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[April MCCC-Champion Concept]Roanna, The Darkfire Blossom

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Ionian Guardian

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Roanna, The Darkfire Blossom

Melee, Mage

Passive - Seed of Darkfire

When Roanna successfully hits an enemy or ally with an ability they will be marked.
Abilities cast on enemies or allies with the mark will trigger a secondary effect.

Q - Darkfire Grasp

Roanna fires a stream of petals, which latch on to the first enemy, dealing magic damage over time while slowing and revealing them for a medium duration.

Marked Targets

Roanna's stream of petals deals additional magic damage on impact and bounces to 4 additional targets near the first enemy hit, dealing less damage on impact and less damage over time.

Notes: Skillshot, Mid Range

Extra: The first hit on a marked target consumes the mark, additional targets have the mark applied as normal. The ability can't hit the same enemy twice.

W - Darkfire Petals


Roanna circulates petals around her, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and storing a percentage of it up to a cap. Once the cap is reached, she can cast the active.


Roanna transfers her petals to a targeted ally, healing them for the stored damage over time. The ability then goes on cooldown and the passive is inactive for the duration of the cooldown.

Marked Targets


Roanna consumes the mark and instantly heals the ally for the stored amount and the cooldown refreshes, enabling the passive.

Notes: Targeted, Mid Range, (Passive)Melee Range, Passives will apply mark.

E - Scatter!

Roanna teleports to an ally or enemy, marking them and dealing a small amount of damage if it's an enemy. She can cast the ability again within a short time to return to her original location.

Marked Targets

If Roanna hits a marked enemy, the recast time is increased and the cooldown is reduced.

Notes: Targeted, Mid Range

R - Blossoming Chaos

Roanna circulates petals around her, increasing her movement speed, attack speed, cooldown reduction and adds bonus magic damage to her basic attacks.

Marked Targets

Other abilities do not consume the mark while this ability is active, However, it will not refresh an active mark. Marks can still run out and will be applied, only if there is no mark already present.