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Do we want more ignore unit collision items?

Yes 45 77.59%
No 13 22.41%
Voters 58 .

More items with ignore unit collision.

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Senior Member


i dont need it but i would welcome it (probably)

even on ashe i start with statik shyv instead phantom dancer

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Senior Member


I found this thread on an internet search because I couldn't remember what item had this passive, and I REALLY wanted it for Singed in ARAM.

Singed without unit collisions would be amazing. Having more movespeed would also be nice. Sadly PD is a bit too expensive to only offer those two things for him.

Make an ignore unit collisions item similar in price and stats to the Quicksilver Sash, then people can pick it up in a slot and replace it later, to enjoy non-collision fairly early in the game.