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Hecarim Top Lane Items

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I've been checking out some guides online for Hecarim Top Lane and I came across something I'm curious about. A lot of guides and people on forums recommend Spirit of the Lizard Elder for Hecarim because of the true damage boost. However, how much does it really equate out to be? I'm assuming at Lv 18 it's 40 over 3 seconds, but that honestly doesn't seem like that much.

Most people also seem to recommend Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads on him for the defense or CC reduction. However, with my experience playing Udyr, I know Spirit of the Ancient Golem also reduces CC duration. Golem also gives great buffs to help make for a tankier champ, which is how I'm leaning towards building Hecarim as.

With that being said, does Boots of Swiftness /w Furor/Alacrity + Ancient Golem sound viable? Increase in overall movement speed + the big increase with Furor when in fights seems like a great damage boost with his passive, and you still retain CC reduction. Talking in actual gameplay terms, boots of swiftness + enchantment + ghost /w the mastery (35% MS increase) + his E, seems like a pretty decent damage boost, but more importantly a huge gain in mobility to roam the map mid game. This is before any other movement speed gear or runes as well.