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Why tribunal isn't working, yet another unfair warning...

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Ok, so I got a warning, the main "cause" being two bad games, over the span of quite a few months, where I got 0/x... one game I was an ADC with troll support who would kill herself at enemy turret, and top that would afk randomly and fed like crazy, and rest of team raging... (yea, most the team ended with 0/x) While the other game I was hardcore shutdown in jungle and had a team that refused to help, lost all their first turrets in first 10 min etc... PS, these are my worst two games out of the 400+ games I played in that span.

I just finished a game, with a guy (that I muted for most of the game, for good reasons) raging to everyone to report me in post game... for refusing to communicate with team... same guy told me to "go ****ing kill your self you ****" in post game chat, AND I HAVE NO WAY OF REPORTING/PROVING HE DID IT... Now I'm stuck with people who reported me because we obviously lost, and although I only got 2 kills as jungler(better than 0...), I always told team when to and when not to engage (they refused to listen, and pings aren't recorded in tribunal) and I singlehandedly got 100% of the 4 turrets and 1 inhib our team got... before my team ran into a fight we couldn't win while I was pinging them to back off... which lead to gg

This is my second warning, and the first one was for saying something along the line of the following in all-chat "I'm done helping him, won't stop bashing me, he honestly deserves to lose, done ganking for him".

This community is absolutely toxic and this shows in the tribunal.

I thought the rules said that you would not be punished for poor skills (mind you, I think I did the best I possibly could in those games, given the circumstances). Yet somehow a majority would vote "punish"! I could understand if I was something like 0/25+, but like 11 and 13 deaths, given the circumstances, and the fact that people refused to surrender and prolonged the game just to bash, and even try to get me killed purposely....


The problem are the kids that play this game who enjoy bullying others while participating in a tribunal that doesn't properly record game events where you will be punished for bad games without any way to defend yourself, and where even ignoring toxic players leads to punishment because you "refuse to communicate with team".