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Language Barriers

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Hey guys

This is my first post so excuse any format errors or anything.

I'd really like to discuss language issues in the North American server. I really enjoy the game, and one of my favorite aspects of it is the ability to communicate with my team to create an awesome surprise or coordinate jungle invasions or, all in all, just secure victory. However, I'm consistently losing games now, not because I'm doing badly, but because my team can't communicate at all. I have not been in a game today, out of many, in which the majority of my team could understand english! At least three out of five team members either didn't understand or refused to reply to anything said. The strange thing is, this has only happened within the last couple of days.

So, what I'm proposing, and I have no idea if it's plausible or not, is to separate the North American servers into English servers and Spanish servers. I feel like this would definitely decrease frustration, and lessen the hostile tensions between teammates during games.

I honestly just want to have fun with a team, instead of arguing the whole time, or them ignoring anything I say. Is that too much to ask?

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I understand your frustration, but I feel that there's no need to separate players just because they speak a different main language. If you can't communicate with chat, then try communicate with pings, as chances are people will be able to understand the pings and react accordingly to them as well despite the language issues, so there's that.

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um, if they not listening to someone talking...u think they care or understand a ping?