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Targus The decived

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Godlan The decived
My aplogizes to the people who read this I accidently mixed up the name in the title but the champions name is in fact Godlan not Targus.
Im finding that there are many gaps in some characters and ideas not trying to say I'am see everything just thoughts. So here is my third and most likey final Champion idea.
Comment's and suggestions greatly appericated.
Here are my other two champions would be greatly appericated if you all could take a look at them,

Role:Melee, Mage, pusher
Weapon of choice: Halbred

Godlan of Noxus was making his dream in the Noxus militray to the fullest of his ablilty. Being of middle aged and of the lowest class being picked up off the streets for his brawl with multiple other kids. While in the militray his temper got to the best of him but rose him through the ranks. He was in the army when Daruis took over and witnessed first hand his zeal. Under the command of Daruis this man did everything he was told to do and more becoming second in command.

Godlan was this man's name and he exceled that he was almost became Daruis's equal. During march's the two dueled viciously and hard always trying to better themselves and get and edge, As Dauris's had superiour strength Godlan had range and spell power. One day however they were attacked and Godlan was wounded by magic shards being left behind. When he woke up he found Karthus walking through the field of death and wounded taking their remaining lifeforce. When he came to Godlan us however he stopped blinking as the wounded man got up and swung his halbred but met Karthus's hand. Within an instance he felt his life fading due to his weaken form. He fell asleep and woke up feeling nothing and looking very grey and boney. He stared into the world with new eyes and felt something he never felt before. He felt alive despite being undead. As Karthus's only true ally now he follow's his master throughtout the world spereading the 'news'.

Passive: Every attack reduces enemy armour by 2% stacks up 6 times.

Q: Deaths slash: Godlan swings his halbred with all his unearthly might shouting a war cry increasing attack damage moving forward.
Attack Damage Bonus
Attack Damage

W: Noxus's Glory: Rmembering his old life he jumps target to target doing damage.
Reduced Damage
Jumps up to four targets last one dealing normal damage.

E: Ligthing hell: Godlan uses the little magic he knows and shoots a ligthing bolt form his Halbred that bounces up to five times doing less damage each time. Or to a single Champion does 60 magic damage (+100/140/180/220/260/) bonus magic damage.
First ligthing does 180 then minus 20 pure bounce.
Cooldown 27.5/26.5/25.5/24.5/23.5/

R: Masters Wrath: If Godlan is to fall he is reborn as a lesser him doing half all of his normal damage but not being able to cast spells. His Armour and magic Resist is increased by 20% and movement speed by 10%. If he lives for more then 15 seconds he is reborn into his full self with reduced armour and Resist.