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League of Legends, hidden trolls, new mode, and new surrenders?

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Hello there guys and i've come here to speak about a large issue which i have found in the past couple of games. In the past couple of games i have run into people who are not "Trolls" in that they are not trying but they are trolls in that they seem to join normal matches only to rage at team mates and call them trolls. They take pub matches way to seriously and act as if normals are ranked matches. This leads to a horrible community where new ideas and new players are not welcome. Therefore i call these people "Hidden trolls" they are less noticed by us because we all focus on "Real trolls"

Now, One might say "Report them for negative attitude" but i really think that it won't work. After all one might think when reviewing the case "I would rage at that player therefore this player is justified and deserves a pardon". This is the wrong attitude for people in the tribunal. The cases must be reviewed as objectively as possible, rather than "What would I do in that situation" . Because a corrupt system will not correct itself and a bad community will not be self correcting

In the above I stated that there seems to be zero room for new ideas or players in league. I suggest a new game mode other than normal. I know people might say play bots or on the PBE to try out new builds. This does not work. You can build 6 dorans blades against bots and still win yet this teaches you nothing about the build vs human players. Also Very few players are on the PBE so people must resort to Bots in the PBE. And even in the PBE in my one match the people started raging over cs in a bots game. Therefore i propose a new game mode separate from normals yet still in the normal server. This server will not have any reports and will be completely for trying out new builds. This is a great spot for new people to learn (since normals are full of raging players) while also providing a spot for people to try out new builds.

And finally onto my last point. Surrendering. Why does it require 4 votes to get a surrender? I know some people might say "Never surrender!". However if the vote fails 3/2 It makes it unfun for 3 people. (Especially when we are getting blown out). This makes it even less likely for a comeback because 3 people are p'od and are more likely to feed or troll etc. I understand that you should not surrender a game which you could win. But if you are losing 5-0 in turrets and 24-9 in kills then it just makes 3 people on the team suffer through more ****. I think that the surrender system should be changed to 3 votes for a surrender. Would you rather have 2 happy people and 3 pissed off people or 3 happy people and 2 pissed off people?