Roles and queues...

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I've had to leave the last 3 games because of this:

Me: MID *picks champ*
Friend: Jungle! *picks champ. we both lock in*

Troll1: MID GUYS!!! *locks in really random champion that doesnt fit in with team comp*

Me: i called mid...
troll1: uh no you didnt
troll2: yeah no you didnt. stfu.

Me: ._.ok.

troll 3: IM JUNGLE *picks another useless champ*

*le fighting ensues... :/*

Me: Guys.. no.. we'll lose

Can you please come up with a game type or system where you have to pick roles before queuing or SOMETHING? I havent played a game without toxic or negative players in months.

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Is that ranked? is that draft?

Because if it is Blind pick it doesn't really matter... just play along. Blind pick is made so everyone can pick whatever they want to play without having to worry about counters, bans or composition.

Can you adapt and make a perfect composition? Of course.
Is it requiered in a blind pick game? No.

If you want greater team sinergy (champion wise) play one of the modes designed for that. In blind pick I have won tons of games without jungler or with duo mid because that's what Blind pick is for.

Also did you consider for a second that other players have the same rights you do? Why don't you ask what others want to play before you pick your champion?

It looks to me that you instant lock and didn't care about anyone else. Why should others care about you if you don't care about them?

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Player Someone

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I am just as bad. Sorry. I won't judge. I will forgive.