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A Response to Release Skins - Lissandra's Skin

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Fifth Scheme

Senior Member


I'm actually fine that with the fact that it's a recolour with effects. I understand that they put a lot of work into doing new particles, visual and sound effects when once upon a time all we got was merely a skin trade.

What is disappointing to me is the actual concept. I buy skins like Superb Villain Veigar, Sandstorm Katarina, Augmented Singed, Crimson Elite Talon, Atlantean Fizz, Darkrider Sejauni etc... just because I like the idea. I don't mind that they don't do anything.

What is disappointing is the lack of an strong and empathetic ideas in new skin bundles. Deep Terror Thresh, Koi Nami, Phoenix Quinn, Death Blossom Elise, Shockblade Zed are all neat ideas. But that's just what they are, neat. I'm not blown away by their effects or concept. I'm not like "Wow, when I equip this skin I really feel like I'm embodying this concept I identify with."

I suppose it's unrealistic to expect that Riot can hit a home run every time with every person. For instance, I know someone who does love Koi Nami. And there a lot of skins that really do knock it out the ballpark - Headhunter Nidalee, Steel Legion Lux + Garen, iBlitz, Panda Annie, Mecha Kha-Zix, Pool Party Ziggs, Full Metal Rammus, Battlecast Cho, Arcade Sona and so on - though even within these choices of mine I'm sure there are plenty of others to disagree.

What I believe these skins do provide however, is a real sense of inhabiting the character when you choose to use the skin. You can't help but feel like a mechanical bad-ass when you select Mecha, Battlecast and Full Metal. Pool Party is always hilarious and fun to use. Headhunter's sound and visual effects feel appropriately electronic yet savage. iBlitz is sleek and suave as he hovers around the battlefield. Arcade Sona.

As Phoenix Quinn I feel like Quinn, only red. Shockblade Zed is kind of a lightning ninja, but not all that different from the type that, say, Kennen already fills. Koi Nami still feels like a fish, just a different species. Death Blossom is, well, spidery in a crystal way. Deep Terror Thresh looks altogether too similar to regular Thresh. His default already has an otherworldly appeal and look. The deep sea plays upon the same trope.

I guess what I'm trying to say that if Riot is trying to create first release skins with the intention of solidifying the trope that the original character represents then that's fine - it's just not particularly fascinating when it so closely resembles the original design intent. What I'm interested in, and I'm hoping others are too, is skins that push the trope of the character in a different direction and perhaps offer a different creative hook for people to latch on to. Mecha Kha does this well. His regular skin offers you the stealthy assassinating devouring alien trope and Mecha upgrades him to a cyborg "Cylon"-esque murderer.

Is this something people are interested in?

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Championshp Pony

Senior Member


it is notable, considering they cut down to one release skin so they could deliver quality, but now all the release skins just seem unpolished.

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I agree with you, to a point. Deep Terror Thresh is one of my favorite skins, actually. Definitely not a fan of Zac or Quinn's release skins.

Lissandra's doesn't bother me too much. I'm not sure if I'm just used to release skins not being that special, or if I'm simply impressed by all of the other content they're going to be releasing for this upcoming Freljord patch. I think the red/grey looks pretty cool, and offers a decent alternative to the default blue.

Also, part of the reason that Lissandra's recolor seems more acceptable than Zac's is that Lissandra has an additional element of her design to work with. Change the ice to Bloodstone. It changes her to a Rock-Mage, and provides a link to the Bloodstone Taric skin. There's slightly more depth to it than "Purple Zac with a few spiky things on him." I think a successful Quinn skin would have taken a similar route. Change Valor to something else, and the design of Quinn gets stronger. My favorite suggestion that I've seen is Jurrassic Quinn, with Valor as a Pterodactyl.

Volibear's new skin, though...
I don't think we need another brown Volibear skin with a slightly different kind of armor on, even if he does have a badass braided beard.

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Junior Member


well deep terror thresh kinda goes with the other undersea themed champs like coral reef malphite and atlantean fizz (and who can forget crab urgot?). i agree on your other points tho. it should be something clever, not just a new color and some more armor.