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Was Anivia's new lore needed?

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I have read a good number of Riot posts while procrastinating from other work, and noticed that Riot says they want to strengthen ties between champions, factions, and the land. I completely understand this. However, I don't believe Anivia's lore needed to be changed. Her story as an elemental protector from another land was very interesting. Her friendship with Ashe also seemed like a natural occurrence (it still does, but was nicer when Anivia was an outcast from another world in my opinion). My main issue is that I feel Anivia's lore did have somewhere to go, just not with any current champs- the door for future related champs appeared to be open.

That being said, the new lore for Anivia is interesting. I do like the tie in to Lissandra, an unspoken conflict which can probably boil over the moment everything in the Frejlord goes to hell. I'm just not sure that the change in her lore was necessary. Thoughts?

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I don't think it was necessary, but I think that it works better this way.

I got the feeling from her old lore that she chose Freljord because she was home sick. She was a guardian of the whole world, but she limited herself to Freljord just because it reminded her of her home.

In this new lore Freljord is effectively her whole world; it is the only place she cares about. It is no longer a matter of convenience that she chose to protect Freljord. This is now something she does and has done for eons.

Plus, with the way Lissandra worked out, I think it feels natural that Freljord has had an equally ancient protector working against her. Thinking about my Lissandra and Leblanc thread, if the two are as similiar as I think they are, it is quite possible that Leblanc helped found Noxus in a manner for it to prosper as a place that will assist in Leblanc's plans. Freljord isn't like Noxus so maybe that is because Anivia was more successful at protecting and guiding the people against Lissandra.

It also kinda establishes Anivia as a counter balance to Brand as well since he is an also ancient being but of fire and destruction instead of ice and protection.... although I get the feeling he is older than the new Anivia where as the old Anivia was positively ancient.

Anyways, I think it fits better. The old lore could have worked too, but I think this new one gives more options with both new and old Champions.