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Jokers High



K, so as a whole people believe most of the AP casters are in a bad spot in league currently.. with people stacking alot more HP and alot less resistances.. which is why you are seeing alot less of the traditional Hyper Carries and Caster, and more spamable bursty types... which isnt inherently a bad thing, as long as there remains a point of valitity for APs that arnt Diana, Akali, Kassadin, Ryze etc etc... So what i am asking or stating is What type of itemization are we supposed to build to counter people with high spamming skills, with amazing rations and low mana cost? i feel like there is a lack of itemization for ADs to counter APs in the early game, where as the otherway APs have armguard which is super cheap and cost effective... Hexdrinker is more expensive has a LONG cooldown on it, and quiet frankly i feel there is hardly any items that would allow for counter play vs this nuke spammers, especially with the ability to start like 18 billion pots and a crystaline flask...