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Worse community.

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Title says it all.
I am fairly new, and loved the game, until i stopped playing bots. before i went to online matches i practiced on bots inter and begin, for quiet a bit, i finally feel comfy with a champion, Lux, to go online and try it out.
i was faced with people swearing,raging, and 'reporting' me for being bad. Instead of trying to help me and give feedback on what im doing wrong, they tend to insult my family, or tell me to go "kill myself", tell me to practice on bots, or whatever.
Fair enough to say that all game s with have trolls, but i played i think about 10 matches, and everyone of them ive had rude people, even from the opposite team, Just saying all these things and not actually helping.
I dont want to just play bots, because they are quiet easy now.
I was just wondering why is everyone so rude and awful in this game? Imagen if they weren't? how much more fun it would be and how many more people will play.