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Particles and Effects - Getting a little overboard?

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So, with the Howling Abbys and Lissandra comes a whole slew of skins and reworks. All of that is fine and dandy, but one thing concerns me: Are the particle effects getting a little too overboard?

With the game as it is right now, I sometimes already have problems focusing in teamfights due to the amount of spell effects swirling around and sometimes just completely lose track of where the champions are.
This visual noise can't be healthy for the game, yet Riot is adding more and more fancy effects. What I mean by this is, that a lot of the stuff on the PBE right now has a lot of visual noise, deterring gameplay.

The new map, the Howling Abbys, has a permanent 'snowstorm' animation. Lissandra's W and R generate a lot of black ice, sometimes obscureing whole parts of teamfights. Blacksnow Anivia's R is very visual heavy, featuring a black swirly snowstorm as well as black ice falling like meteors. While all these spell effects are cool (Sorry for the terrible pun btw), It's overdoing it to the point of being a hindrance in gameplay.

And hereby I return to my original question: Do you guys think the effects are a little too much? And if so, do you have any possible solutions? Something I personally thought of was to have an option in-game, namely 'reduced effects', which would reduce the amount of spell particles.

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This started with the Annie visual upgrade. While her model did need to graduate, honestly her splash is completely different from her personality, I think they went a little crazy with the fanciness. Before her VU I could tell where her flame particles were going, so judging her W was rather easy with smart casting. The new effects, I have no clue. I have to use click w and see where it's going to hit.

I always value gameplay over effects. If flashy effects hamper gameplay, it's no longer needed.

A button would be nice to reduce it. That way people who enjoy stylish LoL can have their share, and the people who prefer things a little bit simpler can enjoy it equally.