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Vote-out System for Ranked Queues

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I don't seldom encounter toxic players in queue. They pop up often. The sort players that are set on one role and won't comply or even speak to the rest of their team? Or the players that decide to go "Katarina support"? With the new auto-kick for players that fail to choose a champion, I'd like to introduce something that could ease the pain in queues. If there's a player who doesn't choose to match the team or troll/griefing or can't play a role and refuse to dodge, players could decide to vote the player out of queue; the vote-out will give the equivalent down time as a dodge. I find myself having to dodge out of queue because there are always those toxic players that ruin champion select.

Riot, help?

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yes, i would like to see this on action, cause i'm tired of trolls

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Horrible idea... this is vote kick and very exploitable and abusable.

- "What you picked eve jungle?, Lets kick him out"
- "You didn't ban amumu and blitzcrank and they got it... he must be a troll lets kick him out"
- "Omg our team is too squishy, lets kick the last pick for not picking a tanky mid"

For example I LOVE playing Xerath bottom lane in RANKED games... I tell my team:
- "I would like to play AP carry bot... does anyone want to lane with me?"

Sometimes I find a lane partner...sometimes we already have a duo queue bot, sometimes people don't answer (If I don't get an answer I say I can go top mid or jungle instead), sometimes people say no...

That's all fine and dandy. The problem is when someone says "Stop trolling", "you are a troll", "you are an idiot", and a few jump on the bandwagon and before I say or do anything else I got 2-3 people calling me troll when all I have done is suggest an alternative strategy and a very kind matter. I would probably get kicked just for asking my team something in a very nice and polite way, without having done anything wrong.

Sometimes I pick jungle Yi and some people say "Yi is useless, you are trolling"... well, Yi is my most played champion, I have by far more games with Yi than with any other champion (twice as much) so I know his in and outs and I adapt and play well with him. I could get kicked because "I didn't pick a tanky jungler".

Again many reasons why any sort of vote kick option should not be applied. The only compromise I could go for is a "disband team"... you at least need 3/5 votes and everyone who votes yes receives an LP penatly but NOT a time penalty. So you can get match with a new team instantly. I think this is a fair compromise for the "I don't want to play this game" situation.