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{Champion Design} Jatry, The Ocean's Revenge

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I saw a post on GD about how people would love to see a fizz counterpart in the league, and I have spent the last 4 hours designing what I think would be a good champion. it 1) fills in gaps in Fizz's lore and 2) provides a reason for the champion to be in the league. so without further ado, I present to you:

Jatry, The Ocean's Revenge.

READ the lore before anything, unless you wanna be confused when you read the quotes.

Q - blinding short range skillshot that knocks you back like cait's net - AP nuke (blind duration scales with health, .1 sec per 500 health)
W - short range selected wrap/bind to enemy, makes you untargetable but leaves doesn't allow you to get off (enemy could bring you into their team) - deals AP % health damage per second (lasts 1.5 sec) - on friendly cast - stick to them and heal them for % health. Notes: if your feeding on an enemy and they die, you simply get off them, but if you are healing an ally and they die, you take whatever damage is left over (say karthus ults and you hop on the ally to heal them, but they die and you both are low health, your host will die and you will take the leftover damage)
E - shoots tentacles forward then swipes circularly to each side (kinda as if mid-stroke while swimming) pushing enemy champs in that direction - deals AD damage
R - spins tentacles out in a ring and pulls enemies in before knocking then out again (pushes enemies in all different directions and suppresses them while doing so) deals AD damage

the idea here is a support champ whose skills don't only scale off AP. Qs blind entices players to build more health, W encourages some AP as its the only AP skill, and E and R are used primarily to push enemies into positions, whether it be using R to set ups hecarim's ult or using R to make sure everyone is in nunu's ult radius (requires great timing or makes nunu's ult waste) or using E to push enemies over walls, paving the way for someone to flash in and steal baron (E over the wall and push the enemies away), or using it to shut down an enemy's chance at blocking your/your teammate's escape. reminder: there is a little gap directly where you cast it, so aim a little to the right or left of the enemy, depending on what direction you want them to go.

appearance looks somewhat like blooper from Mario series white, has a trident crown made from a trident nearly identical to fizz's trident, black eyes, sucker-like mouth with sharp teeth visible, and has 8 tentacles that dangle as be floats, when he moves he like pushes the air as if he is underwater, alternate skin could be like a spaceship-esque design, robotic-alienlike skin, green eyes, skin made from metal plates, crown headpiece (the trident part) floats atop his head, seemingly emanating a green aura, same with eyes, sucker is tiered kinda like a cannon.

I see Jatry's voice as being sort of high pitched, as he is a small champion, but still manly enough to be intimidating, as he was a crime lord in his city.
like a tough-guy teemo, kinda

selection: Let us seek vengeance.
movement: fine.
just hurry up.
*more ideas needed, going for a "hurry up so we can kill fizz" vibe here*

joke: I whip my tentacles back and forth, I whip my tentacles back and forth *does a spinning movement one way then the next, whipping tentacles*
other possible joke: I've seen enough Japanese movies to know where this is going...

taunt: I can strangle each member of your team and have a cup of tea all at once
other possible taunt: *whips tentacle* *whip crack sound* ride em cowboy...

dance: does some crazy headspin breakdancing move and spins like a hardcore gangsta

"Unable to resist the allure of danger, Fizz had a habit of sneaking out of the city to look for trouble. In his many adventures he grew to be a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease. One day, Fizz returned to find the city abandoned: his people had vanished, leaving Fizz without a clue to explain their disappearance. With nothing left in the city to keep him, Fizz salvaged an enchanted trident from the ruins and set out alone." - Fizz's Lore

Lore: Jatry, Leader of the Purple Figure, was the loving, caring, supporting father figure to all the children in the city of Paile, of the coast of bilgewater. His group, the Purple Figure, was the fiercest organized crime mob in the city, which, when accompanied by the love and respect from all the children, made him basically the leader of the city. One day, upon returning from picking up his son from daycare, he saw nearly all of his men defeated, passed out on the floor. Jatry was just in time to see the culprit escaping. a blue, fish-like humanoid creature bounding off into the distance. Jatry followed the creature to a cave carved into the side of a mountain; not wanting to be cornered in such a small place by the creature, staked out the entrance until the creature left again to see what revenge could be done inside. after a good 12 or so hours, the creature left, and Jatry saw his chance. he quickly entered the cave, but to his amazement, it was actually a passage way to underneath the mountain, and at the end he beheld a large clearing with what appeared to be a impenetrable fortress taking up nearly 80% of the clearing. he saw guards everywhere, so he decided to formulate a plan before seeking revenge on the creature. upon arrival back to Paile, he discovered that the blue creature had once again paid the town a visit, but this time, he couldn't find his son. where could he be? talking to the only concious victims of the plunder, He found out nothing. but then, out of the corner of his eye, Jatry noticed an overturned cart. one of his carts. upon further inspection, he found his son to be crushed underneath, with no chance of survival. fueled with rage, Jatry immediately left for the cave. upon arrival, he rushed towards the town. using his tentacles as a makeshift buzz saw, he penetrated the fortress and immediately started wreaking havoc. he slaughtered man, woman, child, guard, king, queen, EVERYONE in the town. when he was finished, he grabbed an enchanted trident from the royal armory and brought it back as spoil of war. upon arrival back in Paile, he had the town's blacksmith fashion said trident into a crown. while the blacksmith worked, he made idle chitchat, which included talk of the third attack on the city which happened while Jatry was away. Jatry realized that the creature had been away from his city during his revenge attack. upon completion of the crown, Jatry immediately set out to find the creature. after many years of searching and skill-honing, he discovered the creature had joined the League of Legends, and goes by the name "fizz." Jatry immediately set out for the league of legends, and now, after many years, is finally in a position to take revenge on the one that killed his son...

(all work can and most likely will be changed, as I am terrible at making stuff up.)

I'll be willing to rewrite the lore if everyone absolutely hates it.

please excuse any errors, I typed this all on my phone from 2 AM to 6 AM. Also keep in mind I did this while I should be sleeping, so some things might have a very high *WTF?!?!?" factor. I am also going to sleep. see you all in the morning.

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Leonius C

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One thought on the lore: I wasn't under the impression that Fizz's adventures consisted of razing towns and killing children. When it says that his adventures made him "a powerful fighter with a keen resourcefulness that let him skirt danger with clever ease," I took that to mean that he was able to defend himself better due to the danger of the adventures he undertook, not that he was a ferocious warlord. The type of situation I see unfolding on his adventures is more like this: Fizz decides to explore an ocean abyss for the thrill of it, runs into a deep-sea Tentacle Shark, and has to get out of that situation as best as possible.
In closing, I see Fizz as more of an innocent, if mischievous, and playful character; not as one who would attack a city three times for no apparent reason.