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Love of the League

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Zyra The Rise of Thorn

The sun slowly rose slowly, castings it life across the Hall of Justice, the home of the League of Legends. The League of Legends is the home of the many champions that fight in the fields of justice for the people who summon them. One particular bed chamber looked like a forest with many different trees and other flowers spread around the room. The sun cast its light toward the middle of the room and a closed rose bud. The petals slowly opened to reveal a beautiful, red-headed woman. She slowly stretched and rubbed the sleep from her light yellow eyes. She stood up, allowing her long, flowing hair to cover her nude body.

She let out a yawn and walked toward her window, allowing the sun to hit her skin. This was Zyra, the Queen of Thorns. She was once a plant that had taken control of a sorceress and took on the form of a human with the power to control plants.

She dressed herself in her flower petals and smiled. She walked over to her flower bed and looked down at the flowers. "Good morning my little ones," she said as she tended to them, with motherly care. "Let's all have a good day."

The flowers seemed to brighten at her words and slowly grew, the petals glowing brightly in happiness. Zyra smiled as she watched this. These little ones were her babies and she loved to make them happy. They were her life and what she fought for in the league. She turned and noticed an orange flower sitting in a pot by her flowerbed. She walked over to it.

"Hello Naruto," she said, with a sad smile, to the flower. She then picked up the pot and walked it over to the window. "I hope you having a good day. I miss you."

This flower was one of Zyra's most precious possessions. She had brought it with her when she had first joined the League. It was from a time of her life before she was in her current form, back to when she was just a plant that was taken away from her home, only to be saved by one young boy.


It was a beautiful day in the Kumungu Jungle and one lone plant sat in the sun, its petals absorbing the sunlight. It had been several days since she had last eaten and the sun was her only source of nourishment. She spent most of her time looking through her roots to find anything delicious to eat. Suddenly she felt a rumble from some of her roots on the far side of the jungle.

She let her mind flow through her roots toward the rumble and entered one of other flowers. She used her root to get a picture of what was causing the disturbance and saw a weird looking object that had large circles on its sides, allowing it to move. She followed it as it crossed her roots, a large animal pulling the strange thing.

"Food," she thought and traveled to a flower, closer to the strange thing. She lifted her head and watched it pass by. Her petals slowly opened as she prepared to strike, when suddenly the thing stopped. She watched and waited, her curiosity getting the better of her. She watched and saw a two-leg walk out of the strange rolling thing. It was higher than her and seemed to be different from the other two-legs she had previously seen and devoured.

Much to her surprise, he walked over her roots toward her. She quickly hid her roots and tried to attack the two-legs. As her roots got close to him, they seemed to be blocked by something. Try as she might, she couldn't get a hold of him. This frustrated her. She was the queen of this forest. She was able to devour all who entered, except this two-leg, apparently.

"I'll show him," she thought as she attacked with all her might. Her larger roots burst from the ground and shot toward him at frightening speeds. The two-leg held up his hand causing her roots to bend away from him. This scared her; This two-leg was able to stop her attacks against him. She tried again, but again her roots could not reach.

She started to transfer her mind to a different flower but it was suddenly stopped by this unstoppable creature. He had touched her and she was trapped in this flower. She tried to get away but was unable.

"Such a beautiful flower," the man said with a soft voice. "I have the perfect thing for you, a home. You will be able to live and grow without a fear of death."

She liked the sound of this, however, she suddenly became fearful as he took her from her network of roots and put her into a confined clay thing. She felt her connection to her roots fall away as she was carried by the two-leg.

"Unhand me!" she cried, but the two-leg couldn't understand her. She was soon set down in the circled object as it began to move. She couldn't do anything in her tiny holder. She couldn't move her roots to attack her plantnapper and felt helpless. She sadly turned and saw the last of her home, fading away in the distance.

-Several weeks later-

She felt the two-leg pick her up for what seemed like the hundredth time in several weeks. It was getting quite annoying. This creature was trying to pawn her off to other two legs every time they stopped. He would take her out and put her with other plants, that couldn't think or talk, and try to give her away. She would attack anyone who tried to pick her up which always resulted in a scolding from the recipient.

Her plantnapper looked at her and smiled. "Now, beautiful, you will hopefully find a good home today." he said sweetly. "You just need to stop attacking people."

She stared at him and tried to poke him in his hand, but he was again protected by some mysterious force. He just shook his head and set her down on the table with the other plants. She noted as the plants were taken by other two legs. She soon found herself alone. She didn't mind much and was glad that no one had picked her up.

She soon felt as the last ray of sun hit her petals, brightening her spirits. "Almost done," she thought to herself, dreaming of going back into the rolling thing. Suddenly she felt a presence that caught her attention. It was a bright, like the sun and it was drawing her in.

Suddenly she felt someone pick her up. She knew that it was the Bright One. She tried to attack. Her attack hit its mark, but he didn't put her down. He just stared at her and slowly started to pet her petals. This was a strange feeling; most people would drop her or put her down after she attacked them. The Bright One just held her.

She felt the Bright One turn to the plantnapper. "Can I have this one," he asked in a quiet voice. She could tell that the Bright One was quite young from the sound of his voice.

The plantnapper just nodded. "She is all yours," he replied. "Take good care of her."

The Bright One nodded and walked away from the Plantnapper with his new plant in tow. She didn't understand what was going on, but decided to wait and see. They soon found themselves in a forest area. She felt at home here and could feel the presence of other plants. The Bright One had taken her out of her confined space, and placed her back into the ground. She quickly felt happy, happy to be able to spread her roots into the ground once again. It was different from her home but it was still a comfortable place.

The Bright One turned toward her. "You look happy," he noted, watching her.

She turned toward him. "Very much so," she replied as she soaked up the nutrients.

The Bright One smiled and poured some water onto her. She sighed as the water fell against her petals. It had been a long time since this welcomed shower. The plantnapper would only give her water once a week.

The Bright One watered her and talked for a very long time. He seemed to have a very tough life from what she had learned. He was hated by the other two legs though he was unsure as to the reason behind it. He would pull these thing call pranks to make people laugh, but I didn't help his image around others. Once he finished talking he looked down at her.

"I glad you listen to me," he said with sadness in his voice. "No one else will listen."

She looked toward him and felt something she had never felt before. She didn't understand it at first but she would come to learn about it in time. From that day on, the Bright One would come and take care of her, watering her, giving her fresh soil, and removing weeds from her area. She could do all this herself, but it felt nice to have someone else take care of it for a change. It had been so long since the last of her kind was near her; it was refreshing to have someone near her that she didn't have try to eat.

The years went by and the Bright One grew, as well as she. She soon found herself surrounded by other plants of the Bright One. They would talk with her and make her feel special. She watched as the Bright One became something called a Shinobi and loved to listen to his stories of his fights and adventures. Her favorite moments were when he beat an evil two-leg.

"After I beat Neji-teme, I was so happy," the Bright One stated, in an excited voice. "Everyone was clapping for me and congratulating me. It was so cool."

She just listened intently as he watered her. He was the Bright One, the one who made her happy. Even when her kind was alive she never felt truly happy, but with the Bright One she felt joy and safety. She didn't mind not eating meat, so long as she was near the Bright One, she was content.

Soon, more time passed and the Bright One visited her less and less. He seemed to be too busy to spend time with her. She couldn't help but begin to feel sad again. He was her Bright One and she wanted him to be with her always. One day, a stranger entered her area. He smelled foul and had a small four-legs with him.

The foul one laughed. "So this is where Naruto goes," he stated. "Who knew he was such a girl."

He walked over and stepped on some of the other plants the Bright One had planted. She became angry and quickly attacked the Foul One for ruining the Bright One's work. He jumped away in surprise as he felt the ***** of her thorns.

"What the heck was that?" he cried as he looked around. She giggled as she moved her roots to his behind and poked him again. He jumped in the air, looking around for the cause of his discomfort. She enjoyed his confusion, but hoped that he would soon leave.

"Whatever," he replied, defeated and left the area. She was happy to see him leave. He was rank and hurt the Bright One's work. She felt a need to protect it. She slowly grew her thorns over the entrance to her area.

"Only the Bright One will be able to come here," she said, finishing her handy work. Several days later she felt the bright one coming toward her and slowly opened her roots, allowing the Bright One to enter.

"Wow," he exclaimed, looking around. "Who did this?"

She smiled and lifted her roots pointing toward herself. The Bright One looked at her in surprise but his expression soon changed to a smile. "That was you?" he asked and she nodded her flower head. He grinned and petted her petals. "Wow, thank you."

She was comfortable allowing him to stroke her petals. She didn't want this pleasant feeling to end. She didn't miss her old home at all. The Bright One was her home now. Unfortunately, this was not to be. It was several months after she had blocked the area when someone with great magical presence came toward her. He was able to open her thorn door, against her will.

She raised her thorns and tried to attack this invader. She soon saw a robed figure as he looked down at her.

"Finally found you," he said with satisfaction in his voice. "You don't belong here. You are needed at Kumungu Jungle."

She glared at the robed figure and launched a quick attack at him. He raised his hand and stopped the assault. She then tried to attack him from several different angles but she couldn't hit her target.

"Now, now, there is no need to be angry," he comforted. "I thought you'd be happy to go home."

"I am home!" she cried and launched her greatest attack yet, throwing her greatest number of roots at the robed man. He quickly blocked all the attacks and just chuckled at her vain effort to stop him. He reached down to grab her when suddenly he was kicked hard by an orange blur.

"Leave her alone," the Bright One cried, standing in front of her. "She's mine!"

This made her roots bend with glee. She couldn't help but be pleased. The robed one just chuckled and pulled out a book. "Well, young one," he said. "Please, try and stop me."

The Bright One charged toward him and threw a punch toward his face. The robed man moved out of the way and flicked his hand toward the Bright One. Suddenly the Bright One found himself trapped in a circular prison. The Bright One vainly tried to escape.

"Damn you," the Bright One cried, putting his hands together to create two Bright Ones, much to her surprise. The robed one was surprised as well but quickly went on the offensive. He sent a strange ball of light that hit all of the Bright Ones, destroying two of them. The original Bright One fell to the ground, unable to move.

"Now young one," the Robe figure stated. "I will be taking that plant back to where it belongs. I will allow you to say your goodbyes."

The Bright One didn't listen and continued to try and attacked the robed figure. Unfortunately he was unable to even land a hit on his targets. The Bright One lay on the ground bruised and broken. He crawled toward the plant and covered her with his body.

"You can't have her," the Bright One shouted. "She's mine. I took care of her. I love her."

The Robe Figure just stared at him. "I am truly sorry young one," he stated, sadly. "But, she doesn't not belong to you, she belongs to the Kumungu Jungle. It is my job to take her home and I will not let you stop me."

The Bright One just stared at the Robed Figure, still protected her with his body. The Robed Figure smiled and with a quick flick of his wrist sent the Bright One away from her and into a tree. He reached down and pulled her from her roots and put her into pot. He pulled another flower along with her.

"Now goodbye," he stated to the Bright One and walked away. She watched as he struggled to get up and wished she was able to help but she was cut off from her roots. She looked at the Bright One for the last time before she disappeared into the trees.

-Flashback End-

Zyra frowned at the memory of her departure from Naruto, the orange flower her only memento from that time with Naruto. She quickly sighed to herself and left her room, ready to start her day at the Hall of Justice. She entered the dining area and saw all of the League Champions eating breakfast. She walked through the tables and saw her group of friends sitting at one of the tables.

There was Lux, Fiora, and Ahri sitting at the table. Lux was a very bubbly girl that could use light to fight. Fiora was a master duelist that had come to the League to prove that she was the best. Lastly, there was Ahri who was, as she would say, a sexy fox. They had been friends ever since Zyra had joined the League and would always talk about everything together. Zyra sat down next to Ahri, trying not to step on her friend's tails.

"Zyra, glad you can join us," Ahri said in her usual sultry voice. "You can help us decide what we should do today?"

Zyra looked at Ahri in confusion. "Why is that?" she asked. "Don't we have to do battle today?"

"Nope, not today," Lux replied, with glee. "The fields are being cleaned so we have a day off. So, what should we do?"

"We can always go into town and go shopping?" Zyra suggested, resulting in a smile from everyone.

"Sounds like so much fun," Fiora replied. "I have a new outfit to buy for my new battle clothes for the summoners."

Ahri looked at Fiora, a smirk on her face. "Oh, you mean the sexy head mistress outfit, right?" she asked. "I knew you would give in eventually."

Fiora just shook her head, a small blush appearing on her face. "Of course not," she replied. "I just like the clothes."

Ahri just giggled. "Sure you are," she replied, rising from her chair. "Now, let's go!"

The group headed out of the hall and into the local town. It was a bustling town, filled with a variety of people from numerous places. The pair blended into the crowd and walked toward the nearest store. As they walked Zyra felt a familiar presence, but brushed it off.

"He couldn't be here," she said to herself. "He is still back there, in his home."

She continued to walk but the feeling got stronger with each step. She began to hopefully look around, but in vain.

"It's just my imagination," she told herself and entered the store with her friends. She looked through the clothes but, didn't see anything she liked. They were all itchy to her. She preferred her flower petals over them, but she still like to help her friends find good outfits to wear. They found nothing of interest in that store and quickly left. As soon as they stepped out of the store, Zyra again strongly felt the brightness, from long ago, that she never thought she would feel again. She looked around and saw a flash of gold pass by. She watched it for a moment and slowly saw a face come into view. Her eyes widened as she recognized him.

Ahri noticed that Zyra had stopped and was staring at someone. She walked over to her friend and tapped her on the shoulder. "Hey, Zy, you ok?" she asked a bit concerned for her plant friend. She had never acted this way before.

Zyra turned and looked at Ahri. "I've got to go," she stated in a frantic tone and took off running. Ahri watched in surprise as Zyra disappeared into the crowd. This quickly changed into curiosity and she waved for Lux and Fiora.

"Come on," she cried in excitement. "Zyra's gone crazy and I want to know why!" Ahri took off running with Lux and Fiora close behind.

-With Zyra-

Zyra ran through the town trying to find the one who had stolen her heart. She was sure that she had seen him and was determined to find him. She ran through the crowd but still he was nowhere in sight. She could still his brightness and knew he hadn't left yet.

"Where are you Naruto," she thought to herself as she walked around town.

"So,I have to go down this street to get to the docks," a familiar voice echoed in the air. It was deeper then she had remembered, but now she had a direction to follow. She ran toward the docks at amazing speeds. Everyone who saw her run past, only saw a blur of green and red. Soon the docks came into view and only then did Zyra take the time to look around for her brightness.

She looked all over looking for him but there was still not sign. She stood at the entrance to the docks unable to find her quarry.

"I guess it was my mind playing a trick on me," Zyra told herself as she sat down, tears slowly flowing from her eyes. "I will never see him again."

"Never see who again?" a curious voice said from behind Zyra. She quickly turned and saw a tall man with wild blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and six whiskers like marks on his face. He wore a headband on his head with a leaf like symbol on it. He had a large, fox-like smile on his face.

Zyra looked at the man before him and instantly tackled him to the ground, as the tears continued to flow. "I found you," she cried as she held him tightly. "I actually found you."

Naruto just stared in confusion at the girl before him. He had never met her in his life, yet she was hugging him and crying. He tried to think of what to do but settled on stroking her hair.

Zyra slowly stopped crying and looked up at Naruto. "I missed you," she cried as she held him close to her. Naruto blushed, noting that this woman was clothed in nothing but flower petals.

"The people here are crazy," Naruto thought to himself as he tried to figure out how he was going to get this random girl off him. "Um excuse me?" he asked.

Zyra looked up at Naruto. "Yes," she replied with a little sniffle.

"Not to be rude, but who are you?" he asked with a confused look on his face.

Zyra looked at Naruto with shock but her expression quickly changed to a sultry look. "Then, I have to get you to remember," she said in sexy tone.

Naruto just stared at her in shock, "Wha…" he started to say but the girl put her finger against his lips.

"Just let me guide you," Zyra whispered into his ear, making Naruto blush. She raised his hand slowly and moved it toward her chest. Naruto eyes went wide as his hand passed over her chest and stopped at one of the petals near her head. She set his hand against the petal and slowly passed Naruto's fingers over it.

As Naruto felt his hand against the petal, a certain memory surfaced from the recesses of his mind. He remembered a certain weird flower he had picked up when he was six and raised it until he started his life as a genin. Someone had come and taken it away from him, leaving him beat. He had forgotten about that flower after a year or so, but here was a girl with a petal similar to the flower he had taken care of all those years ago.

"Flower?" Naruto asked with a bit of hesitance in his voice.

Zyra's smile grew, as she hugged Naruto tightly. "Yes!" she cried as she squeezed Naruto. "My name is Zyra."

"Zyra, that's a pretty name," Naruto replied with surprised. "You've changed a lot since I last saw you."

Zyra just smiled and leaned in close to Naruto. "Yes I have," she replied with a sultry smile. "I can't wait to show you." Zyra pressed her lips against Naruto, much to Naruto's surprise. Soon Naruto melted into the kiss and the pair was making out. All the while Ahri and the rest of Zyra's friends looked on.

Zyra pulled away from the kiss, a large smile on her face. "I've wanted to do that for years," she sighed, as she straddled a dazed Naruto. Now that she had him back she wasn't going to ever let him go.

Hello everyone this is my Naruto/Zyra oneshot, I wanted to do lol/Naruto crossover and finally did it. I will be doing this with many different girls from the league; all will be paired with Naruto. I just wanted to write this because it a fun break from my other stories and lets me relax. I hope you all like and I hope for some suggestions on which girls to do. Peace out. Please read and review.

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think

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Diana the Scorn of the Moon

It was a beautiful day in the Field of Justice. A large battle was going on in the river area, near a large snake-like animal. Its name was Baron Nasher. There were two groups of fives, battling each other in front of this towering creature. In the middle of the fight stood a beautiful woman with long silver hair, dark blue eyes, and skin as pale as moon light. She was dressed in tight-fitting battle armor, the color of darkness, and wielding a crescent-shaped sword.

This was Diana, the Scorn of the Moon, former daughter of the Solari, turned daughter of the moon. She fought for the League of Legends to prove that the moon was more powerful then the sun. She charged forward, attacking with vigor, the enemy in front of her. This was her most hated enemy, Leona the Radiant Dawn, the embodiment of the sun, the one thing she hated the most.

"You will fall to my power, sun lover," Diana shouted, as her blade crashed against Leona's shield.

"You cannot stop the sun power," Leona stated in a regale tone. "The sun is life."

Leona smashed her shield into Diana, stunning her for a moment. Diana was then hit by a barrage of bullets from Leona's teammate, Miss Fortune. Diana felt as her strength began to fade and she fell to the ground, dead.

Diana found herself in a world of grey with her other dead teammates, as they watched Leona's team take down Baron Nasher and push into their base to win the battle. Diana glared at Leona as her base nexus fell.

"You've won this round," Diana said with anger. "But, I shall win the next one."

Diana and her teammates soon found themselves back in the Hall of Justice. Diana quickly walked away from her teammates and headed toward the main courtyard of the Halls. She knew that this was her last battle of the day and planned to spend her night gazing at her beloved moon.

She found the best open spot to gaze up into the night sky and laid down on the bench, a contented smile spread across her face. It was a full moon for her to enjoy.

"The moon will arise and the night will last forever," Diana said in a calming town. She just lay there letting the moon light cast a shadow of her form. This was her favorite way to relax.

Suddenly a shadow cast itself over Diana, much to her annoyance. She turned her head and saw Syndra the Dark Sovereign standing over her, floating on her ball. Syanda was one of Diana few friends in the league. She had a similar look to Diana and the pair had been mistaken for sisters a few times. The main difference between the two was their styles of dress. Diana was more modest in her battle dress while Syndra was sexier in hers.

"Diana lying around again, I see," Syndra stated in an amused tone. "Whatever will I do with you?"

Diana sat up and glared at her friend. "Go play with your balls," she replied in an annoyed tone.

Syndra just laughed. "Funny as always," she said with a hint of anger. "Now get up, you need to get out more."

Diana shook her head. "No," she replied curtly. "I am perfectly happy right here."

Syndra just gave Diana a wicked smile. "Well, I'll just have to fix that," she replied and created three black balls and used them to capture Diana.

"Unhand me!" Diana shouted as she was lifted into the air, unable to pull out her blade.

Syndra just ignored her. "It will be fun Diana, live a little," she replied, a bit of glee in her voice.

Diana could only watch as Syndra floated her out of the Hall of Justice and into town. It was nighttime and it was full of people having a good time. She saw several other champions such as Caitlyn and Gankplank at a bar drinking and swapping stories of their adventures before the league. They saw Lulu at a toy store looking through all the stuff animals with her fey friend, Pix.

Diana sighed to herself as they continued on. "I can walk by myself you know," she muttered, annoyed.

Syndra nodded and dispelled the balls holding Diana. Diana quickly landed on her feet, not wanting to look bad in front of her moon. "So, where shall we go Diana?" Syndra asked, excitedly.

"I really don't care," Diana grumbled. "I just want to go back to watching the moon."

"That's no fun," Syndra whined. "Can't we go to a bar and mess with some of the guys there. Ahri says It's great fun."

Diana looked at Syndra with contempt. "Never," she replied. "I have no time to spend with trivial things such as males. I must prove that the moon is greater than the sun."

Syndra sighed heavily. "We know Diana, you have been saying it every day for years now. You need to relax."

"I was relaxing," Diana replied curtly. "You were the one who interrupted me."

Syndra waved Diana off, "details, details," she stated. "I meant, relax besides lying in the moon light."

Diana looked at Syndra in confusion. "What other type of relaxation is there?" she asked. Syndra face palmed.

Syndra was about to reply when she noticed someone walking toward them. She couldn't see his face because he was carrying a heavy load in his arms. He called out for people to move out of his way but he was walking directly toward Diana. Syndra just smiled wickedly, conjured up a ball, and put it in front of the man. She backed up a bit and watch as the scene unfolded.

The man stepped on the ball and began to lose his balance. He fell forward, his packages flying from his hands. Diana saw him fall but was unable to stop him from falling directly on top of her. Syndra busted out laughing as she watched as the pair became a tangle of limbs. She was well aware that she was laughing at her friend's expense but she really didn't care. It was funny.

Diana just looked up into the sky, the moon directly in her view, a bit dazed from the fall. "What?" she thought to herself as she felt an odd sensation run through her body. Someone was squeezing her breast, much to her horror. Lying on top of her was a man whose hand was squeezing her left breast. Diana blushed at this, but her embarrassment quickly turned to rage. "How dare you!"

The man slowly lifted his head up, his hand still on Diana's chest. "I am so sorry," he stammered, a dazed look on his face. "I didn't see you there." He noted the look of anger on Diana's face and realized the compromising situation in which his hand was currently in. He quickly jumped off Diana, a scared look on his face. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean to do that."

Diana just glared at the man, taking a good look at him before she killed him. He had short spiky hair, the color of the sun, dark blue eyes and six whiskers-like marks on his cheeks. She instantly didn't like him. "You lecher!" Diana shouted, rising, drawing her moon blade. "You will pay for your crimes."

The man look at her in fear and slowly back away. "Now, let's all just calm down," he whisped as he got to his feet. "It was just an accident and I am really sorry. " Diana didn't seem to listen to his words and advanced toward him. The man watching her for a few more moments before Diana was suddenly upon him.

Syndra listened with glee as the sounds of divine justice filled the air. "I love the sound of a beaten man in the evening," she said, as she watched Diana work the man over. After several minutes, Diana had finished her assault and stormed back toward the Hall of Justice. Now, she most definitely wanting nothing more than to watch the moon for the rest of the night.

-The Next day-

Diana stormed into the dining hall, still angered about the previous night's events. How dare he grab her, that pervert, lech, that man! She sat down at an open table and started to eat, an aura of anger emanating from her. Many of the other champions noticed this and steered clear. An angry Diana was a dangerous Diana.

Diana pictured the man, with sun-like hair, in her mind and her anger grew. "DAMN HIM!" she shouted, banging her fist against the table. Everyone near her jumped in surprise. She started to eat again and everyone moved further away from her. They feared for the one who had pissed her off and hoped and prayed that it wasn't any of them.

Suddenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder. She quickly turned, an angered look on her face, and saw one of the league attendants standing before her, quivering in fear. "What do you want?" Diana demanded.

"T….Ther…There someone here to see you," the attendant stammered.

Diana just glared at him before nodding. "Lead the way," she ordered, making the attendant jump. The attendant nodded and quickly led Diana to the front entrance of the Halls.

"He is waiting for you in the waiting area," the attendant stated before quickly walking away. Diana watched him leave before heading into the waiting area. She looked around when her eyes focused on a familiar figure. It was the man from the other night.

Diana glared at the man before her and drew her blade. "So, you didn't learn you lesson last night," she said decisively. "Then, let me finish what I started."

The man quickly held up a white flag. "I surrender," he called, as Diana advanced.

Diana saw this and lowered her blade. "Why are you here," she demanded, annoyed.

The man smiled weakly at Diana, deepening her scowl. "I just came here to say I am sorry for what happen last night," he stated with a bit of a blush on his face. "It was my fault that you ended up in such a compromising position and I am sorry."

Diana cautiously listened to the man apology. She was still angry but at least he was decent enough to come and apologize. She decided to forgive him. "Apology accepted," she stated and watched as the man face brightened. "Now I will be going."

"Wait!" the man called after her. "I want to give you something."

Diana gave the man an annoyed look. "What is it?" she asked, wanting nothing more than to get to the fields and beat the living **** out of the other champions.

The man pulled out several sheets of paper with bright writing on them. "I want to give you some coupons to my new restaurant as part of my apology," he replied, as he held out the coupons to Diana.

Diana walked over and looked over the coupons. "Uzumaki Ramen?" she stated in a curious tone.

"Yes, Uzumaki Ramen," the man stated proudly. "Home of the best ramen in town, created by, yours truly, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Diana watched him with surprise on her face, which quickly turned to anger. "Thank you," she grumbled, trying not to kill Naruto, and stormed off.

"Well, that was fun," he stated and left the hall. "Moving here was a good idea."

-Three days later-

Diana sighed to herself as she walked around town; it had been a tough set of battles she had fought that day. Again, she lost to the damn Leona and her Sun power. It was so infuriating. She had gotten Leona down to 5% health when she was attacked from behind by Leona teammates and killed.

"Why does she always win," Diana muttered to herself as she walked. She had almost had her on her knees. Suddenly she saw a sign that caught her attention, Uzumaki Ramen. She remembered the coupons Naruto had given her three days before and decided to use one.

She walked into the stand and saw a few people eating there. She looked around and found an open seat near the corner of the stand. She waited a few moments when the sight of a familiar blonde man filled her view.

Naruto smiled and walked over to her. "You came," he said excitement. "It is an honor to have you come to my humble ramen stand."

"Well, I can't pass up a free meal," she replied with a smirk.

Naruto just nodded. "Well then I must make it the best meal you've ever had, so you will tell all of your friends to eat here."

Diana glared at Naruto. "So, you're just using me for free publicity," she stated in a knowing tone.

Naruto laughed. "Of course not," he stated sarcastically. "What would a famous Champion of the League of Legends do to boost my sales?"

Diana just looked at Naruto and shook her head. "Can I order now," she stated with a sigh.

Naruto just nodded and pulled out an order pad, "Of course my lady," he replied with a smile. "What will you be having?"
Diana looked over the menu with interest. Truth be told, she had never had ramen and wondered what it tasted like. "What would the owner recommend," she stated with a smile.

Diana watched as Naruto face brightens. "Well then, it must be the Uzumaki special," Naruto stated with a proud smirk.

"What does the Uzumaki special entail?" Diana asked, leaning closer toward Naruto.

"The Uzumaki special is something that cannot be put into words, it must be experienced." Naruto stated in a grand voice.

Diana watched this, getting a bit annoyed by Naruto's antics, but she didn't let it show. "Sounds good, now can I please have my food?" she asked.

Naruto just nodded and called the order to the back of the stall. Naruto walked away to help another customer, while Diana watched him. He easily flowed from one person to another with a large smile on his face. He just seemed to brighten up the mood for everyone in the place. This made her a bit angry. He was similar to the sun in his personality and she didn't like it.

Naruto soon returned with a large bowl in hand. He set it down on front of Diana with a large smile on his face. "One Uzumaki special," he stated with satisfaction in his voice. "Please enjoy."

Diana just nodded and looked down at the food in front of her. She saw it was a noodle dish filled with all different kinds of sea food. She was surprised when she noticed several shrimp in the middle of the dish shaped in a perfect circle. "I hope you like it," Naruto stated. "Each Uzumaki special is personalized for each customer, so I hope you enjoy your moon Uzumaki Special." Diana looked at Naruto in awe as he walked away from her; maybe he wasn't so bad after all.


Since that day, Diana could often be found at Uzumaki Ramen after a long day of battle on the Fields of Justice. She could always being seen talking to the owner, much to many champions's surprise. She could actually say she was able to tolerate the sunny personality of Naruto. He annoyed her to no end but he would always listen to her when she complained or ranted about the evil of the sun.

Diana walked toward Uzumaki Ramen in an angry mood. For the last several weeks she had been unable to defeat Leona in battle, and it was frustrating her to no end. Why was she unable to prove that the moon was superior to the sun? Day after day she lost to that damn sun lover. Why was this happening?

She took her usual seat at the ramen stand and was soon joined by Naruto. "Diana, good to see you," he said in a happy tone.

Diana didn't look at Naruto. "Just get me some sake," she stated in a dejected tone.

Naruto looked at her friend, concerned, but did as she asked. He arrived with a bottle of sake and set it in front of Diana. Diana took the sake and began to drink, drink and drink. She spent most of the night drinking.

As the night went on Diana noticed a few Domacians soldiers had taken up resident in the stall. They were being rowdy and angering Diana. She wanted them to shut up so she would be able to drink in peace. Soon the soldier noise was bothering the other customer as well and Diana decided to put a stop to it. Naruto beat her to the punch.

"I am going to have to ask you to leave," Naruto stated to the soldiers, in a calm tone. "You are disturbing my customers."

One of the Domacian soldiesr stood up and towered over Naruto. "Quiet boy, me and my boys want to enjoy our time off and you can't stop us," the soldier demanded.

Naruto just smiled at the soldier. "As the owner of this fine establishment, it is within my right to throw out anyone who I deem as a disruption to my other customers."

The other Domacian soldier stood up to back their friend. "Throw us out then," the soldier stated in a smug tone.

Naruto smiled, quickly jabbed his fist into the soldier's stomach, making him double over in pain. Naruto then grabbed the soldier's head and kneed him in the face. The other soldier watched as their leader fell back, unconscious, on the ground.

"Get him!" another soldier called. Three Domacian soldiers attacked together. Diana watched in surprise and awe as to how well Naruto fought against the three soldiers. He glided through their attacks like a dancer, no attack landing on his form. When Naruto attacked it was fast and furious, completely destroying his opponents.

Soon all four Domacian soldiers were on the floor, unconscious. Naruto stood above them, unharmed. He picked each soldier up one at a time and threw them in the street. "Don't come back," he called as he threw the last soldier out of his shop.

Diana stared at the man before her in surprise, "Who are you?" she asked, the curiosity in her voice.

Naruto just walked back behind the counter and picked up her empty sake bottle. "I am just a simple ramen chef."

Diana gave Naruto a knowing look. "A simple ramen chef can't destroy four trained soldier without getting hurt," she corrected.

Naruto just smiled. "Believe what you may," Naruto replied with a large smile on his face. This smile was different from his usual smile, from what Diana could tell. It was more forced, more fake.

"Don't lie," Diana said with a hint of anger.

Naruto turned, his eyes harded. "My secrets are my own," he replied in a cold voice. "Now, please leave, I am closing for the night." Diana slowly got up and left the ramen stand, still angered from the lack of answers she had received. She turned and took one last look at Naruto. He seemed so tired. His eyes were one of a person who had seen endless battle and would never be the same.

-Few weeks later-

Diana walked through the forest after a long day on the battle fields. She had won many of her matches that day and even beaten the cursed sun worshipper. Overall it had been a good day, but she was unable to feel any happiness. Ever since that night at Naruto's ramen stand, she was unable to get him out of her head. He would always pop up in mind whenever she was alone.

"What happened to him?" she wondered as she walked through the trees. "What caused him to have eyes similar to mine?"

As she walked, the sound of battle filled her ears and she quickly headed to the source. She soon entered a field and saw an astonishing site. There were hundreds of Narutos fighting each other in a massive brawl. One stood in the middle of the chaos and was taking out his doppelgangers left and right. He was like an angel of death as he destroyed his opponents.

Soon one Naruto was left standing and he just stood there in silence. He looked up into the sky and let out a loud scream. Diana realized that this was a scream of desperation and loss. It was the same scream she let out when she was abandoned by her former people, a scream of a lost soul, one who knew true loneliness.

Diana walked slowly toward Naruto, wanting to know what caused him pain. She reached out and pulled him into a hug.

"Let the moon heal your wounds," she whispered in a soothing voice. "Let the night chase away your fears." Diana felt as Naruto wrapped his arms around her form and pull her close. They stood in silence, letting the cold night area pass them over, with only the light of the moon to comfort them.

That is Diana, the Scorn of the Moon. This was a hard one to write but I like how it turned out. I know it not the start of the romance but it a good intro into it. Diana will probably get another chapter later on as well as Zyra. I really am happy for your guys support in this idea and I will try and other one shot up as well. I will be focusing on my other stories and trying to get other chapter out for them. I will be focusing on Azula's Second Chance and Naruto's new wave mostly due to the fact I have the most ideas for those stories. My other stories will be updated when I get an idea going on them. Please read and review and thank you all who already reviewed it were greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for reading and let me know what you think

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Sona the Maven of the Strings

It was a beautiful day in the Hall of Justice. In the summoning area were many Champions of the league, waiting for their summons to fight. A woman with long blue hair with yellow tip, brown eyes, had a large sting instrument in hand. This was Sona, Maven of the Strings, the silent songstress of the League of Legends.

She floated by her fellow champions, lightly playing her etwahl as she moved. She had just finished a battle of the Fields of Justice, where she had helped her team win, in a close battle. She smiled to herself as she headed to the dining hall. She did enjoy the fights on the Fields of Justice; it was one of the few places that she could showcase her skills.

She entered the dining hall, and silently went to get her food. She floated toward an open table and sat down to eat. She was soon joined by Lux, The Lady of Luminosity. "Hi Sona," Lux said in a bubbly voice. "Enjoying your food?"

Sona looked over at Lux and nodded. Lux smiled at her and started to eat as well. Sona stroked her etwahl, out of habit, as she ate. The etwahl was with her since birth and was her constant companion.

Lux finished eating and looked at Sona. "Any plans for later?" she asked with a large smile.

Sona put a finger to her chin, in thought, before shaking her head. She had planned on heading to her room and playing her etwahl for the rest of the night.

"Well, if you want to hang out later just stop by my room later. We'll go have a girls night out?" Lux said with excitement in her voice.

Sona just nodded, before standing up and floating away. She was thankful for the invitation but she wasn't going to take up Lux on her offer. She just wanted to be alone on this day. It was a special day for her. The anniversary of her first friend.


It had been a quiet day for the young Sona. She was six years old and spent most of her time inside, away from the other children. She was a mute, unable to speak. She spent most of her time reading and playing music on her etwahl. Many of the children stayed away from her, thinking she was weird. Sona focused on entertaining herself, but it was a lonely existence.

Sona sat by a window and watched as the other kids ran and played many different games. She wished she were able to play but the other kids wouldn't allow it. They always told her she was too weird to play with. She would just smile and walk away, but it made her feel sadness that she would never dare express.

Sona slowly got up from her place by the window and walked out of the orphanage library with several books in hand, leaving her etwahl in the room. Sona knew that the instrument was capable of finding her, so she didn't have to worry about it being lost. She silently walked down the hallway toward her room. She walked past the stairs, when the sound of arguing filled the air.

"No! We cannot have that boy here," angrily shouted, the main caretaker for the orphanage.

"You're the only orphanage with enough room for him," another voice said in tired voice. "The other orphanages are filled. He is a bit of a troublemaker but only to those who hurt him. So, like it or not, he is coming here. Actually he's already here."

"WHAT!" the caretaker shouted in surprise.

The other person quickly opened the door. "Good luck, bye," he stated, exiting the orphanage.

"Damn it," The caretaker exclaimed. The sound of running could be heard. Sona wondered who they were talking about. It sounded like this kid would be a handful. Sona simply shrugged her shoulders and turned, only to see a young boy standing in front of her. He was a bit taller than her with short, bright blonde hair. He had large blue eyes and six whisker- like marks on his face.

"Hi," he said with a large smile on his face. "My name is Naruto. What's yours?"

Sona just stared, in awe, at the boy before her as he stood, waiting for her answer. She politely nodded and started to walk away.

Sona soon heard the sound of footsteps behind her and saw Naruto following her. "Hey," he called as he walked behind her. "You didn't tell me your name." Sona just continued walking, hoping this Naruto would leave her be.

Unfortunately for her, Naruto was not one to give up easily. He walked right beside her, a large smile still on his face. "Please tell me your name."

Sona reached her room and pointed to the sign on her door. Naruto turned to look in the direction of her gesture. "Sona, so your name is Sona, "he stated in an excited voice. "Well, it's nice to meet you Sona. Let's be friends."

Sona looked at Naruto with surprise in her eyes; No one had ever asked to be her friend. Sona didn't know what to do, but managed to slowly nod her head in agreement.

Naruto jumped up in the air. "Yay! I have a friend," he shouted at the top of his lungs, forcing Sona to cover her sensitive ears, in pain. Naruto noticed this and gave her a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I got carried away."

Sona slowly uncovered her ears and gave Naruto a soft smile. She couldn't believe how excited and happy Naruto seemed to be, at the thought of having her for a friend. Sona had to admit to herself, she was looking forward to having a friend. She opened her room door and gave Naruto a wave.

Naruto waved back. "We will hang out later Sona," he said with happiness. "We are going to have a lot of fun." Sona just nodded and gave Naruto a smile before closing her bedroom door.

-Flashback end-

Sona smiled as she remembered her first meeting with the energetic blonde and the excitement he brought into her life. He was also her protector when things became difficult with the other kids."


Sona sat on a bench in the backyard of the orphanage, slowly playing her etwahl. She hadn't seen Naruto all day, due to the fact he was being punished for his latest prank. He had put itching powder, in one boy's bed, because he was mean to Sona. Naruto's punishment consisted of cleaning all of the dishes in the kitchen.

Sona moved her fingers across the strings as she let out a sigh. She had written to Naruto, asking him not to do anything to the boy. She was used to the fact that others didn't like her. Naruto wouldn't stand for it, and vowed to prank the heck out of anyone who made Sona sad.

"That boy," Sona thought as she began to play a simple melody. It was light and fun, like Naruto. She had been making this melody ever since she met Naruto. It was still far from finished but she enjoyed it nonetheless. She was about to work on the next part of the melody, when she heard the sound of footsteps coming toward her.

Sona looked up and saw several of the girls standing there. This made Sona frown. While she could handle boys' teasing, the girls were another problem. Their hurtful comments usually made her feel worthless.

The girl leading the pack led the taunts. "Look, it's the mute." Her name was Linda and was Sona's, main tormentor. She would always go after Sona whenever Naruto was not around. Linda had, with the other girls, broken some of her etwahl strings several times and given her several black eyes.

Sona backed away from the group of girls her arms wrapped tightly around her etwahl. She watched as the group approached her slowly.

Linda walked quickly over to Sona and pushed her to the ground. "Poor mute," she stated with contempt in her voice. "Can't talk, can't scream, no one here to help you." Linda picked up a small stone and threw it Sona.

Sona dropped her etwahl and held up her arms to protect herself. Soon the other girls joined in, and a hail of stones flew toward the blue haired girl. Sona ran away and hid behind a tree. She heard the other girls coming after her and knew she would soon be discovered. She waited for the beating she would receive, when she heard another person's footsteps coming toward her.

"Hey, leave Sona alone!" Naruto shouted, angrily, running toward the group. He jumped in front of Sona, blocking the stones from hitting her. Sona could only watch in awe and sadness as her friend took the abuse for her.

Linda stopped throwing stones and glared at Naruto. "Move out of the way," she demanded. "We're not done playing with the mute."

Naruto turned and glared at Linda. "Never, you ugly frog," he called, sticking out his tongue.

Linda's blood boiled and she stormed off. "I'll get you," she shouted, as the other girls quickly followed.

Naruto turned to look at Sona, a smile on his face. "You seem to be popular," he said, trying to cheer her up,but Sona wasn't laughing. Tears were flowing down her face, her sadness getting the best of her. She pushed her face against Naruto's chest as her tears fell down her face. Naruto wrapped his small arms around the crying girl.

"It's ok," he stated in a calming voice. "I'm here for you. I will always be here when you need me." Sona didn't give any indication that she heard him, but that didn't seem to faze Naruto. "How about I sing you a song"

Sona nodded into Naruto's chest. She loved it when Naruto sang to her. It was one of her favorite things about Naruto. She knew he had a great voice, but so far she was the only one who heard him sing. Naruto sat with his back against the tree and held Sona close to him; He was quiet for a moment before he began.

Konoyo no Uta(English Version)

Sing a song unto the world

Rising high the clouds unfurl

Fan the flames into the past

Here now our lives will last

We'll never know the times of pain

Fall down

Fall down

Falls the rain

My life won't be plain

Naruto let the final note hang in the air as he finished the song. This song was special to Naruto, because it was woven on his baby blanket when he was placed in an orphanage. It was the only thing, beside a crystal necklace, that he had from his parents.

-Flashback ends-

Sona remember every note of the song. It had always held a special place in her. It was one of the few things that made, living at the orphanage, bearable. They had spent many years together at the orphanage, until her adoptive mother Lestara Buvelle, from Demica.

-Flashback begins-

Sona sat in her room with Naruto, they were both twelve years old. Sona listened to Naruto as he explained his lasted prank to her. She shook her head as he divulged how he planned to paint the others in the orphanage, orange.

Sona quickly wrote on an erasable board. "Are you sure it's a good idea?" with a look of skepticism in her eyes.

Naruto just nodded. "Of course it is," he replied with confidence. "I have it all figured out. The trick is to get all of the paint bombs to detonate simultaneously."

Sona nodded, but had a feeling Naruto's plan was going to fail. She erased her sign and wrote again. "I think you should do some more testing before doing this prank."

Naruto looked at Sona and saw the concern in her eyes. He sighed. "Fine, I will hold off," he stated, defeated. Sona smiled and patted her friend on the back.

"There's always next time," she wrote, grinning.

Naruto nodded, his confidence back. "Of course there is!" he stated in a grand voice. "No one will stop Naruto, the Prank King!" Sona clapped at this display, nothing could keep Naruto down.

Suddenly a knock was heard and the orphanage caretaker came in. "Sona?" she called as she entered the room. Her expression turned to a frown when she saw Naruto. "Boy, what are you doing here?"

"What does it look like?" Naruto said in a cold tone. "I am hanging out with my friend, duh."

The Caretaker ignored his attitude and turned to look at Sona. "Sona, I need to see your instrument," she stated. The Caretaker smiled, picked up the etwahl, and headed out of the room, glaring at Naruto as she left.

"What's her problem?" Naruto asked, confused.

Sona shook her head in disappointment. "She doesn't like your pranks," she wrote. "She always thinks you're up to something, which you are."

Naruto looked at Sona in mock horror. "But, the pranks are awesome," he said with confidence. Sona shook her head in disagreement. Naruto started to sulk, while Sona patted her friend on the back in comfort. The pair sat silently, just enjoying each other company.

Naruto slowly got up. "Well I got to go," he said as he streached, "I have to go get some prank supplies. I see you later." Sona nodded and Naruto exited her room, not knowing that this would be the last time they saw each other.

-Flashback end-

Lestara had adopted Sona, the moment Naruto left her room,and had taken her away from the orphanage. Sona then spent the next ten years learning proper manners and performing concerts for others with her etwahl. It was during this time that she discovered the ability of her etwahl, to cut things at a distance. She perfected this skill and joined the League of Legends.

She had tried to discover Naruto's whereabouts during her free time at the League, but the only information she could find, was that he had disappeared the day after she left the orphanage. She missed him greatly and hoped that he was ok. She wished that she was able to hear him sing one more time. She floated out of her room and headed to the common area of the hall of justice. She looked past the League bulletin board and saw that a concert was being held that day. It was featuring a new singer, hired by the wizard that ran the League, to entertain the champions. They held these events ever now and then and Sona always enjoyed the music events they had.

-The start of the concert-

Sona floated into the concert area and watched as the other champions came in. She was soon joined by Lux and Ahri. They were all excited to see who and what was to be performed.

Ahri looked over at Sona. "So, do you know who's performing?" she asked in excitement. Sona shook her head and Ahri frowned.

Sona quickly wrote, "I wish I did but I am in the dark as well." She smiled. "I just hope it's a good show, it been a long time since we had something like this."

Ahri just nodded her tails wagging in happiness. "I agree," she replied. "I just hope the person who performing is hot."

Lux looked at Ahri. "I'll bet they are," she stated in excitement. "They wouldn't have someone who isn't, performing for us."

Ahri nodded. "That true."

Suddenly the lights dimmed and the curtain covering the stage began to rise. "Champions!" began the announcer. "I would like to introduce you to tonight's entertainment. Live for your viewing pleasure is Hokage!"

The curtain was fully raised to reveal a man. He was tall with spiky blonde hair,bright blue eyes, and six whisker like marks on his face. He wore a black and orange track suit, covered with a white coat with flames at the bottom.

"Hello Champions of the League," he said into his mic. "My name is Naruto Namikaze, Hokage. I hope we'll have a good show."

Sona looked up at Naruto. Her eyes popped out of her head, and her jaw had dropped completely to the floor. There he was, standing there on the stage, the boy, no, the man she had wanted to find more than anything. She was frozen in place as she watched Naruto prepare to sing.

"The first song I'm going to sing is a fast one, so hold on to your hats and dance," Naruto stated as the music started to play.

What Makes you Beautiful-One Direction
You're insecure
Don't know what for
You're turning heads when you walk through the door
Don't need make up
To cover up
Being the way that you are is enough
Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you-ou-ou

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way you to flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know (oh oh)
You don't know you're beautiful!
If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know (oh oh)
You don't know you're beautiful!
(Oh oh)
That's what makes you beautiful!

So c-come on
You got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a so-o-ong
I don't why

You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eye eye eyes
Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know (oh oh)
You don't know you're beautiful!
If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know (oh oh)
You don't know you're beautiful!
(Oh oh)
That's what makes you beautiful
Nana (chant)
Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But you when smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know (oh oh)
You don't know you're beautiful!

Naruto finished the song and the crowd was cheering. Sona couldn't believe how well Naruto could sing, and couldn't help but blush as she watched him. He was graceful on the stage. He seemed so alive and inviting standing on the stage.

"Now that's a man I want to take back to my room," Ahri stated in a sultry voice. "With a voice like that, I wonder what he can do in a bed."

Sona blushed when she heard this, but was also a bit angered. Naruto was hers and she wouldn't let the fox have him. Sona blushed even more for allowing her to think that.

Sona was pulled out of her thoughts, as the sound of Naruto voice filled the air. "Now for my next song, I am dedicating it to a special friend. One who I haven't seen in a long time," he stated, a sadness evident. "I hope you hear it someday."

Fields of Hope-Gundam Seed Destiny

Beneath the veil of starry sky,
As cold as winter's darkest night.
It's there you sleep, silent and deep,
You're all alone.

I sing the prayer's
Soft melody
Across the lonely silent fields
A little light began to shine,
It shines on and on

I watched you as you so peacefully dreamed,
You laughed like a child,
Happy and carefree
It's all familiar and yet so far,
That's the future's promise for you and me.

One day on a green and shiny morn',
One day we will finally make it through
Cause in this sky
So dark with winter,
We still have to believe it's true
Fields of hope.

A gentle touch
A loving brush
Those things I still search for
A prayer in
A melody
It goes on and on

I sing the prayer's
Soft melody
One vanishes, one dies
And all in all
It starts again
A never ending cycle

One day on a green and shining morn'
Through all the long nights we've been fighting for
There lies a place
Far from disgrace
Where we won't have to hide from the world again

Now there lies a deep love within my heart
A yearn to protect you and keep you warm
It's all familiar and yet so far,
It's made for the peace of mind
Fields of hope

Naruto finished the song, a single tear running down his face. Everyone was silent before the sound of clapping was heard throughout the arena. Sona looked up at her old friend, tears streaming down her face. She quickly stood up and headed toward the stage. She summoned her etwahl and started to play a familiar tone. The sound of her Etwahl filled the air and Naruto turned suddenly, in fact, some say that he broke the sound barrier at the speed at which he searched for the source of the music. He watch her float toward him. Sona looked at him, a broad smile on her face as she began to play their song. Naruto heard the melody and soon began to sing along.

Konoyo no Uta(English Version)

Sing a song unto the world

Rising high the clouds unfurl

Fan the flames into the past

Here now our lives will last

We'll never know the times of pain

Fall down

Fall down

Falls the rain

My life won't be plain

Naruto finished singing and was now standing in front of Sona. He gave her a smile and pulled her close. "Found you," he stated as tears began to fall down Sona face. "My silent princess," he leaned in and slowly captured Sona lips. Sona kissed back as the League watched as two souls separated by time, came together once again.

That is Sona's chapter my friends. I hope you all enjoyed it. It was a fun write but took me a good time to get it finished. I really like how it turned out and really like writing these one shots. It's a fun write and really want to thank all of you for your support for these stories all the reviews make me want to continue to write and make my stories the best. I really happy for everyone who reads this and hope you like it. Also I will try to be updating all my stories when I can and when the ideas hit me. Please read and review!

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It's a little unusual to say the least but I don't mind it. I like the first one especially.

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Katarina the Sinister Blade

Katarina, the Sinister Blade, strolled down the Halls of Justice at a leisurely pace. She had just finished a battle at the Fields of Justice and had gotten penta-kill. She had shunpo'ed in and performed a Death Lotus on the enemy team. She had been smiling as she watched the enemy fall to her knives.

She had only found a challenge in the Demacian named Garen, but he had fallen to her blades as of late. She wished for a greater challenge, someone who could push her to fight her fullest. She had been in the League for so long and had beaten every Champion many times.

"Dear sister," a voice stated from behind Katarina. She turned and saw her sister Cassiopeia, the Serpent's Embrace. She was Katarina's younger sister who had been cursed with snake-like features. She was one of the Champions of the League and Katarina's best friend.

"Cassie," Katarina said with a small smile on her face. "How are you doing?"

Cassiopeia smiled, "I am doing well," she said as she slithered over to Katarina. "I'm just getting the mud out of my tail. It's is so annoying."

Katarina just nodded, a look of amusement on her face. "That must be annoying for someone as beautiful as you," she replied in a mocking tone.

Cassiopeia glared at her sister and poked her with her claws. "Not funny Kat," she replied, pouting. Cassie had been very consciousness of her look since her transformation and wasn't fond of teasing.

Katarina smiled. "You know I'm teasing, Cassie," she replied. "Lighten up."

Cassie glared at Kat. "And here, I was going to tell you about a rumor I heard of a powerful fighter," she sighed, disappointed.

Katarina looked at her sister. "A powerful fighter you say?" she said with a blood thirsty smile. "Please tell me more."

"No," Cassiopeia said as she turned her head away.

"Come on Cassie," Katarina replied, slightly annoyed. "I need to know. I need a challenge."

"What will I get out of telling you?" Cassie asked with an innocent smile.

"The undying love of your older sister," Kat replied with a sweet voice. Cassie didn't seem to respond. "And, I will team up with you for the next week."

Cassiopeia seemed to be contemplating the deal, wanting to make Kat sweat for a bit. "Make it two weeks and we'll have a deal."

"Two weeks, that is fine," Katarina stated in an impatient voice. "Now, tell me about the powerful fighter."

"Ok, ok," Cassiopeia began. "Don't get your knives in a twist. They say that he can be found in the forest. He will take on anyone who challenges him. Many have fought him and all have lost. No one knows what power he has and those who have fought him will not speak of it."

Katarina listened and her smile grew. This mystery fighter sounded like the challenge she had been looking for. She couldn't wait for the opportunity to challenge this fighter and beat him. "Where in the forest can he be found?" she asked Cassiopeia, excited.

"That's the problem," Cassiopeia replied with a slight frown. "All that has been said about it is, a clearing in the middle of the forest, but they don't state which forest. Again, many of the fighters he has beaten will not say anything about their fights, including the location."

Katarina giddiness began to deflate. "So, all we know is that there is a mysterious fighter out there, and he fights in a forest, but no will talk about where he is."

Cassiopeia nodded. "Pretty much," she replied as she started to slither away. "I'll see you on the fields later. It's going to be a fun two weeks, Kat."

Katarina sighed as she watched Cassiopeia slither away. She was going to have to go on a hunt to find this fighter, but this pleased her. She always loved a challenge and was determined to succeed. She walked with a smile on her face and headed out of the Halls going to find the fighter.

-A Few Days Later-

Katarina walked through the fifth forest trying to find the fighter. She had spent the last few days looking through every forest near the Halls, but was still unable to find him. She was getting very annoyed, and itching for a worthwhile opponent.

"Where are you, damn it!" she shouted into the trees. "Where are you damn fighter?"

"All you had to do was ask," said a voice coming from behind Katarina. Kat quickly turned, knives in hand, to face the person behind her. Standing before her was a man with strikingly spiked blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, six whiskers like marks on his face and a martial artist build. He wore a black shirt with black and orange pants. Over the was a haori that had black and orange flames on the bottom.

"Who are you?" Katarina asked in a guarded voice, ready to strike at any moment.

The man smiled. "Follow me, if you wish to find out," he stated mysteriously, as he began to walk through the trees. Katarina watched him walk away, still suspicious of his motives but slowly followed after him. If he was leading her into an ambush, she would just kill them all and go back to the Hall of Justice. She soon saw the trees thinning and found herself in a large clearing, marks of past battles all across the clearing.

The man turned toward her, smiling. "Welcome," he stated in a grand voice. "Dear Challenger, my I have your name?"

"My name is Katarina, the Sinister Blade," Katarina stated confidently.

"Katarina, a very beautiful name for a beautiful woman," the man said with a flirtatious tone.

Katarina glared at the man. "Don't try to flatter me," she stated in a cold tone. "Who are you, or face my blades?"

"Feisty, I like that in a woman," the man grinned. "As for whom I am? I am the Mighty Sage of Mt. Myoboku, the Hero of the Forth Great Ninja War. I am the one, the only, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze!" Naruto struck a pose as balls of confetti opened behind him. Katarina looked at him in amazement.

"Either he's a complete idiot. On second thought, he is an idiot," she thought to herself. She shook her head and stared at Naruto. "Was there a point to that?" she asked bluntly.

Naruto looked at her for a moment and sighed. "No one appreciates the entrance," Naruto said out loud, looking at Katarina. "So, you have come to challenge me?"

Katarina smiled. "Yes, I have," she stated, glad he was finally getting to the heart of the matter.

Naruto nodded. "Ok then, the rules are simple. We fight until one of us is unconscious or incapacitated," he stated as he stretched his arm behind his head. "If you win, I will do one thing of your choosing. If I win, you must leave and not tell anyone of me. You are allowed to challenge me as many times as you wish."

Katarina nodded. If she won, she was going to have him join Naxus, or kill him, it depended on how much she enjoyed the fight. "I agree to those terms," she decided.

"Very good," Naruto replied and charged forward. Katarina smiled and drew her blades. She threw her first blade at Naruto.

Naruto dodged the blade and threw a hard punch toward Katarina's face. Kat shunpo away from Naruto and began to unleash her knives toward Naruto.

Naruto jumped back and pulled out a kunai, blocking many of the knives. This made Kat smile. She always liked to battle a person who had similar weaponry to her. She charged forward and shunpo behind Naruto. She then spun, preforming her Sinister Steel.

Naruto took damage for Katarina's attack and staggered forward. Katarina smiled and began her most fatal attack, death lotus. She began to spin at a high rate of speed, sending blade after blade at Naruto.

She watched as each of the blades entered Naruto body, blood dripping for each wound. Naruto slowly fell to the ground. Katarina let out a sigh of disappointment. "I guess the rumors were false," she said as she started to sheath her blades, when suddenly she heard clapping. Kat quickly turned and saw a perfectly healthy Naruto standing before her.

"You nearly had me there," he stated in a surprised tone. "If I hadn't Kawarimi no jutsu to escape I would have been dead. I applaud you on that; You have been the only challenger who forced me to use that technique."

Katarina couldn't help but smile. He was going to be the challenge she was looking for. "I'm glad I was able to push you," she replied with a wicked smile as she drew her blade.

"Now the real battle begins," Naruto stated, putting his hand together in a cross shaped seal. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

A cloud of smoke appeared around Naruto and soon there were four clones of Naruto standing next to the original. They charged forward with amazing speed. Katarina back pedaled and threw one of her blades. It hit the first clone and bounced toward the others, destroying them all.

"They can only take one hit," she thought as she watched each of the clones disappear into smoke. She was brought out of her musing when another Naruto came at her from the side. She felt his fist against her face, sending her flying off her feet. Before she could orient herself she was kicked in the back sending her high into the air.

Another Naruto appeared above her and leg dropped her directly in the stomach. Kat felt the air leave her body as she raced toward the ground. She hit the ground hard, creating tiny cracks in the ground where she landed.

Kat was dazed from the attack but her instincts kicked in as another attack came toward her. She rolled out of the way and threw a blade at her attacker. The blade hit its mark and a Naruto clone disappeared into smoke.

"Where is he?" Katarina thought as she looked around for Naruto. All she saw was a sea of Naruto clones surrounding her. She raised her blades and prepared for a long battle. Soon the circle of Narutos charged toward her at full speed. Kat quickly went into a Death Lotus and began to unleash a barrage of blades at the advancing army of clones. "The Dance of Death," she cried as clone after clone was destroyed.

Unfortunately for Kat, she was unable to destroy all of the clones and was soon surprised with a punch to the face, making her stumble back. She threw her blade and watched it start to bounce to a different clone when she was again attacked by another clone. She shunpo'd to another Naruto and went into a Sinister Blade. As each clone was destroyed, another appeared to take its place.

Katarina destroyed another clone, causing a large smile to spread across her face. She hadn't had this fun in such a long time

Kat threw another bouncing blade and stood in the clearing, panting from her efforts in battle. She didn't have time to catch her breath, as two clones rushed her, forcing her to shunpo away. As she landed, she saw three Narutos on the other side of the clearing. One charged toward her while the other two seemed to be preparing for something.

"No you don't!" Katarina shouted and ran toward the pair. She quickly destroyed the clone charging her but was held up by the two clones she had dodged earlier. She took both clones out with a Sinister Blade when she saw a blur coming toward her.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he thrust his hand into Katarina stomach. Katarina felt a drill-like sensation hit her. She was sent spinning across the clearing, hitting a tree with enough force to knock it over.

Katarina was barely conscious after that last attack, she couldn't move at all. Her blades lay across the clearing. She knew she had been beaten, but was unwilling to surrender. She was going to beat Naruto, or die trying.

She saw as Naruto walked over to her, a smile on his face. "Looks like I win," he stated, matter-of-factly.

Katarina glared at Naruto. "I'm…not done yet," she said, wincing in pain.

Naruto nodded and knelt down next to her. "Good," he replied as Katarina slowly started to lose consciousness. Katarina's last view was of Naruto's hand coming toward her, a green glow appearing around it.

-A While later-

Katarina slowly opened her eyes and looked around; She was back in the Hall of Justice, in the medical wing. She slowly sat up, but searing pain in her stomach forced her to lay back down. The last thing she remembered was Naruto standing over her after she had "taken a break" from the fight.

"Oh good, your awake," said a familiar voice. Kat turned her head to see Cassiopeia next to her bed. A concerned look on her younger sister's face.

"What happened?" Kat asked a bit confused. "The last thing I remember was fighting…." She stopped as she remembered the rules of the fight.

Cassie was a bit surprised by Katarina silence but kept it to herself. "You were found outside the Hall a few hours ago, batter and bruised," she explained. "You were pretty banged up." Kat nodded and laid her head down. Cassie looked at her sister and saw the small smile on her face. "You fought him didn't you?"

"Fought who?" Kat stated as she tried to fain ignorance.

Cassiopeia smiled, she always knew when Kat was lying, her voice would rise a bit when she spoke and she would only answer in short phrases.

"You know who I'm talking about," Cassie stated in a knowing tone, "the mysterious fighter in the forest."

"I did not," Kat replied, her voice rising in pitch.

"You're lying," Cassiopeia said in a sing-song voice.

Katarina looked at her sister and sighed. She was never very good at hiding anything from Cassiopeia. After all, she was one the best in Naxus in getting information. "Fine, I fought him," she mumbled.

"I knew it!" Cassiopeia blurted excitedly. "Tell me what happened."

Kat looked at her sister with annoyance. "I can't," she replied.

"Why not?" Cassie whined.

"It's part of the deal," Kat replied. "I'm not allowed to talk about the fights."

Cassiopeia looked at Katarina and nodded. "Fine then," she grumbled. "Are you going to fight him again?"

Katarina smiled. "Of course, after all, I always take down my target."


Katarina was able to leave the medical wing after two days. She was happy to go and planned on challenging Naruto as soon as she was able. Unfortunately she was summoned to the Fields of Justice a lot. After all, she hadn't been able to go for two days. She sighed as she was summoned for the last time that day. As she walked she noted that the Fields were set to be cleaned the following day. This enabled her to go challenge Naruto without fear of being called to the Fields.

She walked out of the hall the next day a large smile on her face. She had spent the night sharpening her blades and getting everything ready for her next battle with Naruto. She headed toward the forest and walked toward the clearing. She noticed the marks from her previous battle in the clearing. She was determined; She was going to beat him today.

"Naruto come out!" she cried, glancing quickly around the clearing.

"You rang?" said Naruto from behind her. Katarina quickly turned and threw a blade at him. Naruto dodged the blade and smiled. "Someone is happy to see me."

Katarina glared at Naruto. "I'm here for our rematch," she somberly announced.

"I can tell," Naruto replied with a smile, "but first we need to eat."

Katarina just stared at Naruto in shock. She had come all this way and was ready to fight but he just wanted to eat. She finally sighed and nodded. "Fine," she replied, losing her thunder. "But, right after, we will fight."

"No," Naruto replied, "We have to let the food settle."

Katarina just glared at Naruto, defeated. "When I win I'm going to kill him, she thought as they walked through the trees. They arrived at smaller clearing which revealed a little house. It was small and quaint, something she expected that an older person would live in.

Naruto lead her inside and offered her a seat. "The food is already prepared. I'll go get the bowls," he announced, disappearing into the kitchen. Katarina looked around the house and saw several photos adorning the walls. She was about to take a closer look when Naruto walked out with two bowls.

Naruto set a bowl in front of Katarina. "Enjoy," he said beaming. She watched as he ate with gusto and quickly turned to her own bowl. She stared at it for a moment before picking up her chopsticks and gathering some noodles. She lifted the noodles out of the bowl and slowly slurped them into her mouth. She ate the food slowly and had to admit it was very tasty.

Naruto looked up from his noodles. "Some is enjoying their ramen," he said with a knowing smile.

Katarina looked away, a slight red tint to her cheeks. "They are tolerable," she replied, her voice elevating again. Naruto nodded, beaming. The pair soon finished their food and headed back into the clearing. Katarina looked at Naruto as he sat down in the shade of a tree.

"Nap time," he stated as he started to yawn.

Katarina slowly developed a tick mark on her forehead. She watched, with an evil smile, as Naruto closed his eyes. "He is so going to die," she stated, waiting patiently.


Katarina trudged home, angry. She had just lost to Naruto once again. She assumed that he would be tired after his nap, giving her the advantage, but he again beat her to a bloody pulp. At least this time she was able to walk home under her own power.

Soon she settled into a routine in her dealings with Naruto. She would wait for a day when she was not needed at the League and go to Naruto's clearing. She would then join Naruto for lunch, which seemed to get more and more extravagant with each visit. Then they would wait for hour before the fight. A fight, which always resulted in Katarina limping back to the Hall of Justice.

She was once again making her way to Naruto's clearing, trying to come up with a new strategy. All of her skill was useless in fighting him. He would always defeat her no matter which technique she tried. She knew she had to do something truly unexpected. Only one plausible idea came to mind but, it was something that she wasn't planning on, except as a last resort.

She entered the clearing and saw Naruto in the middle of it, stretching and shirtless. She watched as he moved through his routine, a large blush on her face. She had to admit that he was very good looking and was fun to be around even when not engaged in combat. He was truly one of a kind.

She calmed herself and let the blush slowly escape her face. "Someone is enjoying themselves," she said as she entered the clearing.

Naruto turned to look at her. "Of course," he nodded, as he reached for a towel near him. "Stretching is a good way to get ready for a battle."

Katarina grinned. "So, no meal before your beating," she asked.

"Yeah, pretty much," Naruto replied, putting on his shirt. He cracked his neck and smiled. "Shall we begin?"

Katarina needed no invitation and shunpo'd over to Naruto. She slashed at Naruto face. He quickly dodged, but still received a light scratch on his cheek. Naruto jumped back and created three clones, sending them after .

Kat just smiled and struck at the clones with her Sinister Blades. Soon she was surrounded by smoke but quickly escaped it, as another clone charged through.

"Someone learning," Naruto said, impressed.

"Well you learn a few things after fighting the same person a few times," Katarina replied and shunpo'd over to Naruto. She slashed at Naruto's face but he blocked with his kunai. Soon the pair clashed blade against blade for several moments before breaking apart.

Katarina had a few cuts on her, but none were life threatening. Naruto had fewer cuts and his positive mood hadn't received any damage. He created five clones but Katarina quickly threw a Bouncing Blade at the clones, rendering the clones, useless.

Naruto quickly created more clones and mixed with them as they charged toward Katarina. Kat threw another Bouncing Blade and destroyed many clones but was soon swarmed by others. She quickly performed a Sinister Blades, got out of the swarm of clones and quickly went into a Death Lotus. Many of the clones were destroyed. Soon only the real Naruto remained.

Naruto just smiled and created a familiar blue ball in his hands. He rushed toward Kat at an amazing pace. Katarina quickly shunpo'd away and watched as Naruto destroyed the ground she was once standing on.

"You missed," Katarina said in a sing-song voice as Naruto laughed.

"Well then, it's time to take this up a notch," Naruto replied, forming a familiar cross-shaped seal. "Taju Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

Soon over a hundred Naruto clones filled the field. Katarina smiled and raised her blades. "Come to your death!" she shouted as the clones charged toward her. She quickly threw a Bouncing blade and destroyed several clones.

She quickly shunpo'd to another clone and preformed a Sinister Blade. She had to shunpo away from a Rasengan Barrage and threw a Bouncing Blade to destroy the group of clones. She quickly turned and felt a fist against her cheek.

Kat flew across the field and landed on hard. She slowly stood and looked at the army of Naruto's before her. She knew if she kept fighting with her same skills, she was going to lose once again. She knew she had to do something unexpected or face another loss.

She quickly located the Real Naruto. She had marked him with a small black mark on his neck. She looked at him with a light blush on her face. "To hell with it," she thought and shunpo'd over to the real Naruto.

Naruto watched as Katarina appeared before him and quickly threw a quick punch. Katarina spun around this attack and got in close to Naruto. Naruto was about to substitute with a clone when Katarina grabbed his collar and smashed her lips against his. Naruto stood wide-eyed as he felt Katarina's gentle kiss.

"Her lips are so soft," he thought as they kissed. Katarina broke the kiss and flipped the distracted Naruto into his back.

She held her blade to his neck, a large smile on her face. "I win," she said with a sultry voice.

Naruto looked up at her nodded. "You've beaten me," Naruto said with a smile. "Now, I must do as you wish.

Katarina smiled and straddled Naruto's waist, making his face turn red. She leaned down near Naruto's ear. "Pick me up at seven," she whispered. She slowly got off the blonde and walked away, an added sway to her hips.

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