I like building Mana Manipulator, especially when I have mana hungry champions like Swain on my team.

I miss the item Soul Shroud, because of the cooldown reduction aura and the 12 mana regeneration. The mana regeneration was very helpful, and the cooldown reduction was extremely strong.

Obviously the item was removed because both auras were too strong. I've decreased the amount of health it gives, removed the cooldown reduction aura and decrease the mana regeneration aura.

Soul Shroud Stats:
+495 health
+10% cooldown reduction
Aura Unique: Nearby champions gain +8 mana regeneration. (1200 range)

Mana Manipulator (400)
Kindlegem (850g)
Ruby Crystal (475)
Total cost: 2075

Because this new version no longer offers as much mana regeneration and only gives cooldown reduction to the holder, the upgrade cost is reduced. I feel these figures are fair.

tl;dr: Shard of True Ice needs better stats. Soul Shroud needs to be nerfed and put back into the game.

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Senior Member


Yeah, Soul Shroud was so overpowered no one bought it.

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Senior Member


Soul shroud was removed because it didn't work how it LOOKED like it should work:

i.e. it reduced cooldown if you cast the ability while you were within the soul shroud aura. It did nothing for spells already on cooldown cast outside of it's aura AND, if you cast a spell within the aura, you didn't have to stay there to make full use of the CDR.

It just wasn't intuitive, and it was all-or-nothing