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what is with all the ice skins?

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PHD in Lynching



i understand soon there will be an aram map of "ice"
so with that release they wanna release some "ice" skins... but... 3-5 skins from this ice ****?
thats a bit much..
i mean they all nice etc but it kinda makes riot look very very uncreative..
for example. - makes a nunu bot skin. all of a sudden 4 other champs get "bot" skins..
it makes nunu's skin not look very special

after making trundle and sej's ice skins
making shyv's ice skin ,lissandra ice witch, etc etc is not looking very cool..

i see tons of amazing ideas posted here all the time and it cant be that hard to come up with an idea of a skin and actually implement it..

also the new voli bear skin in comparison with the shyvana skin... just like wow..
voli's skin looks like ****. in terms of they did almost nothing to him.. gave him some fur(already has a skin like that) made him brown (already has a skin like that)
and gave him some metal **** on his hands..
its not cool at all and i bet riot was thinking to release this at 975 rp..
i thought the look of skins were supposed to be going up. (after seeing the Chinese new year skins etc) now u plan to release something that looks lame?
sigh. whatever riot