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Iaido Champion

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This is my idea for a new champion that I think would have some spice to the variety.

He is a samurai who practices the art of Iaido (Sword drawing).
His resource would be Combo points (A max of 3). Activating a move on the third combo point causes a special effect. He builds combo points by using his QWER abilities. However, he has to start a combo with his sword sheathed (more on that later). Rather than his R being an ult, it would be a method to move between sheathed stance and draw stance. Using R within a certain timeframe of another ability would cause an altered ability to occur.

Resource: Combo Points (3 Max)
Sheathed Stance:

Q - Quick Draw = Slashes at target location causing air distortion due to the speed of his sword. Enemy at target location takes physical damage. Generates 1 combo point. ALTERED ABILITY: rapidly repeats the damage from Q at target location 2 more times. COMBO POINT EFFECT: shreds armor.

W - Slam = slams his sheathed sword into the ground causing a devastating shockwave to erupt around him knocking back anyone opponent caught in the blast (i.e. maokai or riven Q type knockback). Generates 1 combo point. ALTERED ABILITY: Draws his blade swinging it rapidly in an arc around him causing aoe damage plus applying a bleed to targets caught in the area. COMBO POINT EFFECT: Stronger bleed effect (?)

E - Dash = Dashes towards targeted location. Ability has a guard point, meaning it blocks any ability targeted at him. Requires good timing. Generates 1 combo point. ALTERED ABILITY: After the dash, he draws his blade and impales his opponent through the belly rooting him and his target in place for a specified time while also applying a severe bleed. COMBO POINT EFFECT: Throws his opponent off his blade behind him.

R - Draw Blade = Draws his blade converting all his abilities to straight damage abilities. If used after a former ability, applies an ALTERED ABILITY effect. Generates 1 Combo point if used after a sheathed ability.

Draw Stance:

Q = Not sure what to do with this yet. Would generate 1 combo point.

W = Not sure on this either. Would generate 1 combo point.

E - Shadow Slash = Dash through target (i.e. Fizz Q). Causes physical damage. Generates 1 Combo point.

R - Sheathe Blade = Convert all combo points to health.

A move must connect with a target in order to build a combo point. The only one that doesn't have to is the sheathed stance E. However, if combo points are continuously built within a small time window (i.e. 3 seconds or so), they rapidly (read: almost instantly) decay back down to 0. The only way to start building combo points is with a sheathed move. This stops players from just constantly having the sword drawn and going a full AD damage build. If they choose to always have the blade drawn, they won't build combo points and thus won't benefit from the added functionality of the abilities.
This is obviously a very rough idea, but I think it would be a new and exciting champion to play. A player willing to put the time in to learn all the little nuances of him would make a very strong opponent.