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The Legends- Trials of Freljord

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(EDIT: Please enjoy at leisure ^^ The Legends is a series I had thought up in order to get into detail about everyone's backgrounds and even combine lores to create a beautiful masterpiece series. In this depiction, this is the trials that Ashe had to go through to gain the trust of her people and the trust of all the elders of Freljord to lead the people forward to a united world.

Without further ado, This is The Legends: Frozen Rebirth (The thread title can't be changed! Argggg!!!!!))


Ashe paused.

As soft white flakes rapidly descended over her field of vision, the Frost Archer’s cyan gaze fluttered from her choice of prey- the winter deer foraging in the new layers of frozen snow- to something that had caught her attention. To her right, something was moving fast. The deer just a few yards ahead immediately sensed the alarm the girl had emanated, within moments bounding off. Realizing her mistake, Ashe pulled her bow up and released an arrow. However, the deer had already disappeared into the blanket of white and grey.

Ashe sighed. She had let it escape.

Whatever had startled her senses so much to lose her prey was going to suffer. Looking about warily, Ashe pulled herself to her feet, brushing clumps of snow from her midnight blue leggings, revealing the golden embroidered design that wrapped around each thigh. She then fixed her midnight leather gauntlets, for some reason taking notice of the golden embroidery with more intensity. These symbols of royalty were stitched into all her items of clothing. Despite it being two years since her inauguration over her tribe, it still felt so new to have the golden royal clothing.

Ashe grabbed her midnight hood and pulled it tighter over her flawless white face, shielding herself from the falling snow as she began to pace in haste toward the direction the deer had run off to. Her midnight cloak dragged in the chilling breeze as she trudged forward, undaunted from the harsh tundra weather. Although it was hardly something to really question with the resolve Ashe had grown to have, she constantly questioned her abnormal resilience to the unforgiving Freljord weather. She figured that it was the blood of Freljord that flowed through all that have been born and lived in such conditions. Living so far north on the continent of Valoran would surely do that much.

Many back at the tribe, however, have always given a contradicting rumor that, because she is of direct descent to one of the Three Princesses that had rightful rule together of Freljord previously, that she had the power of the previous generations within her. As much as Ashe thought how interesting that might be, she did not feed it into her confidence. After all, many at the tribe survive blizzards with ease, and although she was usually the only one that would venture out into the worst of storms with no difficulty of health, all who lived here had an equal chance as her. She figured, in the end, to put these rumors away; she would and had been making her own name without her lineage making it for her. That was indeed why everyone in the tribe called her the Frost Archer instead of “Princess.”

Ashe froze as her vision immediately caught what she deduced had been the cause of the startling of her and her prey. She could deduce a large figure bounding in the distance. Her skin crawled, causing her to freeze in place. Many a time there have been attempts to rip her from existence so there would be little resistance for the other two surviving Princess heirs to take the throne. Although, it may just be another hunter, there couldn't be any chances taken. She held her ground and watched the silhouette warily.

The winds had picked up along with the downpour of the frozen flakes, causing her breath to be blown away in a stream of fog before dissipating into the harsh below-zero temperatures. Gripping tighter onto the midsection of her crystal bow, Ashe pulled the enchanted bowstring with caution. The bowstring glowed slightly, a sudden vacuum of moisture pulling in the flakes around her and condensing it, within seconds, into a thin ice arrow.

Her cyan gaze then widened as she saw what it was charging toward her: a hulky build pounding through the snow, massive hands tossing the tundra behind it as it charged directly toward her. Ashe quickly pulled her bow to her eye, pulling the string farther back as she prepared the inevitable.

Yetis were one of the most powerful creatures in Freljord; some ranged from 3-4 meters in shoulder height- others were probably larger. They were brutal beasts, ones that none of the tribes would dare trifle with. It was not only because of their brute strength that deterred the three tribes of Freljord, or at least those of Rakelstake, to challenge the beasts, but their magic over their environment. Yetis, despite being referred to as savages, were mystical creatures with magical capabilities. They were also spiritual creatures, told to communicate with the spirits of nature.

Something that was unnerving when added to their ferocity.

The mystical and spiritual part she knew was the yeti had been forgotten at this point. It was on a direct charge toward her and, in all the stories she heard, yetis never stop a charge. It completely bewildered her as to why this beast was on an aggressive assault toward her, as to why it was even out in this weather. The bewilderment was, however, quickly suppressed as Ashe held her steady aim. She couldn’t afford to question something when now in this moment her life was once again in peril.

Ashe watched the yeti approach even closer still, now only a couple meters from her location. Ashe stiffened her grip on the bow, her heart pounding in her ears as her adrenaline forced her blood to boil. With an even more overextended nock of her bow, she felt her fingers begin to slip from the string. She had to take the shot now. The hulking beast was upon her.

It was then that the Frost Archer stopped herself. Slowly, Ashe lowered her bow with hesitation, the icy arrow on the bow dissipating into the air. She noticed the speed and the demeanor of the yeti as it had approached; it wasn’t charging toward her, it was trying to get to her through the slippery snow. At least, that’s what she hoped. The hulking beast came to a halt a meter or two from Ashe, taking slow paces as it regained its breath. The winter breeze barely nudged the thick white coat covering ninety percent of its body as it stood silently, looking at Ashe with an ominous, almost ghostly stare.

For a short duration, the two stared for a long moment, nothing but the wind whistling between them. Ashe felt a strange sensation that made her shift uncomfortably as she tried to discern the yeti’s motives. This situation was tearing at her mind, willing her body to do something. What was it waiting for? What was she waiting for?

they both remained silent, rigid and entirely out of place. Ashe could only judge that this was an exceptionally large yeti compared to most of the ones that had been seen. Its defined pink face held an almost concentrated look as its hulking shoulders shifted ever so slightly.

The yeti looked down at the thick snow beneath its massive paws, extending a finger and beginning to draw shapes and designs with an almost trance-like expression. Ashe watched silently as the beast did this, taking a moment to push her white locks out of her face, which had found their way out of her hood and into the wind. Although she couldn’t explain what was exactly going on here, she definitely did not want to disturb this mystical animal, mainly for the fear of it unleashing itself upon her. In honesty, she didn’t know what she was going to do at this point; one wrong move and she would end up a rumor.

As strangely as it had come, the yeti pointed to its drawings and dashed off into the distance, leaving nothing behind but large footprints and its own design. Ashe watched the yeti leave with a stoic expression. As the yeti disappeared from view, she suddenly let out a breath of air that she didn't realize she was holding in.

Had anyone seen this happen? The other hunters surely would’ve seen it come. She approached the designs in the snow with curiosity. Yetis never approached humans, let alone leave behind art.

The many markings made in the snow, as she saw, were the markings yetis would use to communicate with native Freljordians in the area, considering their speech with the human native language wasn’t exactly pronounceable by their species- at least not with ease. Ashe observed the markings with her full attention, not noticing the sounds of footsteps near her until she thought she could figure out the meaning. However, as she put together the words, her eyes widened and her mouth gasped.

Quickly, Ashe kicked up the snow design, turning to face her fellow Rakelstake hunters, who had found her amidst the storm. Ashe quickly panicked, wondering whether they had seen her with the yeti, beginning to feel an almost penetrating gaze from all of them. However, she noticed that they only had mild expressions- surely not ones that would ask, “what was a yeti doing here?”

“Get ready to travel back,” Ashe called to them as she regained her posture. “I… was distracted and was unable to finish a kill. But we’ll catch that deer on the next hunt.” As she awaited their confirmations, she could tell their astonished expressions. It was true that she never missed her shots, but she never expected their astonishment in this intensity. Immediately, she scoffed in defense. “Every hunter has these days. Let’s go back now. I won’t be waiting.” With that, Ashe turned her back to her fellow tribesmen and began walking. It would be a little journey through the snow to make it back to the tribe. She really hoped she wasn't acting strange.

What was on her mind during the whole walk was the markings the yeti left. It seemed almost impossible to have something like a yeti deliver a message that had no correlation to the beast whatsoever. Even if she was a little rusty with yeti code, she felt that she had deciphered it perfectly. But as she rolled the message through her mind, the more she doubted her deciphering skill. She knew yetis were spiritual creatures that could connect with nature beyond human capability, but how could they know this? How could she trust it?

Unite the tribes. You will be tested. Prepare yourself.


Aaaaand prologue is done!

I hope you had a good read; this wasn't as in-depth into Ashe as it should be, but hey! You'll get to know her in the actual chapters! Enjoy! ^^

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Awesome, i mean the whole writing i completely loved it, did you post your elsewhere, i case you did, could you link it up please?

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Well, unfortunately the link I displayed is now null and void, considering I have to do some major reworking of the chapters. But fear not, chapter 2 is coming!

"Liar! You're watching Tobygames you sick son of a-"

Rightio! I'll have chapter 2 up in no time!


*closes Youtube tab*

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Well, another unfortunate circumstance. Whilst retreating my laptop for only a moment, I closed my screen and heard a resounding crack. glancing back around, I immediately noticed the fatal mistake, as the fat piece of the charge was awaiting the demise of my screen.

I broke my screen on my charger. So now I'm out of a laptop and using the main computer. I will have to pause this for a bit >.<

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UGHHHHHHHH, i mean cmon is everybody atempting against Fanfic, first toby and now the laptop suicides, damn this world!!!!!!!!!

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Without further ado, a second chapter:


Ashe placed her bow against the wall of her small, wooden cabin, taking a moment to look about her main room. It wasn't because anyone lived with her; for the past few years, many attempts on her life have been made on many, many occasions. She began to build a natural habit of wariness at all times, especially when alone. Having fought too many battles and survived too many attacks, she knew all too well to never let anything take one's guard.

The room was quite large, with massive planks lining the floor and many rugs lying over it. A large table took up much of the space to the left side, elegant designs marked into the polished wood and outlined with golden embroidery. A few seats were situated around it. To the right took up a massive fireplace, which could very well be the main source of heat in the house. The ceiling was raised slightly higher than usualy to allow breathing room and many different sentimental items to be hung on the larger walls, but in surprise to many who would find the place it was not to be compared with something like a castle.

Ashe looked to the table as her mind immediately drifted, taking off her hood, then her cloak, as her memories took over. She witnessed as the phantasmal images of several different men and women sat around the table, laughing and enjoying each other's company. She could even distantly focus on the many papers of maps and letters displaced about the top of the wooden platform. Ashe smiled, feeling the warmth of her friends...

However, the feeling was quickly depleted. Immediately the feeling of an unbearably cold storm surrounded her, forcing her to freeze in place. Ashe looked up, witnessing the swirling vortex of blackened clouds and thick chunks of hail converging above them into a vicious cyclone. Ice ripped at her body as she heard the screams and yells of her comrades. She could feel snow piled against and over her, as if trying desperately to consume her...

A knock at the large wooden door shook Ashe from her vision. Quickly looking over to the thick oak blockade, she found that she was holding fast to her snow-white hair.Releasing her grasp on the wavy strands, she approached the door with a bit of caution. Taking a second to catch a breath, she pulled on the metal handle, the door swinging open slowly.

Outside an elderly man stood, robes encompassing his entire body in shades of blue, purple and dark red. Several wrinkles held his face down, only more pronouncing a small consistent curve of his mouth. Sunken eyes revealed a much lighter tone of emerald as they immediately brightened at the sight of Ashe. Snow lightly dotted his shoulders. Randym smiled and pulled his purple hood back.

"Ashe," the Elder greeted with a raspy voice. Ashe returned the warm greeting with a nod. "May I help you, Randym?" Ashe asked. Randym raised an eyebrow.

"Well, considering this is the Day of Meeting," Randym replied, "I would assume you could."

Of course. Bi-annually, the three tribe leaders and mediators would meet under supervision of summoners to discuss different political subjects and work in a diplomatic way to resolve most conflicts. Ever since it was decreed by the League after a few bloody engagements, it forced the tribes to work together to resolve regional issues together before retreating to their own areas. As let out a fogged breath in exasperation. She had forgotten it was tomorrow. It would be a night's journey.

"R-Right, come in Randym," she responded with a sigh. Randym was one of the many esteemed mediators known as "Elders," which would even out or redefine a leader's actions and words to be more politically refined for this event. They were there also to bring up or help discuss anything not brought up by the leader.

Randym entered, closing the large door behind him as he shook off his robes before scuttling over to a seat of the large table. Ashe walked nimbly and sat down at the table, silently intertwining her fingers and placing her hands politely on the table top. Randym took a moment to situate himself before focusing his attention to Ashe.

"Now then," he began, licking his parched lips before continuing," the other Elders have asked me to request a for orders of business with you, as is usual custom. Here we shall bring up all we need to bring up so we will prepare to discuss these things at the meeting place of the tribes." He relaxed his worn, bony shoulders against the back of the chair, feeling the warmth relax his body.

Ashe nodded, immediately running through everything that should be discussed. "Firstly, I've had word that a settlement farthest north was assaulted before they could get word out. the Winter's Claw are returning to their old ways of raiding instead of trading. That should be of great importance to bring up. And trading commissions by the other tribes will not be permitted any longer due to too many assaults on our traders. We lose too many supplies and receive too few reward for it and we can't tolerate it anymore. We will be enforcing strict trading restrictions to nomadic barbarian tribes who deal with the Frost Archer tribe-"

Up to this point, Randym had nodded slowly to each subject brought up. However, as he heard this statement he stopped his rhythmic rocking and smiled slightly, looking up at Ashe. "You wish to... keep nomad barbarians to our tribe?" he inquired, slight amusement in his voice.

Ashe hardened her gaze. Not this again. "Randym, I say this /because/ barbarians are nomads. If they trade with us, they not only trade supplies and items. They trade vital secrets that could very easily fall on other ears outside of this tribe. It is something too much to afford with having the other tribes have a possible source of information about what goes about in this tribe. You know very well how much I am despised and the Avarosans are hated."

Randym nodded slowly. "Of course, of course, but.." he picked a piece of lint from his robe as he thought, "If the barbarians were hearing and trading vital information, would we not be hearing about information from the other tribes?"

Ashe frowned. "Very well, that is a point. However, I would prefer to keep the barbarians mostly on our side. If Sejuani or even Princess Mauvole were to enlist them, our villages would suffer greatly from barbarian plundering."

"Indeed you have a point there," Randym replied with a wise nod. However, he still kept some amusement on his face. "And what of Tryndamere? Will you make sure he stays close?"

"I can do all I can to keep an alliance with Tryndamere and that is exactly what I have been doing," Ashe replied neutrally, although her eyes narrowed toward the man. "There is nothing more than that."

"I said nothing more," Randym replied, holding his hands up in a joking defense. "Very well then."

Ashe released her furrowed brow as she shifted her platinum hair. She suddenly felt her cheeks warm slightly. Once again, she mentally groaned, everyone still thought the same thing. She was still the talk of the century when it came to Tryndamere. To anyone outside of Freljord, all they thought of Ashe was gossip of a pairing between her and Tryndamere. Despite having many occasions that would be questionably so, she affirmed consistently what every intent with every meeting between her and him was- entirely business. Sure, Tryndamere had very handsome qualities that would be acceptable and displayed qualities that were quite... interesting..

Ashe bit her lip. No. Entirely business.

As Randym made a final farewell before turning back toward the frosted world outside her home, she suddenly felt a nagging feeling in her head. She closed the door silently, taking a few steps back she reviewed everything they had discussed. She couldn't have possibly missed anything, and yet as she thought through each moment, her mind was missing something. It was almost painfully obvious as it began to form in her head, causing her to panic.

The yeti's message.

She couldn't possibly share that message. Not with the other tribes, not with anyone. If any word of miscommunication with this message got out, there would be no stopping the blazing rage of the other tribes and maybe even other city-states. If any of them were to take this message, there would be no stopping Sejuani or even Mauvole from releasing their wrath. League intervention would be imminent...

She turned and slowly paced toward a back hallway from the main room, turning to her left and gripping the metal handle to her room. She shifted the handle ever so slightly in a certain pattern, the door immediately locking after the sequence was finished. Figuring she could take a warm bath to soothe her nerves, she looked down at her attire. It was ragged from the weather and the hunting, several blood marks from each kill dotted her uniform here and there. Never before had she stained her own clothing, but she figured being confronted with a mystical yeti with a horrifying message would do the trick to mess up her way of doing things. She closed the door behind her slowly, reaching for her shoulders before feeling a sudden chill.

"Ashe," Anivia's voice cooed, a soothing and yet surprising voice causing Ashe to turn with force. A dagger flew and struck the wall behind the icy spirit. With crystalline wings held close and head slightly tilted, Anivia was able to fit in her room quite snugly. However, It was something out of pure bizarre nature. She ignored the assault from Ashe, as it didn't seem to faze her.

"A-Anivia," Ashe sputtered, "what are you doing here? How are you here?"

Anivia lifted a wing and scratched an icy feather quickly before turning her attention back to the Frost Archer. "It doesn't matter how I came in, it matters only what I have to share," she replied. "Then you may let me back to my realm."

Ashe stared at the bird for a long moment. They both shared a kindred friendship ever since she had met the elemental being, but it was something else for the creature to be in her home. She must be dying in the warm heat. "Well, go on," she responded nervously.

"I know this is a surprise to you, and I apologize," she acknowledged, quickly becoming solemn, "but there is truth in what the yetis are saying. The message wasn't anything close to being a mishap."

Ashe felt a chill go up her spine. "What are you saying? What message are we speaking of?" Ashe inquired, narrowing her eyes to the being. It was only cautionary measure, even if they were acquainted, to question all secretive aspects.

"Ashe, you must unite Freljord," Anivia responded. Even though her beak was not the source of her voice, it seemed like it was moving as she spoke. It also felt as if her words were as chilling as her essence, at least to Ashe. "The yetis have seen things that I have been feeling. Just as much as I feel for this realm, they see for it. There is an influx, a change in the very essence that surrounds this region. Surely you have felt it."

Ashe paused, taking a moment of recollection. The past few years were something of difficulty, but Ashe never thought of anything otherwise. Many times Freljord was wracked with storms and turbulence, so a few times of unusually large storms and snowfall never truly bugged the Frost Archer, albeit when the crops suffered.

Anivia continued. "There is a change in the cold winds over Freljord, as different as summer from winter. Freljord doesn't speak as it used to; a large hush follows each storm, almost as if each one is foreign or misplaced. Not just this... every time the land does speak, it speaks of you."

Ashe's mind blanked. "Of me?" she echoed in surprise. Anivia nodded her falcon-like head. "It whispers your name like a chant, as if trying to reach out to you and forcibly pull you. Freljord needs you for a reason and that reason I do not understand...

"But one thing is knowledgeable: My discernment and the yeti discernment match. They read the threads of life that bind their land like one would read a map. They find that with your thread on this land Freljord will prosper. If they were to take your thread out, life on Freljord would be lost.."

Ashe took a step forward. "Lost to what?" she pushed.

Anivia shook her icy head. "They didn't say anything else. Apparently that is all they know as well. They can only discern outcomes, not reasons."

Ashe took a moment to lean against the wall, biting her lip as her cyan gaze pierced the ground. Although she remained physically still, her mind was a raging storm. Cyclones and twisters of thoughts and emotions clashed and twisted into an assortment of super storms, causing her head to pound with the outburst of questions, possible answers, fears, doubts and all assortments of the like and more. Freljord, a land she thought she simply lived on, was in desperate need of her help. If she were to be out of the equation, Freljord would be lost. What did this mean? Could she do whatever it was she needed to do?

"What is it that I have to do?" Ashe finally asked, looking up at the bird, a slight trace of anticipation and anxiety in her eyes.

Anivia stared back with a solemn stare. "You will be tested, Ashe. You will be brought to your knees."


Finally, some business finally came out! Just so you all know, this was kinda on a whim (I know, the whole time you were thinking "I bet this guy is working on those chapters." Well it turns out I wasn't: This chapter was out of random inspiration and i hope it suffices XD

I've just been so caught up in school and LoL and not doing things I'm supposed to that I just never really got to doing these chapters @-@ But without further ado, here it is! Please enjoy the tasty read and if it tastes nasty, read it over again believing it tastes better. ^^

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awesome story man, but im just wonderiing; am i the only one who thought of the yeti as willump? i couldn't help it.

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I wouldn't say it was Willump, but all yetis look similar. Who knows, maybe it was? ^^;

Anywho, I finally got done with something. Surprising right? I was honestly shocked myself! I wish I had more room to write, but I had sympathy on everyone who is reading this and cut it short near the end. Don't worry, I'll be getting the other half up soon enough! Just comment, tell me what's up about all this gangsta shiz I be postin' (give crit). Enjoy the read and don't kill yordles during this chapter ^^

“W-What should I do?” Ashe repeated, feeling the chilling comment wrack her nerves entirely. The phrase “Brought to your knees” was echoing through her mind, constantly clinging to her like any gruesome image would. She could only imagine at that moment what was awaiting her.

Anivia shifted her stance, obviously feeling uncomfortable with the heat in the room, but nevertheless persisted with an answer. “You first should prepare as with any journey. Pack what you need, pack light. Do what you feel you must do. It is your destiny you are being sent off to claim, your feelings will lead you. Follow any promptings as such.”

Ashe felt a sour taste enter into her mouth. “Anivia, I.. I don’t think I can do what you- or Freljord- are asking me. I have people I must lead and defend. I have duties here that cannot allow for me to reject. I have to attend this bi-annual gathering of the Sister Tribes to establish negotiations of peace! I-I can’t possibly-“

Anivia nodded. “I understand your intentions, Ashe, and I acknowledge your duties to your people,” she spoke softly. “When I was on my planet, there was a role I was playing with my people. I, like my people, would toss the winds and drive the warmth away to allow nature’s great force to form life into what it wished, much like a carver to a stone. When I was summoned from my planet to this great world, I had no choice in the matter. But that is what role nature wished to push me toward; even though I worked for it on my world, it was not where I was needed when the time came. And so nature took me from my world and placed me where it wished. Nature took a piece from me, my homeworld, but not intent to destroy me but to form me into something different.

“I believe that is what is happening with you, Ashe. That is why this world screams your name. However, you have been given a choice in the matter of who you want to be sculpted into. But you will be sculpted, one way or another; now is the choice on what you wish to become and the greater hands will handle the rest.”

A long silence fell over the room. Ashe was biting her lip, trying to solve an invisible puzzle as she stared at the ground. Anivia shifted her stance once again, keeping her eyes on the Frost Archer warily. Ashe looked at the bird.

“Anivia, I trust you in the highest respect and I am sure of your words to be ones of greatest wisdom,” she began, “but what you are asking me sounds too great a price. What I am asked to do is not in my power and never could possibly be. Even if the world screams my name, it cannot scream so loud as to change my foes entirely to actually accept an offer to unite. There are years of bloodshed between us, miles of snow to separate us and warring battles of words and swords to hold us off for years to come. I do not believe it can help me to do what it asks.”

Anivia blinked slowly, remaining in position as she seemed to register Ashe’s response. “I can understand your view, Ashe. I understand what has been asked is something far greater than you can imagine. But there is no mistake in what the yetis and I have witnessed.” Anivia scrunched her wings, shaking slightly as if to stretch. “Will you be able to let me out?” she asked. Ashe nodded, turning and opening her door.

As they both came to the outside of Ashe’s cottage, Anivia turned and expanded her wings as a cold wind whisked by. The breeze seemed to ruffle her icy feathers as she prepared herself. “Just remember one thing,” Anivia called, “You have a choice now to become what you have been asked to become. Whatever step you take next I hope will benefit all and yourself. If you are to not take the path that will better this region…” Anivia seemed to shudder a little, although it was more likely to be preparing for flight.

Anivia then took off into the air, winds suddenly whipping up and catching the frost bird in the air. She turned and let the winds guide her as she flew off.


Ashe felt the grooves of the cobbled road the whole way into Rakelstake. The past night the conversation with Anivia had kept her awake, despite taking a warm bath and bundling into many of her favorite cloths. The morning wasn’t anything better, either. Having been surprised by a visit from Randym, she was quickly shocked at how time had passed and was actually unprepared for the journey to the ghost of a kingdom. Quickly adorning her usual attire, Ashe rushed out the door to the carriage awaiting her.

After a good amount of time, they had finally reached the city’s gates. Although Rakelstake was much larger than what it accounted for, since the time of the Sisters the people separated and scattered from their homes to either get away from the rivaling sisters or to hold fast to the ones they were most loyal to. Thus having happened, they had already passed the old gates of Rakelstake far back. They were now traversing the main path to the castle, hundreds upon hundreds of abandoned and ruined cottages and houses lining the street.

Ashe witnessed each cottage that they passed, cyan eyes drowsily taking in the details to keep herself awake. More often than not, she found that most of the cottages that were ruined were the cause of ransacks or assaults, evident by sword marks or left-behind arrowheads embedded in the walls. After a few minutes of pasting the corpse of the old kingdom, they reached the protected inner walls that surrounded the new Rakelstake. Here armored guards awaited, archers backing them from high up the walls. Having been seen from the distance, the guards took no action to stop them as they continue through the thick city gates that blockaded the only pathway into the remnant of the old kingdom.

The thick wooden doors subsided and a different world opened up. People clogged the available spaces of the streets that branched off into the endless labyrinth of shops and stores, the consistent hum of bartering and conversing overwhelming all other noises made by the very shops themselves. Ashe looked to each of the Ice Dervish with a passive gaze; she never particularly found any of them to be anything more than people who wish to be left alone. Their movements were passive, their actions were cheery and their behaviors were, above all, mild. It was hard to believe they’d take up arms, especially to the Avarosans, when they were so unbelievably docile each visit she’d come to.

After another few minutes, the carriage slowly came to a halt, the brown door swinging open and the driver standing idly for the passengers to step out. Ashe was riding with the other Elders who busied themselves with their own discussions. She, however, hadn’t spoken a word, which was greeted with curious looks from Randym from across the carriage seat. She simply let her mind fiddle with one single thought.

Ashe finally took the steps down to the ground, stepping lightly before turning and helping the Elders out of the carriage. Although it was far from custom for a Princess to aid others out of a carriage, Ashe ignored it above all. When her own people even questioned these actions, she would tell them the usual phrase. “If royalty stops me from being human, I wish you to cease seeing me as such.” Many easily came to that conclusion as to why she lived in a cabin and not a luxurious throne.

An icy fortress stood before them, glimmering in the bright rays of the sun. Ashe’s hood prevented her eyes from being singed from the intense rays of the sun as she gazed upon the magnificent spectacle that was the Castle of Freljord.

Spires of enchanted ice glimmered beautifully rose from the castle’s fortified frame to touch the sun, glimmering a spectacle of colors around their edges and giving a dim glow to the grounds below. The very castle itself was made of a mixture of this enchanted crystalline ice and thick grey stone, giving off an aesthetic and altogether impenetrable tone to its essence. Massive doors a meter thick guarded the entrance into such an awe-inspiring structure. Golden designs were etched lithely into the thick wood, entailing the story of a united Freljord held together eternally.

At least, that is what Ashe saw in the swirling designs. It only made a bitter irony rise up as they approached the doors at a calm pace.

At the doors three men awaited, all of them wearing the familiar purple robing that only League summoners would wear. Having their hoods back, they were all wearing welcoming smiles on their faces, although Ashe quickly figured out it was something they were ordered to do. Considering all the previous summoners sent to supervise these meetings did this, it made her wonder if she and her tribe were either coming off as aggressive savages or easily played-with people. However, these thoughts only made her smile at the strangeness of the League and its summoners.

“Greetings, Frost Archer!” the middle summoner greeted, his face awkwardly contorted around his smile instead of the other way around. His short brown hair was neatly combed forward and was traced with grey aging. His features matched a half-youthful, half-wise man who had more wrinkles around his dimpled cheeks when he smiled than when he could ever possibly furrow his brow. Simply put, Ashe found the man to be unusually happy, and strangely more so when he’s older.

He shook Ashe’s hand with fervor, the other summoners greeting the Elders with less enthusiasm but still cheerfully. “My name is Graddam, a senior summoner and respectable member in the League,” he proclaimed. “I and my other summoners will be escorting you within.”

Ashe nodded blankly, remaining a stoic expression albeit to nodding slightly in recognition. The summoner chuckled in his throat a moment before turning. “Now then, let us begin!” He exclaimed, walking toward the doors almost ceremoniously. Ashe looked to the others a moment before following in suit.

The doors separated slowly, several stationed soldiers on the inside having to push the massive wooden barriers to allow the royal guests in. Ashe slowly walked in with the Elders, calmly and collectively, as the summoners continued ahead of them. “We will be meeting just ahead!” Graddam called behind them. Ashe raised an eyebrow in amusement. This summoner was treating them like they didn’t know where to go within the castle walls. Contrary, they had been doing this since the time the League set the political rules between the Sister tribes. Ashe couldn’t tell whether the man knew it or ignored this fact.

Ashe looked about the many people who were within as she pulled her hood back. Her white hair unraveled as she walked, immediately catching the attention of most of the citizens. Several Ice Dervish citizens were grouped about the many crystalline pillars which spired to the infinite ceiling above. They discussed all sorts of subjects, mostly magic from what she could discern. An overwhelmingly large chandelier hung from the ceiling, surprisingly illuminating the massive area. The room had to be over 200 meters in width and just as much in length. Ashe could see several elegant staircases and hallways to either side as one stepped forward further into the grand room. At the opposite end of the enormous lobby a massive staircase awaited them just up ahead. The icy flooring was replaced by beautifully carved stone and marble several meters in.

The group ascended the wide staircase, following a lush blue carpet up the levels until reaching the top. Randym seemed to be breathing a little harder than usual; it probably wasn’t easy for them to ascend the stairs every bi-annual meeting. As they reached the top of the staircase, the group reaching a smaller but still massive waiting room with one hallway on either side and straight ahead of them. The structuring was made with stone and carved wood this deep into the castle. Positioned soldiers blocked off all the hallways.

Graddam, the summoner guide, approached the guards with a smile. They stood down, taking a step away to let the summoner through. He turned and motioned the others to stay; however, Ashe and the Elders had already stopped and were taking seats nearby. “You all wait here, I will check if the other tribes are ready,” Graddam responded. He then turned and continued on, chandelier light following him down the hallway.

Ashe sighed and looked around while they waited. It only took a few moments, but it was plenty for Ashe to notice a few things. Other than the fancy decorations and velvet colors contrasting the blue they had previously walked on, Ashe noticed the summoners themselves. How they carried themselves, it was almost like they were babysitting. Ashe felt a twinge of something deep in her heart, a fire lighting deep within. It was a strange feeling that started to run her mind with passionate words and powerful verses. The fact that these tribes who (at least for her own tribe) put themselves as high powers are little more than babysitted over what is supposed to be a mature discussion over their shared land. Ashe felt a tingling as she came to this own revelation. The fact they were being watched over didn’t make her mad at the league, it made her mad at the tribes.

Graddam returned, beckoning them to come forth. Ashe followed sternly, keeping close pace with her people as they shuffled along down the hallway. As they reached what seemed to be the middle of the hallway, they took a right at two distinctly large doors. Graddam opened the doors, stepping forward as if addressing a gladiatorial fight.

“Sister tribes, the Frost Archer tribe has made it to the meeting!” he exclaimed gleefully. “The meeting can now commence!”

The Elders took their seats at a curved table to the right. Two other of the same tables were equally separated to different sides of the circular room, creating a rounded stage in the middle. Ashe went and stood behind her Elders, silently looking out to the other tribes.

To the left, the Ice Dervish resided on the most elegant table and seats, presumably because it was their area which they were all using that they could benefit themselves the most. The Elders looked frailer than the Elders from her tribe. Behind them was an unfamiliar figure; blonde hair and blue eyes stared back at her with an anxious gaze. She was young, very young. Ashe raised her brow, only to immediately sense the piercing gaze to her right.

A slender figure was leaning against the wall, hidden in the shadow of a window near her. Piercing blue cut through the rays into Ashe’s soul, causing her blood to thin. Short white hair was more neatly combed than usual and armor still adorned the woman. Sejuani would never let down her armor even if her war boar could speak and tell her to do so. She suspected she was hiding her mace somewhere nearby.

Graddam entered the center of the makeshift invisible stage between each tribes’ tables. He lifted his hands in welcoming to all of them. “Now then, you all know what happens here,” he said simply, clapping his hands together. “Discussion only. Either tell of your own successes or debate with other tribes on issues. War cannot be declared without perfect cause and violent action is severely prohibited. My summoners will make sure of that if we find hostility taken over their limits.” Graddam then stepped from the center of the room, takings his spot by the door.

A long silence befell the room. The Elders looked to each other with blank expressions. The alien feeling was overwhelming, almost intoxicating Ashe. Something had to be done. “We are doing well in our homeland,” she finally spoke, slicing the air with her voice. All eyes turned to her, causing her to take a moment of recollection. Gathering her thoughts, she quickly responded, “The Frost Archer tribe has had successes with agricultural progression. Freljord is not as barren as the rest of Valoran makes it out to be.”

The other Elders nodded silently. Suddenly, Sejuani challenged Ashe as she stepped forward. “The Winter’s Claw sustains it self perfectly well,” she said, eyes kept on Ashe. Ashe nodded neutrally, keeping a firm stare against Sejuani’s piercing gaze. Suddenly, Randym stood.

“We have something to tell the Winter’s Claw,” he piped, looking over to them with a calm but direct gaze. The other Elders shifted in their seats; they all looked red with their thick blood and bulging guts. “We demand that strike raids cease on our outer villages; many a time have our people returned to the home village with nothing but shoes and their children. They all whisper the same tribe name that consistently terrorizes innocent blood.”

Sejuani scoffed, taking a step forward until she was between two of her own Elders. She spoke for them. “You speak as if it was us who are victimizing your people, when I see none of you defending yourselves in the first place,” she prodded, blazing Randym with a cold stare.

Randym kept a level and equally aggressive expression. “Your expression of defense is to be omnipotent and omnipresent by all means. Surely you aren’t justifying petty crimes under the table by saying we do not have our people defending the line at every moment.”

Sejuani didn’t move. “We seem to do it just fine. I don’t remember the last time you’ve ever won a battle against the mighty Winter’s Claw. I’m sure that tale was lost in the wind that blows through your land.”

Randym narrowed his eyes. A second Elder stood up near Randym, face red as ever. “You mock our tribe with remarks of a mighty army and yet you attack small villages like a petty vulture taking the scraps. You speak of superiority, but you fight like the wolves we hang on our walls.”

Sejuani turned her attention to this man, gaze turned to slits that shot Freljord’s harshest winters into the man. “Last time I checked, the only thing that stopped the Winter’s Claw from running down the other tribes was the League themselves. The only reason we are here is because of them. The only reason you are here is because of them. Otherwise I would mount you on my dirtiest mantle. We are not vultures, we are conquerers. It would be wise for you to find the difference before you are given it.”

An Elder from the Ice Dervish stood, calmly looking to the other two. “The Ice Dervish demand the Winter’s Claw not to hunt on our territory and especially to not travel through without proper permission. We’ve had enough troubles of Winter’s Claw raids going through our land.”

Sejuani looked to the Ice Dervish, this time an Elder from her tribe final speaking up. “We cannot go to you every time we need access in crossing to other areas of Freljord. You cannot justify actions of necessity for leisure. We have important trade past your territory-“

“In possession of a Frost Archer village no doubt.”

“If you do not have the power of Freljord, you do not deserve its bounty.”

“If any blood is shed on our territory, we will take justified action in deterring both of you.”

Ashe suddenly felt her heart burn again, feeling the many accusations ringing out. This was not debate, this was pointing fingers. Ashe grabbed her forehead for a moment, scowling as she closed her eyes in frustration. Under the roof of the old kingdom, the tribes fight. Ashe couldn’t take it; the Old Freljord would be ashamed, guilty to have these people on its land. This couldn’t be what the kingdom degraded to. The stress of the arguments began to make Ashe’s heart pulse as her mind began to run words, names and events in a conglomeration that would be her next phrase she would speak out. Feeling the words come to her mouth, she absolutely refused to say them. She would be driven out immediately. However, the burning in her heart was now singing her tongue, forcing her lips open as she breathed out her words.

“We need to unite!” she suddenly exclaimed, the room quickly falling silent as they turned to her.


Holy monkeys, I know, that was a horribly long read DX I'm glad you stuck through it all! (If you didn't, I hope you stop reading this because i am ashamed of you. Bad, bad reader! Go back to the top!)

I'm actually really considering going with the first branch-off story really soon, depicting an alternate view on our favorite crow master, Fiddlesticks! This little side-story will be telling the mechanics behind the extra-planar scarecrow and how (I interpret) he works. I must warn, it will most likely be a little gory/violent of a read a little bit in (not really sure on how many little chapters I want in it). This will (I hope) finally make his background that much creepier and actually morbid if I can get that and make him less of a "Ello Guv'nah" character that you hear when you play him. Concepts, away!

I hope to be posting the next bit soon, so please leave comments! (And please take some time in your day to read this T-T seriously though, why do you come onto these forums if you don't have time to read and comment????!!!?!)

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Without further ado, the second half of that business up there ^

Enjoy ^^
She didn’t know why she said it. The electricity sparking in the air made her body numb in shock by her own outburst. She didn’t know why it came out. She looked to each of the people within the circular chamber, the tall windows reflecting light on the smooth curved tables that each tribe situated themselves on. The light reflected the mental recoil of the surprise on their faces as they looked at her with an expectant explanation.

It wasn’t like outbursts like these weren’t common. Discussions would easily grow to tensions like these and it would indeed need the summoners’ intervention to stop them from doing anything drastic. They would mediate to the best of their ability to come to terms with solutions between the tribes, making deals and sacrifices to better the meeting before each went their separate ways. However, Ashe was not a summoner nor made an outburst that anyone could even begin to fathom.

Now the very summoners that managed the meeting stood in awe in the background, watching Ashe with utmost interest and utmost astonishment. Ashe felt her mind blank in the sudden heat of the moment. She couldn’t possibly support her outburst with ease, but she couldn’t back out now. She had to let it out.

“Please,” she finally spoke, shifting her stance as she cooled herself. She had to maintain. It wasn’t like her at all of have suddenly lost her control; in fact, she figured it was the very reason why everyone was so appalled other than the sentence itself. She began to stroll around her table professionally, stopping just to the side of it with her hand grazing the side. She continued. “For decades we’ve been fighting and warring, and now even bickering, but for what cause? We’ve sought to rid each other from this land since the days we were put into our roles as leaders of our own tribes. But why? Why do we all insist on continually battling for something that was never our fight? Since birth I had no quarrel with any of you until we were told that different tribes meant alienation from one another. Why do we continue such childish behavior, bickering like babes against each other?”

Sejuani was the first to speak up, giving a hearty chuckle as she stepped into the makeshift stage. “Ashe, have you gone mad?” she outburst with a powerful tone of narcissism. “You dare even suggest that we tribes forget the years of bloodshed and tyranny done and simply come together in a peaceful utopia? Do you even grasp the severity of what you ask?”

She turned to look at all of them. “You don’t understand what it is to uphold your tribal name. Our ancestors fought and battled because they were all fighting for their own causes. We all continue to fight for the cause of our own brave leaders so that one may reign in the end.” She looked to Ashe again, but addressed everyone. “I will make this clear right now to end the foolish comment. The Winter’s Claw will never search to join so long as our strength prevails. This is and should be known-“ Sejuani held her cold gaze piercing against Ashe, “-by everyone. There cannot and will not be union. There can only be one leader of Freljord and a peace between us cannot grant the rightful rule through such ways. The Winter’s Claw is supreme; we were bred to turn the tides of war to the cold.”

Ashe furrowed her brow, stepping down into the stage as well. “Sejuani, with all due respect, you’ve not known peace because you do not know how it works. Peace does not come from overcoming obstacles through force and through bloodshed. It only fuels a fire that seeks to encompass everything around you, hoping it will quench you, but it makes you thirst more. Political leadership is much more than tossing your mace around.”

Sejuani narrowed her eyes at Ashe. “With all due respect, Frost Archer, if I were coming to your tribe with my mace swinging there would be an undeniable leadership.”

One of the Elders from the Winter’s Claw piped up. “And if this union were to even be considered,” the man spoke, “the same issue that has been fought over for years will still be poignant: who would lead a united Freljord? Sejuani is right, there can only be one leader with one ideal. We cannot satisfy everyone and that has been that since the beginning.”

The room fell silent as they all looked to Ashe for the answer. She could feel an intensity quickly rise. If she told them what she knew, they would surely accuse her of downright bull-headedness and over-confident in herself. If she told the truth, there would indefinitely be some hostility.

“A… yeti visited me on a hunting expedition,” Ashe replied. She had to tell the truth, despite the bewildered gazes. “It stopped a few yards away and began to write something in the snow, in the old yeti writings. It gave a message about Freljord and its circumstances.

“It wrote that Freljord must be united. Apparently, something grave is coming that will take Freljord by force. It said that I should rally the tribes to prepare ourselves. I am to be tested in some way to prepare-“

“Wait,” Sejuani outburst, “You say a yeti visited you with a message that you must unite and lead Freljord against some opposing force..?” Sejuani seemed to contort between a scowl and a condescending smile. She turned to the other Elders. “I think we’ve all had enough of this. Ashe has suddenly come forth to say we must rally behind her and unite under one banner to destroy an opposing force. I don’t know what point you have with this ridiculous story, but I want to hear none of it.”

Ashe continued. “Look, it matters not anymore what ideals we’re looking for. All of us will be in danger, and a separated countryland will be much easier to defeat than a united kingdom. We’ve never tried this union before, so there is no impossibility to the claim that we can’t work together to appease all.”

Some of the Elders nodded in agreement, giving whispers to one another. “Yeti are mystical creatures,” one of the Elders from the Frost Archer tribe spoke, “any writings from them have been fairly accurate according to Freljordian history. And what Ashe says seems logical; whatever is coming ahead, we do need to prepare and forget past conflicts in order to bolster this land from all angles.”

One of the Winter’s Claw protested. “But who’s to say she is teling the full message, or even the full truth for that matter? The only force to be reckoned with in Freljord is the Winter’s Claw and we do not acknowledge to rally behind any other.”

“Stop your condescension you savages!” one of the Ice Dervish blasted. “Freljord is not to be taken by force like wild animals. There are higher powers and, probably surprising to you, they are more powerful than anything the Winter’s Claw can bring. Whether or not Ashe speaks the truth, there is some points to be made. We can start with how the Winter’s Claw lacks humility.”

“Apparently you know little of what you talk about, hag,” Sejuani countered the Elder with ferocity. “We were born into pain and humility. Your sheltered life keeps you ignorant and arrogant. We are who we are because you see the people reborn from these two things. The Winter’s Claw sustains itself.”

Another of the Ice Dervish rose, opposing his fellow Elder. “We are all separate for a reason. We cannot simply drop our conflicts at the whim of a princess who strings a strange tale. I on one hand cannot fathom sharing space with any of the Winter’s Claw and cannot work well with wily Frost Archers.”

Sejuani’s finger struck out and pierced Ashe with a blame of fire. “Exactly. She is as much a liar as any lowly being that walks Valoran. Yetis have not approached humans for years, let alone to bring prophetic messages. She is damning herself for her treacherous lies toward all of us.”

Sejuani turned to Ashe fully, fire blazing in her soul. “You are pathetic to make such a foolish tale. One speaks of savagery to my tribe and yet you speak to unite everyone beneath you. I do know that union isn’t under the boot of a manipulative princess.”

Ashe returned her gaze at Sejuani and ignored the Elder, keeping her voice as even as possible. “I speak only truth since the day I gained title of my tribe,” she proclaimed, looking to everyone. “I have spoken and do speak truth even now. I have been confronted and I read the message and as foolish as it sounds it is as truthful as any record found. Whether or not it is under mine or another’s rule, I was obligated to unite Freljord. I will not let any other force destroy my homeland and I ask that neither of you let it do the same. A storm is coming, Freljordians, something that I cannot let sweep across and kill our people. I know that as a surety and stretch out my hand to everyone. I care for all.”

There was a moment as Ashe’s words sunk in before Sejuani looked to her Elders. “We are leaving now,” Sejuani announced. She brushed off her attire as if she had been stained with something, repositioning the fur underneath to more comfortable places to warm. “We no longer wish to discuss anything so long as Ashe spits out nonsense. We will return with actual discussion when she has given up this charade.”

With that, the Elders of the Winter’s Claw stood and began in a single line toward the door. The summoners quickly jumped in. “Ok, this was an… interesting meeting!” Graddam exclaimed, clasping his hands together as his robe fluttered with his movements. “We bid the Winter’s Claw farewell. It looks like this session has closed early!”

Ashe took a deep breathe. As she turned to her Elders, she was met with surprising ferocity. Her Elders looked at her with not only shock but shame; she had riled tensions and had ceased the meeting they were going to use to find diplomatic solutions with the Winter’s Claw. Ashe felt a bile rise in her throat as she felt the flames of their thoughts degrading her.

She knew what they were thinking; with a new fire between the Frost Archer and Winter’s Claw tribes, more villages would indefinitely be pillaged in the coming months. Every aggression in each session between them and Sejuani always ended up in Sejuani releasing her “Diplomacy” on her people. Despite the countless battles to hold them off, the Winter’s Claw were wily people; they not only fight ferociously, but secretly.

“I know what I have experienced and I stand by my words,” Ashe assured them, keeping her stance tall and proud. The Elders, however, were not impressed. They all began to pull themselves up and shuffle their way to the doors, following the Ice Dervish out. Randym looked at Ashe with a neutral expression before looking to the ground disappointedly. He pulled himself out of his seat as well, wordlessly walking with the rest.

Ashe felt her heart drop. As the room cleared, she was left to her thoughts. Had she caused an unnecessary conflict? She drew a hand to her forehead as she soothed herself. Things had to work out in the end, or this message wouldn’t be true. Why did she believe this message anyway? She might as well have stabbed herself in front of everybody. With the reactions, she began to feel her confidence sink.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she immediately jumped and thrust her arm in the very direction of the feeling. Stopping a centimeter from the girl’s head, Ashe restrained herself immediately as she looked upon the innocent gaze of the blonde-haired girl.

“I-I’m sorry,” Ashe apologized, quickly retreating her hand and taking a step back. The woman regained her breathing as she stroked her hair a few times.

“I-It’s alright,” she replied, “I shouldn’t have surprised you like that.” The girl then looked away nervously, still touching her blonde hair in distraction.

A long moment of silence passed. Ashe looked at the girl curiously. “I apologize but… was there something you needed?” she asked.

“O-Oh, yes,” the girl remembered, “I… I believed you.”

As Ashe gave a blank expression toward the young woman, she continued hesitantly. “I believed what you said, about uniting Freljord. Although I don’t know too much about yetis, I know about their spiritual capabilities. I know for sure this was a message from other powers. But I know not just because of yetis but I also feel there has to be some sort of change around here.”

Ashe smiled, although it wasn’t on purpose. “Thank you,” she gratefully told the girl. The young woman smiled, revealing perfectly white teeth barely underneath her soft pink lips. Ashe then realized she never knew this girl or why she was here. “Are you… an ambassador of Mauvole?” Ashe finally asked.

The girl seemed to jolt out of a memory. “Oh, no no, I’m Lissandra,” she said. “I’m her daughter.”

Ashe’s mind froze in shock. “Mauvole birthed a daughter?” Ashe exclaimed.

Lissandra hesitated. “Y-Yes, my mother never married…” she said, looking at Ashe directly with an implicative expression. “But uhm, my father, he..” she stuttered over the words, hoping Ashe would quickly catch her message before she could say them.

“You need not say anymore,” Ashe commented, placing a hand on the girl’s shoulder. Quickly her face contorted to relief as she let out a sigh. Although Ashe held back a grimace, she couldn’t help but feel like she had found out something horrible.

“Well uhm… I know the news will come out soon anyway, which is why I told you,” the girl guiltily commented, “and I think my mother wishes it so as well… it is why I attended in her place.”

Now that Ashe had thought about it, it did seem strange Mauvole had sent this girl in her place. “Is... Mauvole alright?” Ashe asked. Although she didn’t care too much for the secretive princess, it seemed stranger that the woman was willing to simply release her hidden daughter to a meeting with the other tribes. Why now would Lissandra be sent to start learning to be the princess after Mauvole? And why would the news come out soon?

However, Lissandra quickly shut up. “I’m.. not allowed to speak about her,” she replied quickly.

Ashe nodded slowly. “Very well… a Princess to her own then.” Ashe then noticed the time passing by, looking out the window to the sun’s position. The tribes would have quick separate banquets hosted by the summoners and sent back out to their areas. “Well Lissandra, we must be going,” Ashe pardoned, nodding and beginning to walk to the doors.

“W-Wait,” Lissandra spoke up again, hand outstretched. Ashe stopped and turned, awaiting the girl to speak.

Lissandra approached. “Because I believe in your message, I also believe in you. I know, we’re supposed to be warring and everything… but I’ve looked through the archives and nothing’s come from war except the loss of generations to pointless disputes. I don’t care about rivalries, I care about the people I am destined to lead. You were entirely right, we shouldn’t be fighting past grudges. I just.. Just know that I will support your decision. Whether or not you are telling the truth, I can feel a storm coming as well. I will trust in you when the time comes.”

Ashe felt her lip twitch into a thin smile. She nodded to the young woman. “Thank you, Lissandra,” she replied. “I hope we meet again soon.”

Lissandra nodded in return. “Goodbye.”



As the sun curled itself into a cocoon of clouds near the horizon, Ashe leaned back into the cabin of the carriage as they carefully traversed the tundra-frosted terrain. They’d be moments into reaching Southern Freljord where they would stop by a nearby village to check on their wellbeing. With Sejuani’s declaration ringing in everyone’s ears, no one was safe for the time being. Hopefully the carriage rider would find the way through the mountainous terrain quickly enough that she could get the word out to her people to prepare for anything.

Suddenly, the carriage stopped abruptly, followed by the sound of something galloping away and the carriage slamming violently against a hard surface. The Elders quickly held to something and looked around in confusion. They were completely stopped. Ashe immediately drew her eyes to the windows on either side. Something was terribly wrong.

And in moments it was proven correctly. One of the windows burst into thousands of shards of glass, a powerful mace swinging through and cracking the wood on one side of the carriage. It quickly retracted, the sound of cold steel chains clacking together sending shock through Ashe’s body. Immediately, Ashe reached for her door, only to have a large protrusion strike straight through it. As it pulled away, the door came with it.

Ashe swiftly gripped the side of the doorway and thrust herself out, quickly tossing herself onto the being with the door stuck to his weapon. The brute and Ashe fell into the snow with a thud, white frost thrown in all directions as the two struggled for a moment. Ashe finally thrust her palm under the man’s chin, the man ceasing movement almost immediately.

Ashe held her palm against the man’s chin a moment before retracting her arm rigidly, revealing cold steel thick with blood. The blade protruded from her leather gauntlet from a hidden area. Ashe quickly turned in time as a sword came down on her. The metal clashed with a loud cling, causing both to pause from the recoil before repositioning. Ashe quickly twisted to the side and pulled herself up as the man pulled his blade up in retaliation. The two stared at each other for a moment, quickly analyzing each other for weaknesses.

Ashe froze as a yell nearby shook her body. Almost instinctively as she heard the sound of wind breaking from a large solid object, she ducked and twisted on her heel, bringing her blade around in a horizontal arc. The mace-wielding man stopped in his place as his stomach split, blood tossing out of his leather clothing. Ashe heard the second man hit the ground as well, turning to look. However, she quickly looked away at the mace caught in the man’s face.

Pulling herself up slowly, she looked at the carriage. All the Elders had watched, wide-eyed and terrified in all aspects of the word. A sliver of sunlight peeked out from one of the clouds, giving an orange illumination to the area and allowing her to see everything. The carriage driver’s body lay nearby, half-hidden in the encasing crimson-colored snow. The men that had attacked her wore armor that were distinctly familiar, built purely for savage combat.

Suddenly, Ashe felt herself thrust to the ground, pulled against the cold frost as she heard a blade unsheathe. Quickly reacting instinctively, Ashe thrust her legs up and caught her assaulter with her feet under their chin. With a strained haul, Ashe forced her assailant back as she pulled herself away. The assailant had recovered in no time, lashing out at Ashe in a stumbling effort. Ashe let out a pained yelp as the being’s blade dug into her leg in hot agony.

Ashe turned and kicked the being in the face repeatedly, forcing him back despite him trying to continuously stab at her. She pulled herself further back, creating distance between her and the man trying to take her life.

“Catch!” Randym’s voice split Ashe’s raging thoughts and causing her eyes to focus on the elderly man. A crystalline bow flew through the air toward her, glimmering in the orange light. The man pulled himself completely up, his wicked dagger gleaming with her blood as he charged.

Ashe quickly gripped her bow and pulled the ethereal string, not bothering to pull it all the way. The man thrust his knife to her face just as she released the quickly condensing arrow. The assailant and Ashe tumbled backward in a mess of white and clothing. The two lay silently for several moments, the whispering of a breeze the only sound that crossed the area.

Ashe looked at the man a moment before taking a few calming breaths, shoving him off as his lifeless head bobbed. An icy arrow protruded from his forehead. Ashe pulled herself to her feet in the next moment, wincing as she felt a singing burn run up her leg. The cold breeze worsened the open gashes in her leg, causing her mind to reel a moment as she accepted the gravity of the pain. Gripping her thigh, she stumbled over to the man that had almost taken her life, looking down at him with a cold, analytical gaze. Immediately, her eyes locked onto a very familiar tribal symbol sewn into the man’s leather chestplate.

Ashe then looked to her hand as she felt another pain in it, seeing the blade in her gauntlet was still there and was digging into her fingers that gripped her crystalline bow. It was definitely an awkward way to hold a bow and was sending unnecessary pain. Quickly pulling out the dagger, she tossed it on the ground and approached the carriage.

The Elders looked at her in silence, still taking the full brunt of almost being assassinated. Ashe looked around and found the door still attached to one of the weapons- a war hammer with a large spike on the back. Quickly retrieving it, she placed the door back in its original slot to prevent the Elders from getting cold. She gripped her thigh as she relaxed against the carriage, her mind sifting through hate and pain and sorrow.

She cursed Sejuani’s name.


Finalleh, teh next chapteur! Woot woot! I finally accomplished this and the first battle scene has arrived, so enjoy some ackshun finally! I hope you've enjoyed it so far because you will enjoy it even further from here on! The plot begins!! ^^

Also, please post comments about your thoughts and such. I really do want to hear everyone's opinions or comments, especially since I am hoping to succeed in creative writing. Am I hitting the characters right? Am I making a clear picture? Has the writing progressed over the chapters? Should I go back and rewrite the old ones because they suck really bad? Do you like waffles? Do you like pancakes? Do you like-

well anyway, I can't wait to get a mouthful of your guys' thoughts! Please post and share any ideas you have! I'm willing to accept anything you through at me, except highly toxic acid and radiated uranium! ^^

(PS: I don't know how to change the title of my thread. Is it possible? I finally came up with a better name but it won't change even though I edited the first post!)

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Just a quick note- due to school coming to a close and my school being demolished, I'll be significantly busier over the next month and a half. An update of a chapter might take a little bit of time, but I'm confident I'll get to it a little bit each day! ^^

For all you readers or browsers, please feel free to leave your thoughts! Also, I hope you've noticed improved writing throughout the chapters; it's something I need to know that I'm doing so I can ensure that my writing skill is improved. As for story-wise, please give me your thoughts so far and what you'd like to see!