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Trolling MatchMaking effects others!

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Just Blastin

Senior Member



Today I come to you in need of some assistance. Twice today (gold v area) I have came across a summoner named Butterylama. While our team is discussing strategy and picks, he simply wont say anything. Then he proceeds to pick a second jungler with smite and revive and is forcing people to dodge games if he doesnt get the exact role he wanted.

What I am looking for:

1. I would like that summoner investigated. Players like this are ruining Ranked Match Making for those of us who would like to try to do well.

2. Please implement some sort of role selection before queue to avoid this sort of issue in the future OR please find a way to actively monitor for toxic people like this.

This has really gotten out of hand lately and is diminishing not just mine but im sure thousands of others LP because of one immature player.

Thank you,