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Movar the Quartermaster

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Vesteri Maltori

Junior Member


Movar the Quartermaster is a Noxian cook. he rather enjoyed cooking for his troops and had no problem doing it every day. Orders came in for his troop to move out into demacian Territory to cause some havoc maybe raze a town or two. not one for traveling Movar decided to stay at the fort and cook a glorious meal for the return of the men. well while they marched through demacian territory they ran into a massive demacian ambush. this resulted in all of the soldiers getting captured or killed. when news of his mens defeat movar went into a mad frenzy throwing pots and pans across the mess hall this went on for a while and it only stopped when Swain offered him a chance at revenge. Swaie claimed that Xin zhao was the man who led the ambush on his soldiers and now he stands in as a representitive for demacia in the league. So with his target in mind Movar heads of to join the league and crush xin zhao to avenge all those who died in the battle.

Movars passive is well fed. allied champs near Movar enjoy a little health regen 3/6/9/12 progresses through levels 1/6/11/16.

Q: well done, Movar throws boiling grease on an enemy slowing and dealing ap damage.

W: Hearty meal, Movar tosses a tasty meal out in front of him. if an ally picks it up they enjoy a nice heal. if an enemy picks it up they heal half of the base heal and are stunned for .75/1/1.5/1.75/2

E: Good cooking, Movar eats a slab of meat gaining armor and health regen for 3/4/5/6/7 seconds armor bonus 35 regen 10/15/20/25/30 per 5

R Meal fit for a king. Movar lays out a glorious banquet for 8 seconds. should an ally walk over the meal they heal and gain armor for 5 seconds should an enemy walk over they are slowed heal half the base stat and lose armor.

All these are subject to change at Riots discretion. this is just an idea i thought of while i was cleaning up after cooking dinner.