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Singed - Greased Up Deaf Guy

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Biske La Varet

Junior Member



Singed is not a fighter, he's not a caster, he runs. It's like if Forest Gump had poisonous gas.


Marks: Armor
Seals: Armor
Glyphs: Armor/MagicResist
Quintessence: Speed

Mark/Seal: Singed has a shield, which he pokes things with, and doesn't like to block. So you gotta make sure he can take some damage and not slow down. It really helps during the early levels, by the time you hit 18, you'll have over 50%.

Glyphs: Depending on what side of the bed you woke up on, you can either keep pushing Armor, or go for MR. If you got a feeling you'll be playing a lot of fighter champions, then armor will pay off. If you want to play a little safer, then MR.

Armor(MR)/per level is also an option if you find yourself playing games that seem to last forever.

Quintessence: VROOOM



Basically some more Armor/MR and then to help with your Mana and Mana regen, 'cuz even if you use it conservatively, you may find yourself low, low enough that you can't even fling, and thats just not good business practice.

Alternatively you can stick MR into Glyphs/Marks and dodge into Seals and then just alter your mastery for dodge as well.

Summoner Spells:


It gets you out of tight spots, helps you chase, and very efficient in engaging. It's gonna keep you greased up and running.


Poison Trail: This is what dreams are made of, you charge in, turn 180 degrees, and keep charging. This is your bread and butter in poisonous gas form. You need to max this skill as soon as possible. You aren't going to have enough mana to run up and down lanes with this at the start, but a little does go a long way. So a little cloud here and there as you run away is optimal.

Mega Adhesive: Slow in a puddle. Amazing range. Stick this infront of someone, let them run completely through it, and then just fling them up into it again. During team fights this becomes almost vital because it acts like an AoE slow. At 35% its a mild hinderance, at 75% it pretty much stops people in their tracks.

Fling: It slices, it dices, it cancels Ultimates! See Pantheon attempting a Skyfall? Ghost and Fling. Nunu wants to frost your entire team? Cleanse and Fling. MF decides its Bullet Time? Fling. You get the idea. First skill you should get. It's perfect for tossing back enemy softies to your allies, waiting at a tower with low health only for them to think it's safe, or even getting an enemy out of their own tower's range so your ally can stun them and get 'er done. You have to, HAVE TO watch your positioning. So don't just click it on a person and expect Singed to do all the work, pay attention. Otherwise they will turn and you will end up flinging them away to safety.

If you have a good group with you, use this for positioning the enemy and setting up the kill, then max Adhesive right after Poison Trail. If you find yourself dueling a lot of champions and need that extra damage, max Fling instead.

PS; don't ever fling another Singed, it... it just gets messed up, you try and fling him, he tries and flings you, you guys both end up flying into each others' team, someone's girlfriend gets pregnant, it's just a messy situation that you should be aware of and try to avoid.

Insanity Potion:

This is a nifty ultimate, it does a little bit of everything. 35/50/65 Damage, Attack Speed %, Ability Power, Armor, Movement Speed, and Health and Mana Regeneration per 5 for 25 seconds. At earlier levels this can turn the tides of battles. It can help you take down a tower, catch up to a champion, or survive an ignite while running away even faster. At later levels its more of a utility skill than an offensive one. Just remember it's a little bit of everything, so if the situation was doomed to begin with, don't waste it.

I usually go with:

2:Poison Trail
3:Poison Trail
5:Mega Adhesive
6:Insanity Potion

After which maxing Poison Trail is a necessity, but Fling/Adhesive is situational.


You have 3 starting options, Doran's Shield, Ruby Crystal, or Sapphire Crystal.

Doran's is good if you absolutely need to stay in that lane for as long as possible, especially useful is you are VSing champions that specialize in physical damage. + Health Pot.

Ruby Crystal is a great choice because it gives you a major health bump, and you can engage the enemy right off the bat without fear, 'cuz even if their whole team is there, you just grease up and go. As well as it starts you on your way to the Rod of Ages.

Sapphire Crystal lets you spam Fling a little more in the beginning, which means you can be more aggressive in your play style, and thanks to Singed's passive it scores you an extra 50 health. A requirement for Rod of Ages, and lets you buy 2 Health Pots!

Boots. If you are getting bombarded with magic, and theres a crapload of stuns, snares and silences, you should probably go with Mercury's Treads. If you loaded up on Dodge Runes, and your mastery reflects that, Ninja Tabi is the only way to go, so that next time Tryndamere decides to spin at you, you can spit in his eye. While running away ofcourse. Otherwise Boots of Swiftness are your best friend.

With the runes and mastery, your speed + regular boots should be sufficient enough to keep you out of trouble while completing the Rod of Ages, which is your primary goal. Rod of Ages gives you health for survivability, mana(more health) so you can keep laying down gas clouds like a smoke machine at a Pink Floyd concert, and AP, so your gas actually does something and can't be simply ignored. Yet depending on circumstance, if you keep getting harassed by magic, and a lane change isn't an option, grab the Mercury Treads asap.

This is where you start branching, you have choices! If you are doing good, running your ass off, gassing people while your comrades finish them off, you can go for another Rod of Ages, just to beef yourself up even more, or start work on Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Your gas will slow people while doing damage to them, its amazing, people will try to chase you to their own deaths. I almost always get Force of Nature, it is just a matter of do I need that MR more than I need Health/AP at that moment (do people keep casting **** at me? FoN, if not Rylai's) unless everyones melee then get Thornmail.

At this point you should gauge the situation; is your team doing enough damage? Are you the only tankish champion? Are you running like a Kenyan with a number on his back? Abyssal Scepter is an option, gives you AP, MR, and an aura that lowers everyone else's MR. Lich Bane is there if you're rich, your team doesn't need a tank, and you feel like running even faster.

Banshee's Veil if you need to tank it up, Randuin's Omen can be used of you side stepped Rylai's. Although in that case you are better off going with the Sunfire Cape. Guardian Angel is fair for its price as well. It's a good feeling when someones chasing you down, they know they are gonna die from poison but they are just so fed up with your **** that use their ultimate on you anyway? And then you just brush yourself off and keep on moonwalking into their base? Hell yeah.

Early Game:

Last hits, don't do anything silly, the usual. You can play dumb, let the other team think you are an easy kill, and then boom, fling into the tower for an easy kill. You can play defensively and conserve mana until you can properly combo some poison, insanity potion, fling, adhesive, fling, and auto attacking whenever you can while keeping the poison coming in bursts. If your lane partner has ignite, even better. If the situation permits, you can play aggressively, push to the tower, get one or two hits on the tower and retreat while dropping small poison clouds.

Mid Game:

Your poison is maxed, so lay it down on the creeps nice and thick, don't even bother casting a sideways glance and keep running to your target, they will die in a couple seconds, and even if you are half a map away, you'll get the gold and exp. Your ultimate is up? No one's pay attention? Take down a tower. Just don't run too far into enemy territory and you should be good.

If you can't see the enemy on the map, run a line, and hide in some bushes, let them come to you, then book it back to your group. You want to be alone and visible to the enemy through their creeps far away from your base, because everyone wants easy kills, but few realize that you will make them work for it. Let them come after you, and run while keeping the poison going, and throw out adhesive whenever they get close. Just be wary of their reinforcements. Your Rod of Ages should be complete and you have the boots of your choice. So asses the situation, and plan accordingly.

Late Game:

By now you should have your Rylai's and Force of Nature, with very little to stop you from charging down a lane and taking what you want. Just remember, you are the initiator of your group. Which means you need to get their attention, let them think they can kill you, then book it out of there to your team with poison at your back, and let your team do the damage. Don't fling the tank into your team, thats just silly, go for someone squishy with a high damage output. 9/9 times you should be the bait, which is exactly why you have cleanse/ghost and your ultimate.

Tricks of the Trade:

Cleanse/Ghost and Insanity Potion are your friends, and can get you out of many an uncomfortable situation. But if you have 5 guys on you, and not a team mate in sight, you screwed up and wasting a cleanse isn't going to fix that. Not unless you have all three up. Then feel free to scream NEEEVAAA GOOHNA CAAAATCH MEEH

Tower dives are possible, just don't do it anywhere near anyone that can stun, not without a cleanse anyway.

Keep running lanes, you should always have the most minion kills, just make sure you always have the enemy visible on your minimap before you get too deep. Don't be ditching your team for creeps either.

Early, you should have enough damage absorption coupled with your skills to take on some easy 1v1s, and unless there is another tank, you have to make the shift to being more tanky and team oriented.

>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaGPJ67jA6A <<
Essentially want you want to be. Plus the poison, lots and lots of poison.

Feedback appreciated,

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Senior Member


Been Singed since February, and I support this. :3

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Buddhas Rampage



I'm SpaceProphet, and I support this message.

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Lord Nimitz



I think this guide is all I'll ever need in my life

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Junior Member


As a friend of Biske's, I know this build works lol. I have played in games with him and faces have been raped. Should post to leaguecraft though lol.

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Junior Member


what an awesome guide

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Senior Member


What do you think of this mastery build if you're goin tanky. Takes advantage of nimbleness.

Also, have you tried getting the Magic Pen Mastery? I simply can't tell a difference in any of this stuff myself.

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Senior Member


I'd +1 you just for the thread title, and the image it creates, but there's some problems.....

Primarily, your runes, and your skill order. Armor Marks are, quite simply, an abomination. You get 8 Armor, that's like 130g worth. All your damage is magical, and the 8.5MPen is worth so much more than 130g. In your skills, there is absolutely no reason to rank Fling up (to 2) before you have taken your Adhesive. All you get for rank 2 Fling is 50 more damage and 10 more mana cost. The utility of the Adhesive vastly outweighs that. In most lane assignments, I go Poison > Fling > Poison > Adhesive > Poison > Insanity. But, swapping level 1-2 is okay as well, if you've got a stun of some kind lined up for after the Fling, or something.