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[Idea]Hecarim with a Ma Chao skin!!

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This idea came after the Jarvan and Xin's new skin. I love both of them and own both. But I am not all satisfied, because there is one historic figure I love so much and I just found in many aspects, Hecarim will fit this figure. This historic figure is Ma Chao, and I'll explain more below.

Now, I'm not talking about Dynasty Warrior here. If you happen to know these figures only from video game, but not the actual history or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, well....you should at least read their story from the game.

Just a brief of the history and some fiction. Ma Chao came from the northwestern part of Han(&#28450 Dynasty. He was believed to be descendant of Ma Yuan(馬&#25588, a general during the early time of Eastern Han Dynasty. After Cao Cao took control northern part of China, he began to look westward. Ma Chao then suspended Cao Cao's action, and march against Cao Cao. Ma Chao's family was in Ye(&#37172, and Cao Cao arrested and executed them all. (In Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it was Cao Cao killed all Ma Chao's family first, then Ma Chao started the rebellion.) The campaign went unsuccessful. But in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the campaign was very successful at the beginning. Ma Chao quickly took over Chang'an(長&#23433 (this was an important city, it was the capital of China for many centuries in different time, but not during Eastern Han). In battle of Tong Pass(潼&#38364, he chased Cao Cao all the way, and forced Cao Cao to take off rope and cut off beard in order to escape. Later, Ma Chao joined Lui Bei.

Hecarim's lore from wikia (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Hecarim/Background)

Hecarim also started his invasion from the northwestern side. He was believed to be an ancient warrior that came from Shadow's Isle. (Ma Chao's family and ancestors probably stayed in Liang(西&#28092 for generations, and Liang was often considered "the barbaric state under Han's rule," so Ma Chao was exposed to the "barbarian" culture, and he might actually be quite different from most of the Han Chinese at the time.)

Ma Chao was believed to lead some of the best cavalry to march Cao Cao, as members in his legion were Han Chinese mixed with other barbarians, and they were skilled horse riders. Han Chinese often had fear in these barbarians due to their cruelness and misunderstanding of barbarian cultures. (I use the word "barbarian" only because they were considered barbarians in China's point of view at that time.) In the fiction, Cao Cao also feared Ma Chao as mention above, and Ma Chao was often hinted as "second Lu Bu," since both came from Liang with highly war/battle and horse riding skills. Ma Chao's conquer of Chang'an also indicates his high mobility.

When Hecarim captures the Altars on Twisted Treeline, one of the responses he gets is "Mordekaiser is not to be trusted, Hecarim!" I found this fit Ma Chao very well. Ma Chao first allied with Han Sui (韓&#36930, and later served under Zhang Lu (張&#39791. He always had trouble to trust them and to be trusted. In the real history, he was the cause of his family's death, and it was simply because he was suspicious about Cao Cao's action.

By the way, next year is the year of horse, and Ma Chao's surname literately means "horse."

After this explanation, I really believe Hecarim will really fit a Ma Chao skin, but I am a terrible artist, and I am begging Riot for help!! Please put some golden dragon armor on Hecarim!! I promise you have my money right now!!!

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O maaaaaaaaaaaaaan.. They HAVE to do this !!!

btw. Guan Yu Tryndamere is incomming >_<

But Heca as Ma Chao would be just.. <3 <3 <3 <3

Nice catch on the similarities, everything rly fits so good.