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[Champion Concept] Bates, The Yordle trap master

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Lore: couldnt think of any thing exciting so....

Little kid yordle was always cuasing trouble and playing clever but harmless pranks. one day some noxian bad dudes kill his parents so he spent the next few years turning his pranking skills into deadly trap setting skills for some powerful yordle style revenge.

***Bates, the yordle trap master***
AD, Support, melee

The idea here is an ad caster with good mobility and utility at the cost of strong lane phase.
The kit isnt easy to be aggressive with and should fail with glass cannon builds.
The ad components are in place to allow strong last hitting and late game when in a solo lane, and stronger objective damage when supporting a lane.

*edit* forgot the passive lol

Passive - Trapped Prey
Bates will automatically crit a stunned target

Q. Spike toss
An arching skill shot (like a ziggs bomb, but no additional bounces) does small aoe Damage and leaves a spike marker on the ground for 30 seconds

W. Lash
Uses a steel trip wire as a whip, lashes in a straight line does low damage and applying a slow to everything hit.

E. Trip wire
Leaps to a nearby (on target) spike marker. A trip wire is set in a line from the spike marker to the starting location of the leap. this last for 30 seconds. the 1st enemy unit or champion to hit the wire breaks it stunning the target and doing damage, any spike markers connected to this trip wire also explode for additional aoe damage

R. Trap Master
For the next 4\6\8 seconds Q and E have no cool down (the animations still have play out though creating a tiny hidden cool down)

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no feed back? lore sucks ignore it. mainly i just wanted a kit that sounded fun to play